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Changes by Release


[jan] Fix retrieving one of multiple public PGP keys (mh <>).
[jan] Fix generating PDF thumbnails with imagick extension 3.3.0+
      (, Bug #14697).


[jan] Officially support PHP 7.


[jan] Fix finding reply or forward text from signed or encrypted messages with
      HTML content again (Bug #14656).
[mjr] Fix issue with reattaching a file after removing it on Chrome browsers
      (Bug #14657),
[jan] Allow Command-C to copy text from HTML message previews (Bug #14653).


[jan] Fix filename charset of certain attachments (Bug #14618).
[jan] Fix cursor jumping in some browser when editing address fields (Bug
[mjr] Fix auto creation of SPECIAL_USER mailboxes (Bug #14620).
[mjr] Fix sending email after the attach_body_check hook fails in Smartmobile
      view (Bug #14610).


[jan] Catch errors when converting email address to IDNA.
[jan] Correctly use preference to save attachments with sent messages in mobile
      modes (Bug #14571).


[jan] Update German translation.
[jan] Update Greek translation.
[mjr] Fix issue when forwarding an email to multiple recipients in Mobile view
      (Bug #14060).
[jan] Fix iTip MIME viewer actions if attachment type hasn't been specified.
[mjr] Add option to reload folder tree when fetching via the API.
[jan] Update preview cache after permanently unblocking images from a sender
      (Bug #14446).


[jan] Optimize deleting or moving a large number of messages.
[jan] Fix the 'special_mboxes' backend configuration (Bug #14423).
[mjr] Fix display of application/pkcs-7-mime parts (Bug #14363).


[jan] Update Portuguese translation.
[jan] Update Basque translation.
[jan] Remove <link rel=""> tags with "Previous" and "Next" from basic message
      view (Bug #14400).
[jan] Display translated mailbox names in drop down lists too.
[jan] Consistently display the raw mailbox name in mailbox element titles.
[jan] Unset window opener when opening new windows from HTML messages (João
      Machado <>).
[mjr] Fix re-adding an attachment after it has been removed from the compose
      window (Bug #14329).


[mjr] Fix renaming subfolders in basic view (Bug #14254).
[mjr] Fix display of mailbox sizes in basic view (Bug #14308).
[mjr] Fix fatal error when deleting messages in basic view when IMAP server
      does not support QRESYNC or CONDSTORE (Bug #14257).


[mjr] Fix opening compose window on IE when uploads are disabled (Bug #14267).
[jan] Update Greek translation (Limperis Antonis <>).
[jan] Fix creating new trash folder from preference screen.
[jan] Fix finding reply or forward text from signed or encrypted messages with
      HTML content.


[jan] Don't strip PGP mime parts when saving sent messages (Bug #14233).
[jan] Fix retrieving public PGP keys with certain HTTP client backends.
[jan] Send MDNs from the correct identity (Bug #14034).
[jan] Fix autocompleter filtering if items exceed the maximum size
      (, Bug #13984).
[jan] Use access rules compatible with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4.
[jan] Allow to disable remote accounts by locking the preference.
[jan] Fix setting title with newmail count in IE11 and Edge (Bug #14189).
[jan] Fix wrapping of plain text converted from HTML MIME parts.


[mjr] Request that the contacts API only consider email fields when detecting
      duplicates during automatic saving of attendees to the address book (Bug
[jan] Don't show "Create Keys" button if creating PGP keys is disabled
      (, Request #14096).
[mjr] Fix displaying iTips with certain locale/date_format preference
      combinations (Bug #14076).


[mms] Ensure mailbox name is a valid string (Bug #14049).


[jan] Don't focus body field when composing message with HTML editor.
[jan] Protect against infinite request loop if expanding all mailboxes.
[jan] Fix redirecting in smartmobile mode (Bug #14002).
[jan] Fix address autocompletion in redirection window of smartmobile mode
      (Bug #14002).
[jan] Fix setting single recipients in redirection window in basic mode (Bug
[jan] Don't switch to regular compose view after an error in the redirection
      view in basic mode.
[jan] Fix cancelling redirection window in basic mode (Bug #14002).


[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS vulnerability when manually switching between plaintext
      -> HTML compose mode.
[jan] Update Bcc address when switching identities (João Machado
      <>, Bug #13922).
[jan] Fix protocol name in POP3 example backend configuration.
[mms] Don't honor linked attachment limit configuration options if linked
      attachments are disabled (Bug #13665).


[jan] Fix regression with not being able to list users (Bug #13808).
[mms] Fix rebuilding the folder tree translations when the language is changed
      in a session (Bug #13821).


[jan] Fix adding addresses from address book popup (Bug #13806).
[mjr] Fix fatal error when viewing a vTodo with attendees.
[jan] Make dependency on File_ASN1 optional.
[mms] Fix double listing of mailboxes in certain instances when subscriptions
      are active and unsubscribed mailboxes are shown.


[mms] Fix advanced search (Bug #13773).
[mjr] Fix handling of iTips indicating a change to a series exception (Bug
[mms] Fix parsing broken S/MIME messages that don't include the smime-type
      content-type parameter (Request #13661).
[mms] Fix regression when working with multiple selected messages with a POP3
      server (Bug #13759).
[mms] Only count successful compose mails when determining recipient limits
      (Bug #13751).


[mms] Don't persist dynamic filter views across page reloads.
[mms] Fix message saving when using a POP3 server.
[jan] Fix JS error when using regexp characters in search string.
[mjr] Ensure we have a valid MIME part to display in thread view (Bug #13653).


[mms] Fix handling authentication errors when they take place during an attempt
      to determine a mailbox's namespace.
[mms] Fix some folder display issues when not using IMAP subscriptions in
      dynamic view (Bug #13553).
[mms] Fix accessing dynamic compose page when file uploads are not available
      (Bug #13580).
[mms] Fix saving unique browser preferences for a specific backend in dynamic
[mms] Fix toggling select all checkbox in both dynamic mailbox layouts.


[mms] Ensure that search/POP3 mailbox listings are saved even if there is an
      issue with the underlying cache backend.
[mms] Fix replying to non-UTF-8 messages when the 'reply_charset' preference
      is true.
[jan] Fix vCard MIME viewer.
[jan] Fix MIME viewer form actions in basic view (Bug #12677).
[mms] Don't store/retrieve message history data if the Message-ID is
[mms] Fix resuming draft from mailbox page in basic view.
[mms] Fix displaying Virtual Trash mailbox (Bug #13418).
[mms] Fix menu actions on the minimal message page (Bug #13440).
[jan] Fix switching to HTML editor in basic mode if signature display is not
[mms] Fix expiring session cached mailbox data when mailbox information
[mms] Fix updating viewport immediately after deleting messages on POP3


[mjr] Fix iTip handling when recurrence exceptions are present (Bug #13399).
[mms] Fix displaying Sent mailbox label when multiple sent-mail mailboxes are
[mms] Fix advanced search in all mailboxes if virtual folders or remote
      accounts exist (Bug #13384).
[mms] Fix regression in automatically expanding deeply nested mailboxes in the
      dynamic folder list.
[mms] Fix regression where containers could not be moved via drag/drop in
      dynamic view.
[mms] Don't perform purge sentmail login task unless at least one sentmail
      mailbox exists.
[mms] Don't perform purge Spam login task unless Spam mailbox exists.
[mms] Fix dragging a mailbox to the base level in dynamic view.
[mms] Add ability to drag/drop text to dynamic HTML compose window on Chrome
      and IE.
[mms] Re-enable drag/drop of text to dynamic plaintext compose window (Bug


[mms] Fix some regressions in linked attachments behavior (Bug #13232).
[mjr] Fix fatal error when printing empty HTML attachments (Bug #13322).


[mms] Fix handling image attachments when added via the HTML editor Image


[mms] Fix saving attachments to sent-mail message in smartmobile view (Bug
[mms] Remove the 'default_msg_charset' preference.
[mms] Rewritten folder list code for dynamic view.
[mms] Fix saving expanded state when expanding all mailboxes when all mailboxes
      are already cached in the browser.


[mms] Allow drag/drop to HTML compose body work with text data.
[mms] Cache mailbox exists results in the current access.


[jan] Add Japanese help file (Hiromi Kimura <>).
[mms] Add automatic configuration of remote account connection details.
[mms] Support LMTP servers when sending mail.
[mms] Fix regression where creating a mailbox that is currently a container
      would not subscribe to that mailbox.
[mms] Add checks to ensure that saved session expiration message was created by
      the user rather than an outside source.
[mms] Improved handling for multiple expand/collapse actions in the dynamic
      folder list (Bug #13170).
[mms] Provide visual UI info to user that file is uploading when drag/drop
      attachments in dynamic view.


[mms] Don't set References header in reply message if equal to In-Reply-To
      header (RFC 5322 [3.6.4]).
[mms] Add configurable IMAP quota checking interval (Request #12907).
[mms] Honor 'from_link' preference in dynamic view.
[mms] Add support for storing image data within HTML signatures.
[mms] Ensure that viewing large mailboxes does not overload the session
      storage size.
[mms] Implement web notifications for new mail alerts.
[mms] Add bare address information to title attribute in viewport on dynamic
      mailbox page
[mms] Display flags on the smartmobile mailbox page (Request #12687).
[mms] Support non-ASCII characters in user-defined flag names (Request #12335).
[mms] Potentially save a call to the contacts backend when viewing HTML
      messages if no image data is present in the message.
[mms] Improved styling of dynamic mailbox page, to fix issues when resizing the
      browser font size (Bug #13071).
[mms] Don't send as multipart/alternative if plaintext part is empty.
[mms] Add smiley data to message when added via the HTML editor (Request
[mms] Add mailbox size information retrieval to dynamic view (Request #12965).
[mms] Display unread message count in title via favicon bubbles, if browser
[mms] Abstracted maillog code.
[mms] Enable configuration of IMAP cache lifetime for Horde_Cache and
      Hashtable backends.
[mms] Only refresh quota information when switching to a mailbox the first
[mms] More efficiently store mailbox cache information in the session.
[mms] Load copy/move mailbox selection list on-demand in smartmobile view.
[mms] Cache results of inline image view status.
[mjr] Add IMP_Api::logRecipient.
[mms] Remove the mail_domain preference.
[mjr] Add display of reccurence data to iTip viewer (Request #12919).
[mms] Allow HTML data to be pasted within HTML compose editor paste dialog.
[mms] Filter outgoing HTML compose messages for XSS vulnerabilities.
[mms] Add permission to limit the maximum body size of a composed message.
[mms] Show placeholder image when dropping onto HTML editor while the image is
      uploaded to the server.
[mms] Add rate limiting to new mail notification alerts to prevent flooding of
      the remote mail server (Request #12705).
[mms] Browser stored preferences are now prefixed by user information.
[mms] Strip PGP armor text when replying to a message.
[mms] Move determination whether to scan plaintext messages for PGP data from
      preferences to MIME viewer configuration.
[mms] Add copy email option to the address context menu in dynamic view.
[mms] Better reporting of e-mail address errors when composing.
[mms] Add list information display to dynamic view.
[jan] Add signatures to compose view.
[mms] Add keyboard shortcuts to allow a more granular scroll of the dynamic
      preview pane (Request #12750).
[mms] Add country flag graphic to contact image information in dynamic view.
[mms] Address autocompleter on dynamic and basic page now uses a fancy UI.
[mms] Add ability to specify maximum total attachment size in composed message
      before all attachments are converted to links.
[mms] Cache generation of print-specific CSS.
[mms] Add support for showing a contact image in the contacts popup box in
      dynamic view.
[mms] Add ability to create a new filter rule from context menus in the
      dynamic view.
[mms] More intelligent sizing of raw message parts opened in a popup window.
[mms] Load sent-mail mailbox list on demand in dynamic view.
[mms] Allow configurable access to remote accounts from within a session
      (Request #8077).
[jan] Display "Other Options" icon instead of "New Window" icon in collapsed
      preview headers.
[mms] More advanced auto-completion for smartmobile view.


