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Changes by Release


[jan] Officially support PHP 7.
[mjr] Add ability to delete multiple slices at one time.
[mjr] Add confirmation dialog for deleting time slices (Request #10361).
[mjr] Implement exclusive timers (Request #12543).
[mjr] Add ability to optionally add client, cost object, or job type to timer
      on creation.
[mjr] Add listTimeObjects support.
[mjr] Redesigned UI.
[jan] Fix listing per-client cost objects in search form.
[jan] Add Latvian translation (Jānis Eisaks <>).
[mjr] Allow pausing and restarting timers.
[mjr] Add ajax view.
[jan] Remove Sandals widget.
[mjr] Refactor for Horde 5.
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.


[jan] Fix client list in search form if client source has numeric IDs
      (, Bug #7966).


[jan] Go back to search results after editing time slices from there
      (, Request #7012).
[jan] Check permissions when displaying time slice forms (,
      Bug #7027).
[jan] Fix index for table hermes_deliverables (Bug #7001).


[jan] Add start and end time of stop watch to entry description (Request #5585).
[jan] Update time budget of cost objects after saving an entry.
[bak] Add OS X widget for entering time
[jan] Allow to mark job types billable (Vinay Kumar <>,
      Request #5207).
[jan] Add configuration to only include billable time when summing up for
[cjh] Add an initial interface for sending invoice data to Minerva
      (Duck <
[jan] Add hourly rates to job types (Duck <>).
[jan] Drop incomplete invoicing support.
[jan] Add configuration for address book field used for the client listings.
      (Request #3816).
[jan] Add "Enter Time" item to sidebar menu.
[ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
[jan] Add subtotal tabs to the overview page.
[jan] Save used stop watch name in "Notes" field (,
      Request #2667).
[cjh] Add subtotal tabs to the time search form
      (, Bug #2632).
[cjh] Add cost object filtering to the time search page
      (, Bug #2631).
[cjh] Print button for timesheets, and support for only showing some timesheet
      elements when printing (Bug #2375).
[jmf] Replace support tracking time to deliverables with support for tracking
      time to more general cost objects which can be provided by other
      applications.  Deliverables are now a type of cost object.
[jan] Add stop watch to sidebar.
[cjh] Use bind variables in SQL driver (, #1745).
[cjh] Use client name instead of id in exports, and allow searching on
      whether or not time is billable (Tom Evans <>).
[jmf] Add ability to track time to deliverables, maintain deliverables.
[jmf] Add ability to disable job types so they still exist but can no longer
      be used for time entry (but can be used for searching and display).
[jan] Add Spanish translation (Manuel Perez Ayala <>).
[jmf] Merge submit screen into time entry screen.
[jmf] Make time entry form "float".
[jmf] Remove concept of "current" week.
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Petteri Karttunen <>).
[jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (David Chang <>).
[cjh] Add a print menu item.
[cjh] Add a script to purge old data.
[cjh] Fix adding of bogus data because of other form variables.
[jan] Add German translation.
[cjh] Add browsing to arbitrary weeks.
[cjh] Only submitted time gets exported now.
[cjh] Add submitting of time.
[cjh] Add editing of time.
[cjh] Exporting hours by date range works now.
[cjh] Initial support for exporting hours to QuickBooks.
[cjh] There is now an Options page.
[cjh] Users can now edit time that hasn't yet been sucked into a timesheet.
[cjh] Add an admin interface for Job Types.
[cjh] Initial Hermes framework.