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Hermes Development TODO List

Last update:2008-06-25
Revision: 1.11
  • Add support for managing "time pools" such as vacation time and sick days.
  • Add a request and approval mechanism (for some time pools, such as vacation).
  • Add employee expenses. Allow them to be billed to clients. Add search and export ability for them.
  • Add "Don't know" to "Billable?" options. A manager must review and decide on all time before exporting.
  • Allow selection of which fields to display for clients.
  • Separate "review" permission into "Other People's Time" and "Submitted Time" permissions (and "Other People's Submitted Time"?)
  • Preference to select a new entry mode where user can enter start time and end time (instead of number of hours).
  • The client list can get quite large. Keep the last ten MRU in the drop down box, with a sixth option being "More...". Javascript will pop open a window with the full list (or a search window?) to cycle one into the MRU.