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The following modules are in the Horde CVS Repository, with the listed production level code tags available. If no tags are listed, then there has not yet been a stable release of that module.

For the most current code you MUST use the Git repositories. CVS HEAD is no longer maintained and will NOT work. This page still has to be updated to reflect the current state of modules in Git

Module Release Description Tags Status
horde3.3.13 The core Horde libraries and frameworkFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_2, STABLE_1_2Production
framework  Horde Framework librariesFRAMEWORK_3Production
agora  Forum moduleFRAMEWORK_3Beta
anselH3 (1.1.2) Photo Gallery applicationFRAMEWORK_3Production
beatnik  DNS record management user interfaceDevelopment
choraH3 (2.1.1) VCS (version control system) repository front-endFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1Production
dimpH3 (1.1.8) Dynamic IMP
DIMP has been merged into IMP in git.
forwardsH3 (3.2.1) E-Mail forwarding moduleFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1, RELENG_2Production
genie  Wishlist applicationBeta
gollemH3 (1.1.2) Web-based File ManagerFRAMEWORK_3Production
goops  Meta search engineBeta
hermesH3 (1.0.1) Time-tracking/billing data systemFRAMEWORK_3Production
hordedoc  Horde documentation project
hordeweb  The website
impH3 (4.3.11) The IMP Webmail ClientFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_3, STABLE_2_2Production
incubator  Projects that are in development - "incubating"Alpha, Beta, Experimental
ingoH3 (1.2.6) Mail filtering administrationFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1Production
jetaH3 (1.0) Wrapper around the Java Telnet AppFRAMEWORK_3Production
jonah  RSS/News moduleBeta
juno  Checkbook tracking moduleAlpha
klutzH3 (1.0) Comics moduleFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1Production
kronolithH3 (2.3.6) Calendar and schedulingFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1Production
luxor  LXR PortBeta
merk  Online shopping systemBeta
midas  Ad/banner serving and managementBeta
mimpH3 (1.1.4) A mobile (no graphics/javascript) version of IMP
MIMP has been merged into IMP in git.
mnemoH3 (2.2.5) A Memo/Notepad applicationFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1Production
mottle  MOTD toolAlpha
nagH3 (2.3.7) Task ManagerFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1Production
nic  Basic network service monitoringBeta
passwdH3 (3.1.3) Password changing moduleFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1, RELENG_2Production
presentations  Horde-related presentations
sam  A Spam Assassin moduleFRAMEWORK_3Beta
scry  Polls applicationFRAMEWORK_3Beta
sesha  Inventory managerBeta
skeleton  A template for new Horde applicationsFRAMEWORK_3
sork  Alias for accounts, forwards, passwd, and vacation
swoosh  SMS messengerBeta
trean  Bookmarks managerBeta
turbaH3 (2.3.6) Contacts/Addressbook systemFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1Production
ulaform  A form generation/processing toolBeta
vacationH3 (3.2.1) E-Mail vacation notice moduleFRAMEWORK_3, RELENG_1, RELENG_2Production
vilma  Virtual email domain administratorAlpha
volos  Guestbook applicationBeta
whupsH3 (1.0.1) A project management systemFRAMEWORK_3Production
wicked  A WikiFRAMEWORK_3Production

When checking out applications, you should probably check out horde first, then cd horde, and then check out any additional modules that you want. hordeweb, hordedoc, and presentations are the exceptions to this; the documentation and presentations can live wherever you like, and the website should probably live elsewhere in your web tree.

A note on stability

The HEAD branch of a module will almost always be development code, and may be unstable. The stability listed for each module is the general state of that module. However, just because that IMP and Horde are listed as Production quality software, doesn't mean that HEAD will always work, be documented, compile, or not cause frogs to dive-bomb you from tall trees. You've been warned. ;)

A note on tags

The tags generally take one of three formats:

  1. HEAD -- This is always the current development branch, and may be unstable and undocumented. Any code that has not yet been released will have only a HEAD branch. All other branches will be branches off the HEAD branch.CVS HEAD is no longer maintained.
  2. FRAMEWORK_* -- These branches are created for major stable releases. Modules with a FRAMEWORK_* tag are compatible with each other. For example, IMP FRAMEWORK_3 is compatible with Horde FRAMEWORK_3.
  3. RELENG_* -- These are the RELease ENGineering branches. These branches are the code for the next releases. Each RELENG branch is identified by a number which indicates the version of the software. So RELENG_1 corresponds to the 1.x releases, RELENG_2 to the 2.x releases, RELENG_3 to the 3.x releases, and so on. These tags are obsolete. Use the FRAMEWORK_* tags instead.