[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS in displaying user-defined flags in basic mailbox and
      message view.
[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS in displaying user-defined flags in dynamic mailbox
      view (João Machado <>).
[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS in displaying mailbox name in dynamic mailbox view
      (João Machado <>).
[mms] Fix scrolling through large search mailboxes in dynamic view (Bug
[mms] Better handling of malformed message dates in mailbox listing (Bug
[jan] Update Korean translation (Deokgon Kim <>).


[mms] Add Save All link to the popup message page in dynamic view.
[jan] Update Danish translation (Erling Preben Hansen <>).
[mms] Cleaner handling of broken S/MIME signed messages.
[mms] Fix displaying user-defined message headers when multiple-headers exist
      in a single message.
[mjr] Honor recurrence-id range values when deleting recurring events (Bug
[mms] Don't provide links to view attachments in compose screen unless the
      attachment can be displayed (Bug #12841).


[mms] Fix regression where auto-saved drafts were not being deleted when
      cancelling compose message in dynamic view.
[mms] Fix regression in parsing permission values (Bug #12812).
[mms] Fix regression in showing non-available actions in dynamic mailbox view
      when ACL rules prevent them (Bug #12808).


[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS in message and search screens resulting from a
      user-defined flag label (João Machado <>).
[mms] Support uploading multiple attachments at once in dynamic view.
[mms] Send linked attachment download notification message in language of the
      sending user (Bug #12783).
[mms] Fix populating search fields when editing an advanced search query.
[mms] Trigger auto save draft in dynamic view if attachments have changed.
[mms] Improved UI for dropping attachments on dynamic compose screen.
[mms] Fix manually loading all addresses in a header.
[mms] Fix regression where reloading dynamic view would not load the previously
      selected message.
[mms] Fixed regression in enforcing max_recipients and max_timelimit
      permissions (Bug #12674).
[mms] Correctly enforce file size attachment limits on the first attachment
      (Bug #12663).
[mms] Don't attempt to get quota information from non-IMAP mailboxes (Bug
[jan] Don't attach address book behavior if contacts API is unavailable.
[mms] Fix regression where MIME headers were being displayed for PGP decrypted
      messages (Bug #12648).
[mms] Improved error handling when creating a new flag in dynamic view.
[mms] Make addresses in smartmobile full message header display clickable to
      open a compose window.
[mms] Don't display empty containers in dynamic folder list (Request #11425).


[mms] Fix auto-complete of addresses on the dynamic redirect page.
[mms] Fix updating flags in dynamic search view (Bug #12594).
[mms] Use Horde_Smtp to send messages via SMTP.
[mms] Fix applying the 'allow_folders' permission.
[mms] Fix canceling/discarding compose message in basic view (Bug #12555).
[mms] Fix updating message index when deleting a message in basic message view
      (Bug #12539).
[mms] 'trailer' hook now has the user's identity and the list of recipients
      passed as parameters.
[mms] Add ability to access all reply methods in smartmobile view.
[mms] Smarter sizing of popup windows in dynamic view.
[mms] Correctly save multipart/related data when saving compose message as a
[mms] When checking for newmail in a mailbox, use the total number of recent
      messages seen at any time during the page access (Request #12447).
[mms] Workaround IE8's broken XMLHttpRequest when sending data in dynamic
      compose view (Bug #12474).


[mms] Workaround Chrome bug preventing drag/drop of attachments in dynamic
      compose (Bug #12418).
[mms] Better handle transient mail server connection issues in basic and
      minimal views.
[mms] Fix regression of redirect message not working in dynamic view (Bug
[jan] Fix link to setup browser for mailto: protocol.
[mms] Fix uploading attachments on Firefox 22+ in dynamic view.
[mms] Fix image upload dialog in the HTML compose editor.
[mms] Fix purging search previews from browser cache when switching mailboxes
      (Bug #12384).
[mms] Fix parsing signed & encrypted S/MIME messages sent from Outlook
      2007/2010 (Bug #12374).
[mms] Fix updating mailbox list when changing sort direction in search
      mailboxes (Bug #12369).


[mms] Fix saving S/MIME certificate to addressbook when message is both signed
      & encrypted (Bug #12354).
[jan] Fix displaying photos in rendered vCard files.
[jan] Fix detecting capability to list users if called via RPC (Bug #12305).
[mms] Clear cached previews in dynamic view when changing or refreshing a
      search mailbox (Bug #12349).
[mms] Fix adding an HTML trailer to a compose message.
[mms] Fix regression preventing ACLs from being added (Bug #12346).
[mms] More fixes for regressions in linked attachment behavior.


[mms] Fixes for regressions in linked attachment behavior.
[mms] Catch invalid characters in user-defined flag names (Bug #12335).
[mms] Workaround IE javascript limitations preventing attachments from being
      uploaded in dynamic view.
[mms] Remember mailbox list position when viewing messages in smartmobile view.
[mms] Fix handling unsuccessful mailbox import in dynamic view.
[mms] Mailbox imports are now limited to 2500 messages by default.
[mms] Fix adding addresses from the contacts popup in certain situations (Bug
[jan] Fix fatal error when importing a PGP key (Bug #12318).
[mms] Fix regressions in navigation arrow links on basic message page.
[mms] Fix regression preventing Virtual Inbox from refreshing once opened in
      dynamic view (Bug #12304).
[mms] Don't show option to add senders to safe images list if the current
      address cannot be added to the safe list.
[mms] Don't log authentication exception messages from the IMAP library;
      authentication failures are already logged by the authentication code.


[mms] Fix fatal error when importing a S/MIME key (Bug #12290).
[mms] Fixed segfaults caused by SMTP debugging.


[mms] Add ability to (un)subscribe to all subfolders in dynamic view.
[mms] When checking for personal addresses when deciding whether to display
      images, only check against e-mail field.
[mms] Correctly notify dynamic mailbox view if sent-mail mailboxes are created
      in compose page.
[mms] Fix sending group addresses from smartmobile view.
[mms] Add 'horde_auth' option to SMTP configuration in backends.php.
[mms] Add null spam reporting driver.
[mms] Display information to user if incorrect character set data is preventing
      a text part from being displayed.
[mms] Fix regression in renaming mailboxes (Bug #12260).


[mms] Directly output image thumbnails via data URIs when possible.
[jan] Fix incorrect dependencies.


[mms] Add ability to create new flag directly from dynamic mailbox screen.
[mms] Implement 'refresh_time' preference in smartmobile view.
[mms] Add taphold message action menu to smartmobile mailbox page.
[mms] Add MongoDB driver for sentmail log storage.
[mms] Add IMAP cache specific purge action to the imap cache query script.
[mms] Add support for using SQL and NoSQL backends for IMAP/POP caching.
[mms] Add thumbnail generation for video attachments.
[mms] Convert Data URLs in a reply message into attachments so that compose
      attachment limits can be enforced (Bug #12167).
[mms] Allow attachments to be dragged/dropped from local filesystem on the
      dynamic compose page.
[mms] Hide browser generated file input widget for attachment upload in dynamic
      compose page.
[mms] Add attachment upload capability to smartmobile compose page.
[mms] Add HTML image/style blocking to smartmobile view.
[mms] Improved autocompleter in smartmobile compose view.
[mms] Add saving compose drafts in smartmobile view.
[mms] Rename 'compose_attach' hook as 'compose_attachment'.
[mms] Honor forward_default preference in smartmobile view.
[mms] Add PGP keylength configuration option (Request #12099).
[mjr] Expose the Maillog via the public API.
[mms] Better handling of flag change attempts when browser cached state
      (dynamic/smartmobile view) is different than the server state.
[mms] Move backend configuration parsing/retrieval to IMP_Imap_Config.
[mms] Spam reporting configuration has been moved to the backends file.
[mms] Support showing blocked Data URIs in HTML message data.
[mms] Add the 'mbox_acl' hook.
[mms] Move folder disabling configuration into the permissions system.
[mms] Upgraded IMP permissions to allow permissions to be set per active
[mms] Allow the active search query to be edited in the smartmobile view.
[mms] Add link to exit out of search view in smartmobile view into the
      original mailbox.
[mms] Allow default special mailbox names to be overriden by a backend.
[mms] Move special mailboxes autocreation configuration into backends.php.
[mms] Add SMTP debugging.
[mms] Disable mailbox sorting by default if the remote server does not natively
      support it (Bug #12001).
[mms] Add the 'msg_filter' hook.
[mms] Added the 'attach_body_check' hook.
[mms] Add linked attachment information directly to main body text.
[mms] Added argument to the 'trailer' hook to allow HTML trailers to be
[mms] Attachments can now be configured to be linked only if over a
      configurable size threshold.
[mms] Linked attachments are no longer a user-configurable action.
[mms] Spam/innocent reporting on the smartmobile message page now uses a popup
      instead of a modal dialog.
[mms] Rewritten/improved linked attachment code.
[mms] Add discard draft option to compose page allowing the user to cancel
      composition and permanently delete the original draft (Request #12017).
[mms] Minimal view menu entries are now accessible via numbered accesskeys
      (Request #5847).
[mms] Add image upload feature to the HTML editor image plugin.
[mms] Allow drag & drop/pasting of images into the HTML editor.
[mms] All basic view pages are now routed through the basic.php endpoint.
[mms] Save AJAX showMessage call when reloading the dynamic mailbox page with a
      message preview active.
[mms] Dynamically display MIME type icon for attachments uploaded on the
      dynamic compose page.
[mms] Remove 'compose_cc' and 'compose_bcc' preferences.
[mms] Support attaching vCard in dynamic compose.
[mms] Support attaching PGP public keys in dynamic compose.
[mms] Smartmobile view now uses additive loading instead of pagination on the
      mailbox page.
[mms] Removed the 'link_all_attachments' configuration option.
[mms] Support link attachment feature in dynamic view.
[mms] Display Virtual Folders in smartmobile view.
[mms] Abstract all UIDs used for mailbox/message navigation on the browser to
      BUIDs (browser UIDs) (Bug #10719).
[mms] Use more efficient murmurhash3 to determine changes in compose message
      that will trigger auto saved drafts.
[mms] Initialize viewport and mailbox list in single AJAX call when initially
      loading the dynamic mailbox view.
[mms] Add message thread view to dynamic mailbox preview.
[mms] Better UI for changing quicksearch criteria in dynamic mailbox screen.
[mms] Collapse multiple mailbox export options in dynamic mailbox view to
      single action.
[mms] Importing a PGP personal key now only requires the private key.


