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The following modules are in the Horde Git Repository, with the listed production level available. If no version is listed, then there has not yet been a stable release of that module.

Module Release Description Status
horde5.2.17 The core Horde application Production
framework  Horde Framework libraries Production
agora  Forum module Beta
ansel3.0.8 Photo Gallery application Production
beatnik  DNS record management user interface Development
chora  VCS (version control system) repository front-end Production
gollem3.0.12 Web-based File Manager Production
hermesH3 (1.0-RC2) Time-tracking/billing data system Production
imp6.2.21 The IMP Webmail Client Production
ingo3.2.16 Mail filtering administration Production
jonah  RSS/News module Beta
klutzH3 (1.0-RC1) Comics module Production
kronolith4.2.23 Calendar and scheduling Production
luxor  LXR Port Beta
mnemo4.2.14 A Memo/Notepad application Production
nag4.2.17 Task Manager Production
passwd5.0.7 Password changing module Production
sam  A Spam Assassin module Beta
seshaH5 (1.0.0RC3) Inventory manager Beta
skeleton  A template for new Horde applications  
trean1.1.9 Bookmarks manager Production
turba4.2.21 Contacts/Addressbook system Production
ulaform  A form generation/processing tool Beta
vilma  Virtual email domain administrator Development
whups3.0.12 A project management system Production
wicked2.0.8 A Wiki Production

A note on stability

The develop branch of a module will almost always be development code, and may be unstable. The stability listed for each module is the general state of that module. However, just because that IMP and Horde are listed as Production quality software, doesn't mean that "develop" will always work, be documented, compile, or not cause frogs to dive-bomb you from tall trees. You've been warned. ;)

A note on branches

The tags generally take one of these formats:

  1. master -- This is always the current stable branch that contains bug fixes for the next release
  2. develop -- This is always the current development branch, and may be unstable and undocumented.
  3. FRAMEWORK_* -- These branches are created for major stable releases that have gone into security fix mode. Modules within a FRAMEWORK_* branch are compatible with each other.