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Horde Groupware Webmail Edition Roadmaps

The following roadmaps summarize the important changes planned for future releases. They do not list all changes, only changes that are considered significant from the end user's point of view. In addition to the changes listed, most releases will probably contain at least some of the following changes:

  • Bug fixes, performance tweaks, code cleanups, etc.
  • New and/or improved translations.
  • New preferences or configuration options.

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 6.0

Status: Planned

Planned release timeframe: Open

Features currently planned for the next release:

Per-user backup and restoreIn Progress
Extended administration pagesDone
Portal weather mapDone
Administrator check for updatesDone
Caching for group systemDone
Dropped basic and minimal webmail viewsDone
Mailbox sub-headers in search resultsIn Progress
Different S/MIME certifcates for encryption and signingDone
Progress bar when uploading message attachmentsDone
Improved support for e-mail groups in webmailDone
Link to sent message repliesDone
Optionally store remote mail account passwordsDone
Lazy loading of images in HTML messagesDone
Improved support for vTodo iTip handlingDone
Improved display of ZIP/TGZ attachmentsDone
Uniquely identifiable sent-mail mailboxes in folder treeDone
Option to more accurately determine attachments in message listDone
Purge Deleted button in smartphone viewDone
NoSQL (MongoDB) driver for the filter storage backendDone
Display of vacation in calendarDone
Date extension for the Sieve backendDone
Improved default order of filter rulesDone
Contact searching for tagsDone
Optional special characters in the contacts alpha pagerDone
File attachments to eventsDone
Simplified meeting planning with local usersIn Progress
Refresh button to update individual calendars and task listsDone
Importing of calendars from a URLDone
Editing of system calendars in dynamic viewDone
Tracking of event organizorDone
Monthly event and task recurrence on last weekdayDone
Individual permissions for calendar resourcesDone
Added task organizersDone
Task list background color in basic viewDone
Track actual time spent for taskDone
Import and export of task alarms and recurrence rules to/from iCalendarDone
Tagging support for notesDone
WebDAV access to notesDone
Reactivate WebDAV access to file managerPlanned
Merge Vacation drivers (forwards, ldap, qmail, sql)Planned
Merge Vacation alias drivers (none, ftp)Planned
Merge Forwards drivers (forwards, ldap, mdaemon, qmail, soap, sql, customsql)Planned
Merge Nag into KronolithPlanned
Task dependenciesPlanned
WebDAV/CalDAV client capabilitiesPlanned

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.2

Status: Released

Planned release timeframe: July 8th, 2014

Features currently planned for the next release:

Allow direct access to remote e-mail accountsDone
Signature display and editing in compose windowDone
Drag & drop resorting of e-mail filter rulesDone
Tag support for contacts and notesDone
Distribution lists and photos for Kolab contactsDone
ActiveSync synchronization of multiple calendars and task listsDone
CalDAV synchronization of shared calendars and task listsDone
CalDAV synchronization of attendeesDone
Add missing form elements to dynamic resp. basic task viewsDone
Don't require URL rewriting for tasksDone

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.1

Status: Released

Planned release timeframe: June 4th, 2013

Features currently planned for the next release:

Add file managerDone
Add bookmark managerDone
ActiveSync support for EAS 14.0 and 14.1 (Outlook sync, notes sync, GAL photos)Done
CalDAV server capabilitiesDone
CardDAV supportDone
Merge Vacation drivers (customsql)Done
Composite filter driver to manage different backends for different servicesDone