[mms] Fix displaying some HTML messages that contain blocked CSS rules (Bug
[mms] Catch and ignore errors from contacts backend when determining whether to
      show images in a message (Bug #12294).


[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS vulnerability on smartmobile message page (João Machado
[mms] Fix navigating to search page in dynamic view from top menu (Bug #12273).
[mms] Correctly update viewport selected status if mailbox is switched during a
      delete action (Bug #12230).
[jan] Fix empty label for spellcheck button.
[mms] Fix signature verification for PGP combined signed & encrypted messages
      (Bug #12142).
[mms] Don't display empty mailbox action for mailboxes when Virtual Trash is
      active (Bug #12162).
[mms] Fix renaming mailboxes in dynamic view.
[mms] Switching from HTML to text in dynamic compose view must be a synchronous
      operation, or else HTML tags may appear in compose window.
[mms] Fix ability to switch to non-default date sorting algorithm in dynamic
      view (Bug #12139).
[mms] Fix printing quoted text when viewing a list message.
[mms] Use Horde_Css_Parser package, which is compatible with CSS3 declarations,
      instead of the unmaintained Horde_Text_Filter_Csstidy code.
[mms] Fix verifying signed & encrypted PGP messages (Bug #12100).
[mms] Update virtual folder name in folder tree when editing the label (Bug
[mms] Fix links to virtual folders on search preferences page.
[mms] Fix edit links for virtual folders in dynamic view (Bug #12072).
[mms] Fix regression in displaying user-defined virtual folders in folder
[mms] Correctly generate self URLs if a URL parameter is altered by the current
      message action (Bug #12058).
[mms] Fix possible issue creating folder tree if multiple special mailboxes
      appeared in the same branch (Bug #12050).


[mms] Improved detection of charset in text/html message parts.
[mms] Fix displaying dynamic compose screen when sent-mail preferences are
      locked (Bug #12009).
[mms] Fix usage of textContent property on IE8 (Bug #12012).
[jan] Update Slovak translation (Jozef Sudolský <>).
[jan] Fix display of end dates/times of iTip attachments (Bug #11976).
[mms] Fix Reply all/list buttons on basic compose page (Bug #11990).
[mms] Fix deleting virtual folders/filters from preferences page (Bug #11982).
[mms] Fix saving mailbox expansion state in basic folders view (Bug #11979).
[mms] Hide attachment upload UI in dynamic view if file uploads are disabled.
[jan] Fix JavaScript errors with Internet Explorer 8.
[mms] Fix display of mail log icons on the basic message page (Bug #11964).
[jan] Fix stripping attachments in dynamic view (,
      Bug #11959).
[mms] Workaround broken Message-IDs generated by Outlook when replying to a
      message (Bug #11953).
[mms] Fix display of attachment name in basic compose screen (Bug #11947).


[mms] Re-add apply mail filters action in dynamic view.
[mms] Improved parsing of References header when replying to a message.
[mms] Fix verifying an enveloped signed & encrypted S/MIME message (Bug
[mms] Fix converting charset of signature/trailer in compose message if not
      sending in UTF-8 (Bug #11898).
[mms] Fix redirection to mailbox page after sending message in minimal view
      (Thomas Jarosch <>, Bug #11897).
[mms] Fix duplicate signature being added to compose messages in minimal view
      (Thomas Jarosch <>, Bug #11896).
[jan] Update Basque translation (Ibon Igartua <>).
[mms] Fix loss of HTML body if related conversion is turned off (Thomas Jarosch
      <>, Bug #11883).
[mms] Ensure that polled mailboxes in dynamic view continue to show unseen
      message count if its child status changes (Bug #11864).
[jan] Include address groups in auto-completion list if address book is below
      AJAX lookup threshold.
[jan] Update French translation (Laurent Foucher
[mms] Correctly remember form state when refreshing basic view compose page
      (Bug #11794).
[mms] Fix NOT criteria for custom header searches (Bug #11802).
[mms] Fix saving compose message to draft mailbox when session expires (Bug
[mms] Honor 'hide_when_unlimited' option for the quota driver (Thomas Jarosch
      <>, Bug #11782).
[mms] Fix toggling other options in dynamic compose screen.


[mms] Always add MDNSent flag when saving a draft/sent message.
[mms] Fix preview message text in basic view (Bug #11724).
[mms] Don't delete saved draft on session close.
[mms] Improved generation and parsing of mbox files.
[mms] Fix adding mailboxes with mull delimiters to the IMAP folder tree (Bug
[mms] Fix editing/sending templates in dynamic view.
[mms] Allow iCalendar events to be added to the calendar even if they are
      missing the required UID parameter (Bug #11669).
[mms] Fix displaying flag changes for messages in search mailboxes in dynamic
      view (Bug #11622).
[mms] Save sent-mail when composing in the smartmobile view (Bug #11670).
[mms] Don't try to save sent-mail to a non-existent sent-mail mailbox.
[mms] Fix displaying encrypted message in dynamic preview when correct
      passphrase is entered (Bug #11661).
[mms] Purge IMAP cache data when upgrading from IMP 5.


[mms] Fix shift-clicking in dynamic mailbox view when navigating to other
      mailboxes (Bug #11520).
[mms] Disallow pasting non-text elements into the HTML editor (Bug #11650).
[jan] Update Slovak translation (Jozef Sudolský <>).
[mms] If persistent IMAP caching is disabled, use an in-memory cache for the
      current page load.
[mms] Fix importing personal S/MIME certificate.
[mms] Correctly show ACL entry for current user even if ACL response for
      mailbox is empty.
[mms] Correctly remove unseen information from folder tree in dynamic mailbox
      view when mailbox is marked as not polled for new mail.
[mms] Fix expanding folder list in dynamic view when opening a mailbox and
      folder expansion is not saved in the prefs (Bug #11609).
[mms] Fix displaying HTML signature preference on identities preference page.
[mms] Fix dynamic view loading in IE8 (Bug #11614).
[mms] Optimize permission checking when creating a mailbox if no limit exists
      for a user.
[mms] Fix displaying column headers in dynamic mailbox view when accessing a
      POP3 server.
[mms] Fix display of innocent button in dynamic mailbox view (Bug #11604).
[mms] Fix displaying move to spam mailbox option in the preferences (Bug
[mms] Fixes to PGP Private key generation (Bug #11597).
[mms] Don't block remote message styling if sender is in whitelist.
[mms] Fix spellcheck display in dynamic view if HTML composition mode is the
      default (Bug #11592).


[mms] Fix regression in adding an attachment in minimal view.


[jan] Update Polish translation (Krzysztof Kozera <>).
[jan] Update Dutch translation (Arjen de Korte <>).
[mms] Fix regression causing large amounts of whitespace padding to be added to
      compose text in basic view.
[mms] Fix regression in sending messages in basic/minimal mode if no attachment
      is added (Bug #11582).
[jan] Fix key navigation in message view of basic mode.


[mms] Attach as many files as possible instead of aborting on first failed
      attachment add.
[mms] Fix determining first/last unseen message in a mailbox (use message date
      instead of arrival date).
[jan] Don't show application menus in iTip MIME viewer popups.
[mms] Hide subfolder creation option in dynamic view if IMAP server indicates
      that child mailboxes cannot be created.
[mms] Correctly send deleted flag information to browser cache when using
      dynamic/smartmobile view (Bug #11362).
[mms] Auto-update folders list in smartmobile view if special mailbox is
      auto-created (Request #11482).
[mms] Load folders list on-demand in smartmobile view.
[mms] Fix thread view when mailbox is not thread sorted (Bug #11320).
[mms] Display message range when dragging slider on dynamic mailbox page.


[mms] Add predefined templates to ACL management screen (Request #10648).
[mms] Capture key shortcuts on dynamic mailbox page even if focus is on IFRAME
      HTML message data (Bug #11428).
[mms] All IMP templates now use Horde_View.
[mms] Add swipe action buttons to the smartmobile mailbox page.
[mms] Optimize loading of message bodies when using dynamic view.
[mms] Load new mailbox when renaming current mailbox in dynamic view (Request
[mms] Add simple address autocompleter to smartmobile compose page.
[mms] Add refresh button to smartmobile folder page.
[jan] Fix popdown positioning in mailbox table header (Bug #11384).


[mms] Allow certain iCalendar events to be configured to automatically update
      the local user's calendar (Request #11376).
[mms] Remember message selections when changing mailboxes in dynamic view.
[mms] Add ability to edit list of safe addresses used with the
      image_replacement preference.
[mms] Add attachment download links to smartmobile view (Request #11379).
[mms] Indicate deleted messages with strikethrough in smartmobile mailbox
      listing (Request #11362).
[mms] Show polled children in smartmobile folder list when parent mailbox is
      not polled (Bug #11238).
[mms] More complete handling of linked data in subject header across views
      (Bug #11372).
[mms] Add Top link to smartmobile mailbox page.
[mms] Fixes to the iTip Request handler (Bug #11264).
[mms] Fix searching in smartmobile view (Bug #11365).
[mms] Tweak smartmobile mailbox page to use mobile-style list clicking
      (Request #11364).
[mms] Fix regression in updating dynamic folder list when deleting parent
      mailboxes that contain children (Bug #11296).
[mms] Fix regression preventing compose messages from being sent in the
      smartmobile view (Bug #11342).
[jan] Allow to reset flag colors and to specify as HTML colors.
[mjr] The mailboxList API call now returns delimiter and attribute information.
[jan] Fix polling for new mail from other applications.


[jan] Highlight quota level in dynamic mode.
[mms] Add keyboard shortcuts to dynamic compose page (Michael Wing
[mms] Fix sidebar element wrapping.
[mms] Fix regression preventing contacts popup window from working (Bug
[mms] Fix regression in select all checkbox on traditional mailbox page (Bug
[mms] Fix regression in altering sort direction in dynamic mailbox view (Bug
[mms] Hide empty MIME parts when displaying inline.
[mms] Fix expanding all mailboxes in dynamic view (Bug #11289).
[mms] Fix handling of identity tie-to addresses when searching for matching
[mms] Fix recursive mailbox delete in dynamic view (Bug #11288).


[mms] Fix regression in sorting of special mailboxes (Bug #11241).
[mms] Fix mailbox sorting in traditional view (Bug #11278).
[mms] Fix regression in IMAP cache query script preventing stats in all mailbox
      reports (Bug #11265).
[mms] Fix regression in creating submailboxes in dynamic view.
[jan] Fix displaying messages in a popup (Bug #11251).
[jan] Fix automatic selection of the default identity if other identities
      contain the same address(es).
[jan] Fix editing mailbox ACLs (Bug #11247).
[jan] Fix using admin users and passwords for quota or mailbox management.


