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The following documentation is available regarding the Horde project:


The documentation that is being distributed with the various Horde applications are also available online. You can view the Applications page and select the application you are looking for.

A flyer for Horde Groupware and Horde Groupware Webmail Edition which summarizes the features and requirements is available as a PDF file for download (CMYK version).


The Horde Wiki is a good place to visit for both developer and user generated documentation.


The Horde FAQ is part of the Horde Wiki and provides answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.


The Horde Library is a collection of papers, reports, and presentations given by Horde developers over the years.

API References

Horde's API Reference is automatically generated documentation on the Horde codebase. This site also contains various other links of interest to those who wish to develop applications with Horde.


The Horde Licenses page contains the various licenses used for Horde applications.