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What is Hermes?


Hermes is a Horde time-tracking application. It ties into address books (to retrieve clients) and task lists, bug trackers etc. (to retrieve cost objects). It comes with a timers, search and reporting capabilities, and an invoice interface.

This software is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

1   Obtaining Hermes

Further information on Hermes and the latest version can be obtained at

2   Documentation

The following documentation is available in the Hermes distribution:

README:This file
LICENSE:Copyright and license information
docs/CHANGES:Changes by release
docs/CREDITS:Project developers
docs/INSTALL:Installation instructions and notes
docs/TODO:Development TODO list

3   Installation

Instructions for installing Hermes can be found in the file INSTALL in the docs/ directory of the Hermes distribution.

4   Configuration

4.1   Editing Submitted Time

By default, users cannot edit submitted time. Specific users or groups can be granted the ability to edit submitted (but not exported) time by granting the "EDIT" permission for "Hermes -> Time Review Screen" (see "Permissions" from the Administration menu for more info). This will enable them to edit submitted time from anywhere they can see it, which right now means from the Search screen.

This permission also gives the user the ability to mark time as exported when downloading it.

4.2   Cost Objects

Other applications can supply cost objects to track time against.

Currently, Whups (the ticket-tracking system) will export its tickets as possible cost object. If you configure an additional attribute for your ticket types and make its name "Estimated Time", Whups will also be able to export estimates on the tickets, allowing Hermes to indicate the ticket's percentage complete. The same happens automatically with tasks exported from Nag as cost objects.

5   Assistance

If you encounter problems with Hermes, help is available!

The Horde Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ), available on the Web at

Horde LLC runs a number of mailing lists, for individual applications and for issues relating to the project as a whole. Information, archives, and subscription information can be found at

Lastly, Horde developers, contributors and users also make occasional appearances on IRC, on the channel #horde on the Freenode Network (

6   Licensing

For licensing and copyright information, please see the file LICENSE in the Hermes distribution.


The Hermes team