[mms] Fix browser-based AJAX autocompletion (Bug #11233).
[mms] Only show Inbox, special mailboxes, and polled mailboxes by default in
      smartmobile view.
[mms] Add 'reply_strip_sig' preference (Request #11056).
[mms] Move attachment strip icon to MIME part tree display.
[mms] Convert dynamic view to Horde_View.
[mms] Convert minimal view to Horde_View.
[mms] Honor initial_page preference in smartmobile view (Request #11165).
[mms] Lock mailbox sort to descending date when using minimal view.
[mms] Pre-fetch unseen messages in polled mailboxes in dynamic view.
[mms] Allow Edit As New to be used as the default forward action (Request
[mms] Improved handling of messages with multiple From addresses in mailbox
[mms] Replying to a multipart/related message in HTML mode now correctly
      attaches data from the original message.
[mms] Allow deletion of all subfolders at once in dynamic view.
[mms] Provide details of when search results were last refreshed.
[mms] Dynamically update unseen message counts in folder list in smartmobile
[mms] Add mailbox caching to the smartmobile view.
[mms] Cache last seen message in smartmobile view.
[mms] Viewing a mailbox in smartmobile mode no longer resets the sortpref
[mms] Allow all SMTP configuration parameters to be overridden in the backends
      configuration file (Request #11051).
[mms] Block images in HTML messages that appear to be sent from you by default,
      to prevent spammers form easily circumventing the block.
[mms] Add 'Edit As New' to Forward button dropdown menu in dynamic view.
[mms] Allow identifying addresses to always display images for without
      requiring to add them to the addressbook.
[mms] Disable text selection in dynamic view for everything but
      compose/message bodies.
[mms] Rewritten vCal/iCal attachment viewer/handler.
[mms] S/MIME certificate import from message data no longer requires popup
[mms] PGP key import from message attachment no longer requires popup window.
[mms] Improve PGP key import screen.
[mms] Truncate large address lists (50+) by default in dynamic message views.
[mms] Moved AJAX core features to Horde_Core package.
[jan] Add reporting as spam/innocent to smartphone view.
[mms] Workaround overquota error when deleting messages and using Trash
[jan] Add basic search to smartphone view.
[jan] Add resume and "edit as new" to smartphone view.
[mms] Hide deleted now works with threaded mailboxes.
[mms] Threaded sorts now work in all search mailboxes (Request #9700).
[mms] Improved threading performance.
[mms] Improved date searching to search by range.
[mms] Added 'mbox_sort' hook.
[mms] Make mailbox columns the same order in traditional view as in dynamic
[jan] Add mailbox paging to smartphone view.
[jan] Add copy and move to smartphone view.
[jan] Add deleting messages to smartphone view.
[jan] Add reply, forward and redirect to smartphone view.
[jan] Add compose functionality to smartphone view.
[mms] Accurately track changes to virtual folders in dynamic folder tree (Bug
[mms] Traditional mode now requires javascript on the browser.
[mms] Added 'mbox_special' hook (, Request #10801).
[mms] Converted stationery to the Templates special mailbox (Request #9296).
[mms] Hide inactive buttons in dynamic view instead of dimming them.
[mms] Added config option to limit size of messages with linked attachments
      (Request #6247).
[mms] Allow expiration date to be provided when creating personal PGP key
      (Request #5754).
[mms] Always use Horde default for sending charset unless reply_charset
      preference is active.
[mms] Add ability to view all message parts in dynamic view (Request #9827).
[mms] Remove signature from compose UI; signature is now added automatically
      when sending (Request #10487).
[mms] Fix accessing mailboxes containing ampersands (Bug #10093).
[mms] Size of sidebar now saved in dynamic view.
[mms] Browser-specific UI elements in dynamic view now saved in browser storage
      (Request #10723).


[mms] SECURITY: Fix obscure XSS issue if uploading a file in dynamic view from
      the browser's local filesystem that has a filename that contains HTML.
[mms] Don't attempt to use non-IMAP mailbox names in IMAP server commands (Bug
[mms] Catch failure to add attachments in dynamic view because PHP's maximum
      allowed POST size was exceeded.
[jan] Fix search link from portal if using dynamic view (Bug #11314).
[mms] Fix regression in using Virtual Trash (Bug #11478;
[mms] Fix sending MDN notifications in traditional view (Bug #11311).
[mms] Fix changing sort order in dynamic search mailboxes (Bug #11108).
[mms] Fix regression in creating top-level mailbox in traditional view (Bug
[mms] Fix spam reporting in minimal view.


[mjr] Only ask for the count of matching contacts when determining to use
      browser vs ajax autocompletion.
[jan] Fix closing the compose window after redirecting (Bug #11259).
[jan] Display correct values in permission-denied error messages (Bug #11253).


[mms] SECURITY: Only allow display of basic image types directly in browser.
[jan] Update Turkish translation (İstanbul Technical University).
[jan] Re-add option to report messages as spam/ham through redirection.
[jan] Update Swedish translation (Jakob Alvermark


[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS vulnerabilities on the dynamic compose page and the
      minimal mailbox and message pages.
[jan] Re-add leading paragraph before HTML signatures to avoid writing into
      the signature.
[jan] Use preferred editor if not opening compose window from dynamic view.
[jan] Update Italian translation (Emilien <>).
[mms] Save Bcc addresses when saving compose message as draft.
[mms] Fix handling of RETURN keypress in the Subject input on the dynamic
      compose page.
[jan] Fix regression in sending PGP encrypted messages (Bug #11150).
[jan] Update Slovak translation (Marika Schvarczova
[jan] Update Czech translation (Michal Foist <>).


[mms] Added the 'delhide_trash' preference.
[jan] Update Hungarian translation (Zoltán Németh <>).
[mms] Ensure that PGP & S/MIME signed message bodies are not altered after the
      signature is calculated (Bug #11058).
[mms] Fix internal storage of date searches (Bug #11109).
[mms] Fix regression in sending PGP encrypted messages (Bug #11085).
[mms] Only poll mailboxes in dynamic view that exist in the browser folder
[mms] Fix regression in displaying From address on mailbox page in traditional
[mms] Fix updating the compose address fields when using the contacts popup.


[jan] Fix setting default values for identity preferences.
[mms] Improve drag performance of elements in dynamic view.
[mms] Fix saving initial_page preference.
[mms] Workaround broken Thunderbird encrypted S/MIME messages.
[mms] Fix regression where passphrase prompt would not appear for S/MIME
      encrypted messages.
[mms] Fix regression in verifying signed & encrypted S/MIME messages (Bug
[mms] Fix reloading the folder list in the dynamic view (Bug #10769).
[mms] Fix deleting messages from Virtual Trash.
[mms] Fix regression in displaying PGP Armored signed/encrypted messages (Bug
[mms] Catch IMAP server connection errors in traditional mailbox view.
[mms] Fix purging moved messages from dynamic mailbox view if deleted messages
      are visible in the mailbox (Bug #10916).
[mms] Fix message advancing when deleting messages in traditional view when
      deleted messages are visible in the mailbox.


[mms] SECURITY: Fix XSS vulnerabilities on the compose page (traditional
      view), the contacts popup window, and with certain IMAP mailbox names.
[mms] Fix updating context menu when a mailbox is converted into a container
      element after being deleted.
[mms] Fix expand/collapse of folder tree in mobile view.
[mms] Fix regression preventing sending of MDNs.
[mms] Fix reporting as innocent in mobile view.
[mms] Fix updating log information when replying/forwarding in dynamic view.
[mms] Fix deleting virtual folders in dynamic view.


[mms] Cache message headers during a page access.
[mms] Fix adding submailboxes to last mailbox in a level in dynamic view.
[mms] Fix display of numerically-named mailboxes on IMAP servers without the
      LIST-EXTENDED IMAP capability (Bug #10869).
[mms] Fix attachment detection search filter.
[mms] Fix editing date search elements.
[mms] Allow creation of the mailbox '0' (Bug #10866).
[mms] Correctly handle numeric mailbox names.
[mms] Fix display of mailbox names living under special mailboxes (Bug #10802).
[mms] Fix broken Hide/Purge Deleted links in traditional view (Bug #10860).
[mms] Fix issue in dynamic mailbox view with thread sorting and a reset of
      mailbox metadata (Bug #10835).
[mms] Fix message redirection regression in dynamic view (Bug #10859).


[jan] Use locale based folder sorting.
[mms] Workaround broken PGP signed data contained within encrypted parts (Bug
[mms] Fix signature verification display for combined encrypted/signed PGP
[mms] Add option to edit ACLs when right-clicking mailbox in dynamic view
      (Request #8060).
[mms] Allow multiple messages to be redirected from traditional view mailbox
      page (Request #2084).
[mms] Add ability to quickly add unsubscribed mailboxes to available search
      mailboxes in advanced search (Request #10832).
[mms] Don't list parent mailboxes after child mailboxes (Bug #10802).
[jan] Update Dutch translation (Pieterjan Heyse
[mms] Fix setting compose message body on IE 9 in dynamic view.
[mms] Redirect to login page if IMAP credentials are lost somehow during the
[mms] Fix 'server' credential in preauthenticate hook.
[jan] Fix updating events from attendee responses (Bug #10772).
[jan] Update Japanese translation (Hiromi Kimura <>).
[mms] Correctly apply default mail_domain value in all places it is needed.
[mms] Correctly save mail_domain value if changed in preferences UI.
[mms] Purge browser cache daily in dynamic view; updates time stamps to proper
      format (Request #9773).


[mms] Honor sortpref locked status.
[mms] HTML drafts saved in IMP are resumed in that mode, regardless of the
      'compose_html' preference (Request #10787).
[mms] Improved tree display when displaying all message parts.
[mms] Fix DNS resolution when sending attachment viewed messages (Bug #10784).
[mms] Fix switching quicksearch criteria while a search is active in dynamic
      mode (Bug #10780).
[mms] Fix redirecting message from dynamic view popup message (Bug #10738).
[mms] Fix swapping signatures when composing in HTML mode (Bug #10768).
[mms] Remove transparency for PDF thumbnails generated by imagemagick.
[mms] Fix removing addresses on contacts page (Bug #10761).
[mms] Virtual Trash fixes.
[mms] Improved UI access to advanced sorting options in dynamic view.
[mms] Fix stripping attachments in traditional view (Bug #10722).
[mms] Fix creating new Drafts mailbox from Drafts preference page.
[mms] Fix verifying a PGP signed part within a PGP encrypted part.
[mms] HTML viewer passes Email Privacy Tester
[mms] Fix intermittent attachment loss when composing messages.
[mms] Correctly reference CSS stylesheets contained within a multipart/related
[mms] Sanitize LINK tags contained in HTML messages.
[mjr] Only request the field values we actually need when searching the
      contacts API.
[mms] Fix expand all mailboxes in dynamic view (Bug #10682).
[mms] Re-add auto-detection of MIME types for message parts that lack this
[mms] Add 'delete_mark_seen' preference.
[mms] Fix accessing POP3 servers that use commas in their UIDs.
[mms] Fix updating flags in non-selected mailbox if IMAP server does not
      support CONDSTORE/QRESYNC (Bug #10627).
[mms] Fix some dynamic view links on IE (Bug #10664).


[mms] Workaround broken number_format() for PHP < 5.4.0 (Bug #10618).
[mms] Add preference to indicate preferred language for return replies on
      outgoing messages.
[mms] For reply, indicate original sender's language preference.
[mms] Fix/improve monthly sent-mail rename login task (Bug #10613).
[mms] Fix display of encoded subject text on print page (Bug #9755).
[mms] Fix setting MDN flag on sent message after compose (Bug #10579).
[mms] When expanding a submailbox in dynamic view, honor expanded children
[mms] Re-add 'msgs_shown' parameter to Newmail block.
[mms] Allow multiple messages to be sent via quickreply in dynamic view.
[mms] Allow image attachments to be displayed without download in mobile view.
[mms] Fix reporting spam/innocent on mailbox page in mobile view.
[mms] Fix viewing next message after deleting message in mobile view.
[mms] Fix composing messages in mobile view.
[mms] Optimize deletion of messages in dynamic view.
[mms] Fix accessing search mailboxes in dynamic view on IE 9 (Bug #10462).
[mms] Fix altering background color of system message flags (Bug #10544).
[jan] Fix sending notifications after download of linked attachments (Bug


[jan] Fix broken dependency on Text_Flowed.


[mms] Fix UI artifacts when renaming mailboxes in dynamic view (Bug #10533).
[jan] Don't open certain links in HTML messages in the message pane.
[mms] Add ability to toggle hide deleted messages in dynamic view (Request
[mms] Add auto-generated message filter (see RFC 3834).
[mms] Remove non-existent parent mailbox when removing last child mailbox in
      dynamic view (Bug #10495).
[mms] Provide content duration information for audio & video data if that
      information is available (RFC 3803).
[jan] Fix setting sender when redirecting messages via SMTP (Bug #10488).
[mms] Add List-ID information, if available, to auto-reply notification.
[mms] Display information on reply method in standard view, and allow for
      easy method switching, when automatically choosing the reply type.
[mms] Fix generation of Save All attachments link.
[mms] More intelligent quoting of flowed text messages sent in HTML format.
[mms] Browser mailto-handler respects current IMP view mode (Bug #10475).
[mms] Always show image thumbnail previews, if an image conversion utility is
      present on the system.
[mms] More workarounds for broken suhosin extension (Bug #10462).


[mms] Automatically track rownumber updates when selecting messages; fixes
      SHIFT-DEL behavior in the dynamic view.
[mms] Fix contents of sent message when directly sending from spellcheck in
      standard view (Bug #10464).
[mms] Fix namespace auto-detection for non-sane namespace configs (Bug #10447).
[mms] Fix POP3 regression (Bug #10450).
[mms] Forwarded messages no longer treated as an attachment in the UI (Request
[mms] Correctly display submailboxes in dynamic view when new submailbox is
      created before parent mailbox is expanded (Bug #10429).


[mms] Display flag to indicate a mailing list message.
[mms] Immediately update mailbox list when message is deleted and the mailbox
      does not support flags (e.g. POP3) (Bug #10424).
[mjr] Fix notifications not showing while accepting iTips
[mms] Correctly determine page with first/last unseen messages when using
      descending sequence sorting (Bug #9882).
[mms] Deletion works correctly from popup message view if base window is no
      longer available (Bug #9761).
[mms] Fix explicitly applying filters in INBOX in dynamic view (Bug #10291).
[mms] Add 'Edit as New' action for messages (Request #10206).
[mms] Remove 'allow_resume_all' configuration option (Request #10206).
[mms] Add personal contacts search filter.
[mms] Add ability to search all mailboxes (Request #10204).


[mms] Fix to allow search filters to be saved.
[mjr] Fix mouse click handling on mobile view (Bug #10355).
[mms] Ensure correct message charset is use if forward/reply headers contain
      non US-ASCII characters (Bug #10148).
[mms] Select all checkbox in dynamic view can now be toggled (Request #10067).
[mms] Remember vertical splitbar size in dynamic view.
[mms] Workaround IE quirks for compose autocomplete box (Bug #10250).
[mms] Fix resuming HTML drafts for non-reply messages (Bug #10298).
[jan] Fix verifying of inline signed PGP messages (requires Horde_Crypt 1.0.4).
[mms] Fix Shift-N shortcut in dynamic view (Bug #10352).
[mms] Add save message link to dynamic view preview window.
[mms] Correctly quote e-mail names when composing from compose links in the
      dynamic view (Bug #10292).


[jan] Don't attempt to delete linked attachments monthly if they have been
      disabled (Bug #10166).
[jan] Don't show basic headers twice when showing all headers (Bug #10276).
[jan] Add IMP_Contents#getTree() to return a tree representation of a message's
      MIME parts.
[mms] Fix regression in parsing list reply address (Bug #10258).
[jan] Tick sent-mail checkbox off when selecting sent-mail folder in dynamic
[jan] Keep key navigation active after clicking into a HTML message (Request
[mms] Fix additional regression when flagging all messages in a mailbox
      (Bug #10243).
[mms] Fix "Don't Show" filtering in traditional mailbox view (Bug #10244).


[mms] Don't strip HTML part of compose message when stripping attachments
      from saved sent-mail message (Bug #10234).
[mms] Fix regression when copying/moving messages into a new mailbox in
      traditional view (Bug #10232).
[mms] Fix regression when flagging all messages in a mailbox (Bug #10224).
[jan] Fix folder links in virtual folders (Bug #10221).
[mms] Show translated name for special mailboxes in sent mail lists (Bug
[mms] Fix regression in filtering mailbox in traditional view (Bug #10213).


[mms] Fix regression in renaming mailboxes in dynamic view (Bug #10207).
[mms] Fix selecting sent-mail mailbox for not empty namespaces (Bug #10090).
[mms] Fix saving expand/collapse state in traditional folders view.
[mms] Update all flag changes in dynamic mode (Bug #10146).
[mms] Fix editing saved searches in dynamic mode (Bug #10189).
[mms] Fix regression in saving sent mail in traditional view (Bug #10193).
[mms] Fix regression in deleting mailboxes in traditional view (Bug #10170).
[mms] Fix currently selected mailbox in folder lists (Bug #10163).
[jan] Don't show button to strip attachments if turned off in the preferences
      (Bug #10154).
[jan] Fix printing from message popup (Bug #10188).
[jan] Fix viewing messages source from message popup (Bug #10190).
[jan] Fix editing saved searches in traditional view (Bug #10184).


[jan] Fix loading message previews from search results (Bug #10152).
[mms] Fix sending messages with linked attachments (Bug #10125).
[mms] Handle response codes/errors returned from POP3 servers.
[mms] Fix POP3 regressions.
[mms] Workaround broken suhosin extension to allow search mailboxes (Request


[mms] Fix filter links in the preferences UI (Bug #10117).
[mms] Fix print icon for non text/html displayable attachments (Bug #10112).
[mms] Support $Junk/$NotJunk keywords when marking spam/ham.
[jan] Fix link to send PGP key to keyserver (Bug #10070).
[mms] Fix resizing compose window in dynamic view for IE 7/8 (Bug #10075).
[mms] Fix setting/unsetting passphrases in preferences (Bug #10096).
[mms] Base64url encode breacdrumb hash information in dynamic view.
[mms] Add login task to autocreate special mailboxes.
[mms] Workaround broken messages by allow viewing multipart/related parts that
      are not referenced in the base part (Request #9827).
[mms] Use ACLs to determine when to hide various UI options (Request #9537).
[mms] Cache various calculated mailbox information in the session.
[mms] Fix adding flags in advanced search (Bug #10049).
[mms] Fix display of subfolders in mobile view (Bug #10043).
[mms] Improved determination of available flags in a mailbox.
[mms] Fix adding to whitelist from dynamic view (,
      Bug #10036).


[jan] Add missing files to package.


[mms] Add quick flag filtering to traditional view.
[mms] Fix viewing linked attachments (Bug #9972).
[mms] Add support for the content-id access type of message/external-body.
[mms] Consolidate IMAP error handling code in IMP_Imap_Exception.
[mms] Use translated namespace name if available.


[mms] Fix resuming reply drafts in HTML mode (Bug #9928).
[mms] Fix updating flags/logs on original messages after resuming from draft.
[mms] Fix flagging messages in search mailboxes in dynamic view.
[mms] Don't attempt to poll non-IMAP mailboxes (Bug #9896).
[mms] Fix deleting attachments from compose message in dynamic view (Bug
[mms] Newmail portal block can now be configured to auto-update.
[mms] Fix deleteMessages and flagMessages API calls (Bug #9888).
[mms] More intelligent polling in dynamic view (Request #9808).
[mms] Fix spurious viewport loading in rare situations (Bug #9768).
[mms] Show human readable message in multipart/report parts in the richest
      format possible (Bug #9873).
[mms] Fix unneeded body part downloads in alternative parts (Bug #9862).
[mms] Fix importing PGP private keys.
[mms] More intelligent part naming if name is not specified in the message
      (Request #9853).
[jan] Avoid double escaping of folder names in sent-mail drop down list.
[jan] Fix translation of special folders on certain IMAP servers.
[jan] Fix display of status icons in traditional view (Bug #9844).
[mms] Fix displaying all message parts in standard view (Bug #9827).
[mms] Allow .eml files to be imported into a mailbox (Request #9827).
[mms] Fix vertical layout resize in dynamic view (Bug #9834).
[mms] Fix link for filters menu item (Bug #9831).
[mms] Fix composing messages in mobile view.
[mms] IMP will refuse to work with POP3 servers that don't support UIDL.
[mms] Many POP3 fixes.


[jan] Notify about new mails in any Horde application.
[mms] New mail notifications now handled by the Horde Notification system
      (Request #9751).
[mms] Fix resuming messages with attachments (Bug #9780).
[mms] Fix javascript actions in standard view in IE 7/8 (Bugs #9801, 9809).
[jan] Fix application-specific permission checks (Bug #9786).
[mms] Fix printing of message parts in IE, regardless of local user settings
      (Bug #9756).
[mms] Fix IMP_Maillog regression from RC2 (Bug #9763).
[mms] Fix honoring default encryption option in dynamic view.
[jan] Show full alarm notifications in dynamic view (Request #9748).
[jan] Fix saving S/MIME certs to address book.
[mms] Support importing of compressed mailbox files if the zip extension is
      not available.


[mms] Fix max_folders permission (Bug #9741).
[jan] Rename all scripts in bin/ to be prefixed with imp- (Request #9647).
[jan] Correctly render notifications with embedded HTML in dynamic view
      (Bug #9729).
[mms] Fix moving to new mailbox, tasklist, and notepad in traditional view
      (Bug #9732).
[jan] Add left and right keys as aliases for up and down keys in dynamic view.
[mms] Add mailbox sorting and select all messages to vertical layout in the
      dynamic view (Request #9708).
[jan] Fix expansion of quoted sections in thread view.
[jan] Fix message previews in traditional view (Bug #9695).
[jan] Support importing of compressed mailbox files.
[jan] Fix upgrading of search_fields preference.
[jan] Fix key navigation in traditional mailbox view.
[mms] Don't cache FETCH data for the Spam and Trash mailboxes.
[mms] All views now honor 'initial_page' preference.
[mms] Fix loading virtual folder as initial page in standard view (Bug #9696).


[jan] Update installation and upgrade instructions.
[mms] Fix upgrading virtual folders from IMP 4 (Bug #9692).
[mms] Fix editing the size search criteria.
[mms] Optimize importing messages from mbox file.
[mms] Fix deletion from Virtual Inbox in standard view (Bug #9686).
[mms] Fix loading virtual folders from drop-down folder list (Bug #9687).
[mms] Fix thread sort by newest messages first (Bug #9685).
[mms] Add import/download mailbox ability to dynamic view.
[jan] Remove application tabs from AJAX interface (Bug #9679).
[mms] Move all portal rendering code to Horde.
[mms] Fix flag display in message list in traditional view (Bug #9673).


[mms] Fix purging deleted messages in dynamic view (Bug #9627).
[mms] Fix display of non-IMAP mailbox elements in folder lists (Bug #9650).
[mms] Fix print part display.
[jan] Fix listing users through IMP API.


[jan] Add configuration whether to load other applications in an IFRAME.
[mms] Indicate negative rights in ACL display (Request #4488).
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.
[mms] Add priority and request read receipt information to saved drafts
      (Request #9457).
[mms] Added example in pre_sent hook to do forgotten attachment checking at
      send time (Request #9028).
[mms] Add subfolder searching (subfolders dynamically determined at time of
[mms] Refactor inline message image blocking to operate on all messages, not
      just HTML messages.
[mms] Add attachment message filter.
[mms] Add post_spam hook called after reporting spam/ham (Request #6455).
[mms] Implement stationery support in DIMP.
[mms] Add preference to control displayed content for multipart/alternative
      parts (Request #6711).
[mms] Allow multiple messages to be forwarded in a single outgoing message
      (DIMP) (Request #9132).
[mms] Add personal recipient message filter (Request #8659).
[mms] Add mailing list message filter (Request #8659).
[mms] Add ability to define search criteria to be applied to any mailbox
      (Request #8659).
[mms] Use recipient search (To/Cc/Bcc) by default instead of To search.
[mms] Virtual folders now editable via a preferences group.
[mms] Search code has been entirely rewritten.
[jan] Rename servers.php to backends.php.
[mms] Use alternate text part to generate reply/forward text when switching
      compose modes if user has not altered message text (DIMP).
[mms] Improved login error reporting/logging in IMP (Request #9211).
[mms] Add hook to skip MDN prompt based on content of message headers.
[mms] Allow expand/collapse of folders in MIMP.
[mms] Use single, unified mailbox cache.
[mms] Add support for setting/retrieving special-use mailboxes from IMAP
[mms] Add preference to control if we check for recipient PGP public keys
      when replying (Request #7962).
[mms] Automatically determine view based on browser and 'dynamic_view'
      preference (Request #9159).
[mms] Add preference to define default font family/size for the HTML compose
[mms] Honor nav_expanded preference (DIMP).
[mms] Allow admin to define list of safe e-mail addresses that will not
      experience HTML image blocking (Request #9129).
[mms] HTML compose editor uses Horde language for UI (Request #9084;
[mms] Add config option to disable multipart/related conversions
      (Request #9099).
[mms] Sentmail SQL driver now supports split read/write operation.
[mms] Pass compose message data to mailer backend via stream; much more
      efficient, especially with larger messages (Request #8909).
[mms] Add strip attachments support in DIMP.
[mms] Add PGP & S/MIME compose support to DIMP.
[mms] Check for incorrect identity on compose if a single recipient address
      is tied to a different identity than the sending identity.
[mms] Use CATENATE (RFC 4469), if available, to strip MIME parts (Request
[mms] Add preference to show flags created by other MUAs (Request #8882).
[mms] Added HTML signature support (Request #1406).
[mms] Simplified date sorting display (Request #8936).
[mms] Properly redirect messages pursuant to RFC 5322 [3.6.6].
[mms] Add redirect message capability to DIMP.
[mms] Add ability to add attachments to composed messages for advanced mobile
      browsers - disabled by default (MIMP).
[mms] Add checkbox interface to mailbox page for advanced mobile browsers -
      disabled by default (MIMP).
[mms] Add preference to allow viewing of all inline parts by default (MIMP).
[mms] Add hook to alter composed message details before sending.
[mms] DIMP now honors the 'allow_resume_all' configuration option.
[mms] Remove 'sort_limit' configuration option.
[mms] Mobile view no longer supports WML output.
[jan] Implement iTip viewer actions in DIMP (Request #8061).
[mms] Display alarm notifications in DIMP (Request #6232).
[mms] Auto-determine charset for text attachments (Bug #8858).
[mms] Remove IE 6 (and below) and Safari 2 (and below) support for DIMP.
[mms] Add chance to switch between forward options on compose page when using
      auto-forward (DIMP).
[mms] Add chance to switch reply type to single recipient on compose page when
      using auto-reply (DIMP).
[mms] Fix printing multipage HTML messages in Mozilla browsers (Bug #8708).
[mms] Provide command line script to obtain IMAP caching statistics.
[mms] Catch flag changes from other IMAP clients when refreshing if CONDSTORE
      is available on the IMAP server (DIMP).
[mms] Improved forwarding options.
[mms] Add support for LIST-STATUS IMAP extension; provides more efficient
      mailbox polling.
[mms] Add hook to allow determination of compose attachments MIME type.
[mms] Move AJAX processing framework to Horde (Request #4561).
[mms] If selected message(s) disappear from mailbox, gracefully handle in the
      user interface (DIMP).
[mms] Only update search mailbox on explicit user action (Request #7297)
[mms] Add auto-save draft to IMP (Request #7656).
[mms] Add keyboard shortcut to move to next unseen message (Request #8223).
[mms] Add hook to dynamically change mailbox label (Request #6734).
[mms] Improved address expansion in MIMP.
[mms] Load folders on-demand in sidebar (DIMP).
[mms] Add priority setting to DIMP.
[mms] Simplify and improve priority header generation/display.
[mms] Add Face: header support to IMP.
[mms] Add splitbar to resize sidebar in DIMP.
[mms] Use LIST-EXTENDED IMAP extension (RFC 5258), if available, to get
      subscribed mailbox information.
[mms] Split ham/spam reporting actions into two separate preferences (Request
[mms] When clicking on base reply button, auto-determine the best way to
      reply to a message based on the header information.
[mms] Add vertical-pane preview layout to DIMP.
[mms] Wrap content-related MIME parts in a border when viewing inline to
      indicate their relationship.
[mms] For drafts, save the original message index for forwards/replies so when
      eventually sent, log information can be updated (Request #8663).
[mms] Upgrade RTE to CKEditor v3.
[mms] Sort by display name for to/from fields if supported on IMAP server.
[mms] Add ability to quickly filter by flags in DIMP.
[mms] Add ability to select sent-mail mailbox when composing in DIMP.
[mms] Add ability to save drafts in MIMP.
[mms] Add spam reporting in MIMP.
[mms] Added contextmenu support in DIMP for Opera.
[mms] Display HTML parts inline by using IFRAMEs (based on code by; Request #8592).
[mms] Add ability to search by relative date intervals (Request #3438).
[mms] Add advanced search query interface to DIMP (Request #6875).
[mms] Add ability to search by a custom defined header (Request #6875).
[mms] Improved advanced search query interface (Request #6875).
[mms] More intelligent ordering of autocomplete search results.
[mms] Add a mini search query interface to IMP (Request #6875).
[mms] Make DIMP quicksearch field selection persist across sessions.
[mms] Move JS/CSS caching to Horde framework.
[mms] Add simple search function to MIMP.
[mms] DIMP now honors the 'mailbox_start' preference.
[mms] Logins now handled by Horde login handler.
[mms] When generating and sending compressed ZIP data, use server-side temp
      streams to minimize memory usage.
[mms] Decode bodypart data on server if possible (RFC 3516).
[mms] Use PHP temporary streams when working with message body data to reduce
      memory usage (Request #3359).
[mms] Add ability to expand/collapse all folders in DIMP.
[mms] Add Folder Options menu to DIMP.
[mms] Add save link to full message display in DIMP.
[mms] Allow on-demand filter application (if filter backend supports) in DIMP.
[mms] Add full IMAP subscription support to DIMP (Request #8059).
[mms] Add message information to preview screen (DIMP).
[mms] Add Alt + PGUP/PGDN shortcut to scroll through preview message (DIMP).
[jan] Show possible event conflicts in iTip viewer (Request #3991, Gonçalo
      Queirós <>).
[mms] Move subfolders of special folders to lower folder display tree in
      DIMP (Bug #8127).
[mms] Simplify quicksearch UI in DIMP.
[mms] Improve notification display (DIMP).
[mms] Use mailbox names in folder confirmation actions (DIMP) (Request #8162).
[mms] Optimize viewport row insertion/updating (DIMP).
[mms] Add support for defining and displaying custom IMAP flags and for
      configuring the highlighting of system flags (Request #937).
[mms] Move attachment display on mailbox page from hook to preference.
[mms] Always process priority/precedence headers.
[mms] Support $MDNSent keyword (RFC 3503) on IMAP server.
[mms] Link URLs/e-mails in subjects in message views (Request #7487).
[mms] Implement spellcheck on send in DIMP.
[mms] Sanity check - don't do message operations reliant on UID list if
      UIDVALIDITY of mailbox has changed.
[mms] Remember splitbar position on login/refresh (DIMP).
[mms] Disable advanced functions if using POP3 driver (caching, on-demand
      filtering, searching, sorting) because it is too resource intensive.
[mms] Use native PHP code for POP3 driver (c-client no longer required).
[mms] IMP code now uses Exceptions instead of PEAR_Errors.
[mms] Fix wrong charset on filenames when stripping attachments (Bug #7220).
[mms] Use effects queue to prevent issues with users clicking on effects
      elements too quickly.
[mms] Trim leading/trailing whitespace from reply/forwarded text.
[mms] Add full IMAP message flagging capabilities to DIMP.
[mms] Decode IDN (RFC 3490) names in addresses (Request #5836).
[mms] Add ability to download attachments in MIMP (Request #2925).
[mms] Revamp JS event handling model.
[mms] ESC in DIMP search box now clears the search (Request #7196).
[mms] Enhancements to status icon view (Request #7519) (DIMP).
[mms] If the browser supports it, embed image data in cached CSS files via
      data URLs (Request #7174).
[mms] Translate special folder names (Request #7545).
[mms] Make autocompletion threshold parameters configurable (Request #7322).
[mms] Add compose attachment preview to DIMP.
[mms] Add 'unit' parameter for quota display (Carlos Pires <>,
      Request #7044).
[mms] Add support for '$Forwarded' IMAP keyword (Request #3402).
[mms] Attachments in a signed message now can be downloaded via the
      download all attachments link (Bug #2939).
[mms] Remember preview toggle header preference (Request #7264) (DIMP).
[mms] Fix stripping attachments when saving to sent-mail folder when attaching
      the PGP public key (Bug #4221).
[mms] Removed Special Characters menu.
[mms] Add 'undelete' to Other Actions menu (Bug #7496) (DIMP).
[mms] All PGP & S/MIME functions now work in DIMP (Bug #5388).
[mms] Encrypted bodytext now appears when replying/forwarding a message
      (Request #1345).
[mms] When deleting/emptying a folder, display message count (Request #7424).
[mms] No longer need HTTP_Request - use Horde_Http_Client instead.
[mms] Use Horde_Imap_Client as the IMAP library in IMP.
[mms] DIMP and MIMP have been moved into IMP.
[mms] Allow all parts in a message to be displayed (Bug #1866).
[jan] Re-add access keys (DIMP).
[mms] Quota template has been moved inside of base include file (DIMP).
[mms] Added an alerts log (Request #7173) (DIMP).
[mms] Added support to access IMP's Virtual Folders (DIMP).
[mms] Shift-drag for messages will copy instead of move (DIMP).
[mms] Remove support for Xinha as GUI HTML editor.
[mms] Strip extra 'Fwd' and 'Re' cruft from subject line when replying to or
      forwarding a message.
[mms] Don't send server requests when autocompleting addresses when possible.
[mms] Added readonly mailbox and disable compose hooks.
[mms] Saving draft on session expiration now handled via VFS.
[mms] Add preference to delete draft on resume & send.


[jan] Don't submit the action form when reloading messages with iTip
      attachments (Bug #9502).


[mms] Fix error if user's account only contains an INBOX (Bug #9273).


[jan] SECURITY: Properly escape user input in Fetchmail configuration.
[mms] Fix updating POP3 indices when using mailbox caching (Bug #8035).
[jan] Include "anyone" user when listing users in the ACL screen (Bug #9135).
[mms] Turn DNS prefetching off when displaying untrusted message content
      (Request #8836).


[mms] Fix spellcheck-on-send when using fckeditor and no errors exist
      (Bug #8833).
[mms] Fix authenticate API call and synchronization when using realms
      (, Bugs #6749, #8872).
[mms] Optimize folder tree initialization (Request #8805).
[mms] Add command line fetchmail script (, Request #8812).
[jan] Workaround broken PHP number formatting with some locales (Bug #8780).


[cjh] Fix the default value for the nav_audio preference
      (, Bug #8725).
[mms] Make sure sent-mail folders exist if using the drop-down selection list
      on the compose page (Bug #8520).
[mms] When replying to list, correctly extract e-mail address if multiple
      entries exist in the List-Post header (Bug #8719).
[mms] For messages marked as innocent but not moved to Inbox, don't report
      them as deleted within the current mailbox (Bug #8221).
[jan] Don't show address book preference group if address books are disabled
      (Bug #8692).
[mms] Save References/In-Reply-To header info when saving a draft (Bug #8661).
[jan] Fix viewing S/MIME encrypted and signed messages from Outlook (Express)
      (Bug #8629).
[jan] Add Oracle-specific SQL script.
[jan] Add Croatian translation (Matej Vela <>,
      Iva Rumora <>).
[mms] Don't use translated folder prefixes in rename dialog (Bug #8554).
[jan] Add hook to retrieve public S/MIME and PGP keys.


[mms] Upgrade prototype.js to v1.6.1.
[jan] Add example hook for the search_sources preference (,
      Request #7796).
[mms] Fix renaming shared folders contained in empty namespaces (Bug #8468).
[mms] Correctly handle NO untagged responses on login (Bug #8478).
[mms] Correctly set charset of Bcc header in sent mail (Bug #8362).
[mms] Fix spellcheck in text-mode for certain words in non-English locales
      (Bug #8330).
[mms] Fix some javascript if using IE 8 (uses IE 7 compatibility mode) (Bug
[jan] Allow to lock default_encrypt preference.
[mjr] Add example hook for the add_source preference (Bug #8285).
[mms] Fix unqualified domain preference (Bug #8272).
[jan] Highlight signed messages depending on the signature verification.
[mms] Fix display_folder hook (, Bug #8254).
[jan] Use correct charset when rendering inline PGP data.


[mms] SECURITY: Don't cache local PGP public keys retrieved from the
      addressbook (found by Peter Meier <>).
[mms] If using spellcheck on send, automatically send if no spelling errors
      exist (Request #6892).
[jan] Show all addresses when printing messages.
[mms] Fix cache issues in folder tree when deleting a mailbox (Bug #7745).
[mms] Fix updating POP3 indices when deleting in mailbox view (Bug #8035).
[jan] If updating a calendar event fails, try to import it instead (Bug #7589).
[mms] Fix [un]escaping of various URLs on message screen caused by security
      fixes in v4.3.3 (Bug #7926).
[jan] Fix rendering of subjects in RTL scripts when using LTR translations
      (, Bug #3511).
[mms] Add hook to allow hiding of IMAP folders (Gunnar Wrobel <>,
      Request #7353).
[jan] Fix logging of messages forwarded with attachments (Bug #7911).


[cjh] SECURITY: Escape output in message.php, pgp.php and smime.php
      (found by Gunnar Wrobel <>).
[jan] Use all credentials and mailer settings for iTip replies (Bug #7388).
[mms] Show translated 'INBOX' prefix for subfolders (Request #7759).
[mms] Workaround obsolete 'UT' date format (Request #5717).
[mms] Fix tracking folder changes when renaming (Bug #7772).
[cjh] Suppress browser autocomplete when redirecting messages (Bug #7767).


[mms] Fix prototypejs regression on IE (Bug #6590).


[jan] SECURITY: Escape output in test.php.
[mms] Don't include Virtual Folder information in when tracking folder
      tree changes (Bug #7739).
[mms] Marked stripped parts as 'attachment', not 'inline' (Request #4664).
[mms] Fix linking from addresses in mailbox to compose screen (Bug #7432).
[jan] Use mailer configuration when sending iTip replies (Bug #7388).
[jan] Always display multipart/appledouble attachments.
[mms] Upgrade prototype.js to v1.6.0.3.


[jan] Add compose token to redirect view (Bug #7383).
[jan] Don't resize window if not composing messages in a popup.


[mms] Fix loading of print stylesheets when printing a message (Bug #7310).
[mjr] Fix redirect loop when conf[server][change_server] is true (Bug #6978).
[mms] Fix message caching and optimize storage.
[mms] Fix autocomplete address positioning on IE (Bug #7074).
[cjh] When the selected view doesn't match the type of browser's default view
      (IMP or DIMP for a mobile browser, MIMP or DIMP for a desktop browser),
      explicitly redirect to that view and disable the frameset (Bug #6332).
[jan] Add support for updating exsting events and cancelled recurring event
      instances to iTip viewer (Bug #6636).
[mms] Fix uploaded compose attachment names if magic quoting is on (Bug #7215).
[mms] Cache results of address formatting.
[jan] Show name and email address in the address book popup (Request #6937).
[mms] Messages from lists can now have large quotes automatically hidden.

v4.3-RC1 (released as v4.2.1-RC1)

[mms] Fix incorrect autocomplete replacement in certain cases (Bug #6819).
[mms] Use optimized autocomplete javascript library.
[mms] Handle ';' to delimit addresses when composing.
[jan] Don't allow adding private PGP keys as public keys (Bug #7080).
[jan] Add Basque translation (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea EHU/UPV
[mms] Search by size now displayed in KB (Request #6921).
[jan] Add option to attach personal vCard to message (requires Turba 2.2.2).
[jan] Fix maildir quota driver (Bug #7014).
[jan] Add configuration for quota message format.
[mms] Maintain original header encoding on redirect (Bug #7006).
[cjh] Add CSRF tokens to the Compose screen (Kris Steinhoff
[jan] Fix adding vhost specific trailer.txt.
[jan] Add more flexible placeholders to SQL quota driver.
[jan] Fix passing passwords to quota drivers.
[mms] Improved folder list generation (Bug #6972).
[cjh] Allow hiding quota messages when quota is unlimited
      (Thomas Jarosch <>, Request #6934).
[jan] Add mailto: handler for Firefox 3+.
[mms] Fix address MIME encoding issues when saving a draft (Bug #6986).
[cjh] Include a hint about fixing invalid From addresses in the error message
      (, Bug #6941).
[cjh] Fix overwriting $params in _imp_adminDo API call (Bug #6955).
[mms] Never wrap flowed lines in text/plain messages.
[mms] Fix broken spellcheck when using fckeditor on Safari 3 (Bug #6909).
[mms] Fix unescaping URL parameters passed to popup windows (Bug #6834).
[jan] Fix logging of forwarded messages.
[mms] Fix creation of subfolders in certain namespaces
      (, Bug #6827).
[mms] Improve search page by moving flags into search criteria section
      (Request #6825).
[mms] If using imagemagick, allow creation of PDF thumbnails.
[mms] Strip quotation marks and backslashes from displayed addresses.
[mms] Fix spellcheck in HTML mode when using Xinha on IE (Bug #6799).
[mms] Fix rare case when spellchecking HTML input could result in the HTML
      tags being recognized as misspelled words.
[jan] Fix parsing for Token System configuration parameters.
[mms] Add ability to search by size.


[cjh] SECURITY: Escape output in message.php, pgp.php and smime.php
      (found by Gunnar Wrobel <>).


[jan] SECURITY: Escape output in test.php.


[cjh] Fix display of email groups in received messages.
[cjh] Fix sending email to contact lists (Bug #6732).
[cjh] Make sure that email addresses entered in the Identities screen pass
      basic well-formedness validation (Bug #6654).
[cjh] Fix default server selection on the login screen
      (, Bug #6738).
[cjh] Fix defaulting to the wrong address book in the Contacts popup
      (, Bug #6723).


[mms] Add ability to cache JS/CSS files to static files to improve performance
      and to fix problems when updating JS/CSS files.
[cjh] Apply fix for to prototype.js
      (Request #6590).
[cjh] Make request token lifetime configurable (, Request
[mms] If using SMTP, send messages using 8BITMIME (RFC 1652) or BINARYMIME
      (RFC 3030) if appropriate (Request #6645).
[cjh] Work around a spellchecking issue with proc_close and --enable-sigchild
      (Bug #6625).
[jan] Show user drop down list in ACL screen if possible.
[mms] Redirect after doing maintenance to the proper view (Bug #6179).
[mms] Allow switching views in mobile login mode (Request #6332).
[jan] Support vhosts setting when loading header.php, servers.php,
      spelling.php and trailer.txt configuration files.
[mas] Use delete icon on search page to remove elements. (Liam Hoekenga
      <>, Request #6515).
[mms] Add link to delete entire thread on thread screen (Request #5884).
[mms] Hide trash-related options when trash is disabled.
[jan] Allow users to specify server name and login credentials in Horde's
      preferences (requires Horde 3.2).
[mms] Message cache now stored in configurable chunks to reduce memory usage.
[mms] Fix mailbox list caching when hiding deleted messages.


[mas] Replace %l and %d with the current short username and domain name in spam
      reporting shell calls. (Bug #6364)
[cjh] Add a hook quota driver (, Request #6322).
[mms] Make xinha add BR tag instead of P tag on enter keypress (Mozilla only).
[mms] Add fckeditor to list of supported javascript editors.
[jan] Hide iTip actions if not using IMP frontend (Bug #6116).
[cjh] Fix showing suggestions for the second or subsequent misspelled word
      (Bug #6081).
[jan] Add configuration option to force users to a certain view.
[jan] Localize default folder names.
[jan] Call a contacts/add API method to create links for adding contacts if
[jan] Filter HTML body when replying to HTML messages with the WYIWYG editor.
[jan] Allow users to set the HTML editor toolbar buttons in their preferences.
[jan] Fix charset of composed HTML messages (Bug #6268).
[cjh] Protect mailbox, message, and folder actions with CSRF tokens.
[cjh] Fix action dropdowns in IE6 (Bug #6177).
[cjh] Make sure to call Event.extend() when using inline event handlers, for
      IE6's benefit.
[cjh] Fix improper enabling of HTML composition on replies (Bug #6176).
[jan] Use subject's CN instead of OU for storing public keys (Bug #6169).
[cjh] Make sure that custom checkbox preferences are stored as 0 or 1 instead
      of 'on' or ''.
[jan] Fix popup URL generation (Bug #6139).


[mms] SECURITY: When sending linked attachments, protect against JAR attacks
      in some Mozilla browsers (Bug #5892).
[cjh] Fix the bottom Select: menu in the mailbox view (Bug #6128).
[mms] Add hook for adding formatting information to a message list row
      (Request #5234).
[mms] If javascript is available, automatically size the popup compose window.
[jan] Allow to write outside of HTML signatures in WYSIWYG editor (Bug #3753).
[jan] Highlight HTML signatures in WYSIWYG editor.
[jan] Remember webmail mode selected on the last login.
[mms] Compress download data.


[jan] Fix broken <area> tags in HTML messages.
[mms] When sending notification that linked attachment has been downloaded,
      correctly set timezone in download time (Bug #4609).
[cjh] If encrypting a message, encrypt an attached public key as well
      (Bug #5733).
[jan] Remove "default search field" preference, show all common fields instead.
[cjh] Rename IMP_IMAP_Client::namespace to getNamespace() for PHP 5.3
[cjh] Cache PGP public keys for one hour (,
      Request #5773).
[mms] Add mailbox list caching across sessions.
[cjh] Don't translate "Fwd:" in email subjects (Request #5674).
[jan] Add link to strip all attachments from a message.
[jan] Show owner of S/MIME cert in signed messages, not the message sender.
[jan] Allow maintenance tasks to rename and delete fixed folders (Bug #5592).
[mms] Allow all javascript and CSS in a page to be served in a single browser
[jan] Move all IMP-specific hook examples from Horde's config/ directory.
[jan] Fix compose window widgets with certain translations (Bug #5638).
[jan] Fix sidebar tree generation with certain translations (Bug #5525).
[cjh] Fix spellchecking HTML messages with active links (Bug #5629).
[cjh] Fix a fatal error when composing for users with no signature (Bug #5682).
[cjh] The pspell extension is no longer supported for spell checking since
      it doesn't work with HTML composition at all (Bug #5516).
[cjh] Fix switching signatures when using HTML composition (Bugs #3753, #5594).


[jan] Add configuration for folders that may not be modified.
[mms] Inline PHP-generated javascript to avoid cross-domain leaking
      (Bug #5307).
[cjh] Preserve current mailbox when composing in the main window (Bug #5415).
[cjh] Add a few more new mail sounds and allow the user to choose
      between them (Request #3260).
[mms] Preserve URL anchor information when performing login.
[jan] Fetch public PGP keys from keyserver if not available in address book
      (Requires Horde 3.2).
[mms] Add compose support for e-mails containing Internationalized Domain
      Names (Request #5180).
[jan] Add a hook for post sending actions, after a message has been sent.
[mms] Add option to login screen to allow user to select the application mode
      if either DIMP or MIMP is also installed.
[jan] Add unified IMAP quota driver to obsolete the Cyrus and Courier drivers.
[mms] Don't allow namespace delimiters in new mailbox names.
[mms] Change 'Important' flag to 'Flagged For Followup' and clear the flag
      after a reply (Request #4867).
[mms] Allow display of shared/public folders separate from a user's personal
      folders (Request #3581).
[mms] Allow thumbnails to be generated for all attached images, regardless
      of image size.
[cjh] Add a modal confirmation dialog for emptying a folder (Request #4812).
[mms] Add ability for admin to limit size of reply text.
[mms] Add RSS/Atom feed for mailboxes (Eric Garrido <>,
      Request #2733).
[mms] If tidy is available, use it to clean up outgoing HTML messages.
[mms] Automatically delete blacklisted messages (Request #4569).
[cjh] Implement non-modal newmail popups (Request #3327).
[mms] Add option to restrict size of MIME message parts that can be displayed
[cjh] Add a Help entry for keyboard navigation (Bug #4716).
[mms] Most javascript code now uses the Prototype library.
[jan] Address auto-completion searches only at beginning of names and
[jan] Add button to empty the current folder.
[jan] Show percentage of attachment limit usage in compose window
      (Eric Garrido <>, Request #3434).
[jan] Add SQL driver for quotas (Tomas Simonaitis <>,
      Request #4053).
[mms] Allow user to view PGP encrypted messages sent by themself (Bug #4332).
[mas] Make ACL editor more intuitive (Eric Garrido <>,
      Request #3808).
[mas] Conform to WCAG 1.0 Priority 2/Section 508 accessibility guidelines.
      (Request #4080)
[mms] Added preference to allow composition in reply/forward based on
      "richest" format available in original message (Request #4270).
[mms] Added preferences to determine default forwarding method and whether
      to include body text in forwards by default.
[mms] Add preference to only verify PGP & S/MIME signed data upon user
      request (Request #4022).
[mms] Add preference to indicate default cursor location in compose text
      area (Request #3245).
[jan] Add support for symmetric PGP encryption (Requires Horde 3.2).
[cjh] Add an onbeforeunload handler so Firefox and IE users can be prompted
      before accidentally closing a compose window (,
      Request #4271).
[jan] Move mail_hdr preference from identities to a regular preference.
[mms] Remove current mailbox information from session - allows multiple
      simultaneous open IMP windows (Request #3171).
[mms] Add folder size display to folders screen (Request #4065).
[mms] Add ability to filter HTML message output with tidy (Request #388).
[cjh] Show thumbnails of large images instead of linking to them
      (Eric Garrido <>, Request #3808).
[mms] Page location in mailbox is remembered for subsequent mailbox visits.
[mas] Add maintenance task to purge old messages from spam folder (Request
[mms] Implement mailbox message list caching.
[mms] Port AJAX spell checking code from DIMP.
[mms] Port auto-complete contacts AJAX code from DIMP.
[mms] Add preference to poll all folders for new mail (Request #2197).
[mms] Allow admins to add "Printed By" headers to the top of all printed
      messages (Request #1965).
[mms] Allow user to save per-folder sort preferences (Request #1483).
[jan] Add multidomain support for Kolab servers (, Request #3579).
[cjh] Add a hook for post-login actions, after the session is established
      but before redirection.
[mms] Recent search queries can be retrieved on the search page (Request
[mms] Convert all templates to Horde_Template::.
[cjh] Show vTodo parts in the iTip driver (Request #3344).
[jan] Add maintenance task to purge old messages from sent-mail folders.
[cjh] Move allow_cc and allow_bcc to compose_cc and compose_bcc preferences.
[ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
[jan] Whether and where to show alternative mime parts is now a preference
      instead of MIME configuration.
[mms] Split out custom spelling dictionary into separate configuration file.
[jan] Delete original message after saving a resumed draft.
[cjh] If the browser supports the necessary javascript, unblock images in HTML
      messages without a page reload.
[cjh] Do all message styling based on flags with CSS.
[mms] Implement message caching.
[jan] Add permissions to restrict maximum number of recipients per message and
[jan] Add API method "contacts/favouriteRecipients".
[jan] Add logging of sent messages.


[jan] Fix sentmail folder not being updated in the preference interface after
      updating to Horde 3.1.5 (Bug #5842).
[jan] Fix broken <area> tags in HTML messages.


[cjh] Lower memory usage when downloading folders
      (Andrew Morgan <>).
[mms] Fix detection of default namespace information when no namespaces are
      defined on the server (Bug #5538).
[mms] Don't lose message bodies When moving messages to trash when over quota
      (Bug #5470).
[cjh] Remove unused defaults in Fetchmail_imap (Bug #2799).
[jan] Fix empty folder name appearing on Cyrus and servers with similar
      namespaces (Bug #5138).
[jan] Only show reply options in iCalendar viewer if a reply is requested.
[cjh] Remove non-responsive and from
      PGP options (Bug #5323).
[jan] Fix moving messages when over quota on Dovecot servers (Bug #5270).
[jan] Fix parsing of certain distribution lists (Bug #5134).
[mms] Fix rare occurrence where an action perfomed on the mailbox screen would
      instead be performed on the INBOX (Bug #5202).
[mms] Don't show save attachments prompt in compose screen if configured to
      automatically link all attachments (Request #5189).


[jan] SECURITY: Fix XSS vulnerabilities in the search screen and thread view.
[jan] Improve displaying of PGP messages (requires Horde 3.1.4 partially).
[mms] Make sure we pass a read/write IMAP stream to the filters API (Bug
[mms] Do not allow move to trash unless trash folder is defined (Bug #5012).
[jan] Fix an encoding issue with the address book popup (Bug #5050).


[cjh] "Ignore All" spellchecking fixes (, Bug
[cjh] Absolute restriction on the width of the contacts window select elements
      (Request #1985).
[cjh] Send lowercase mailto: attributes in iCalendar replies (Bug #4872).
[cjh] Don't improperly increment iCalendar SEQUENCE values (Bug #4863).
[mms] Always subscribe to created folders.
[mms] Don't allow both trash folder and Virtual Trash to be selected in the
      options (Bug #4698).
[cjh] Turn mailto: links in HTML emails into IMP compose links (Bug #3079).
[cjh] Attempt to calculate the actual filesystem block size in the
      IMP_Quota_command driver (Eric Rostetter
      <>, Request #4360).
[cjh] Make sure to honor user date format preferences in iTip viewer
      (Bug #4635).
[cjh] Fix message list header underflow in IE7 (Bug #4608).
[cjh] Don't return empty sent-mail folders from the identity (Bug #4380).
[cjh] Don't rename folders from or to an empty string (Bug #4380).
[mas] Don't replace spaces with '.' when expanding addresses. (Bug #4236)


[mms] Add 'login_tries' server configuration option.
[jan] Fix toggling compose mode if folders are turned off (Bug #4216).
[mms] Fix blacklist/whitelist reporting (Bug #4160).
[jan] Add link to view attached S/MIME key details.
[cjh] Correctly escape all folder names.
[mjr] Correctly restrict gallery list when saving images to a gallery program.
[jan] Send notifications about downloaded attachments to address from identity.
[mms] Escape group names pursuant to RFC 2822 (Bug #4018).
[mms] Fix saving images to gallery program (e.g. Ansel) from search mailboxes
      (Bug #4046).


[mas] Check Cyrus quota for current mailbox, instead of always showing INBOX.
      (Eric Garrido <>)
[cjh] Send linked attachment notifications in the language of the user who
      sent the attachment (Bug #3712).
[mms] Fix appending default personal namespace to default sent-mail folder
      (Bug #3873).
[mms] Fix IMAP logins for some servers that throw in extraneous server
      information (Bug #3793).
[mms] Quote IMAP usernames when using LOGIN authentication to allow usernames
      with spaces to login (Bug #3778).
[jan] Fix creating folders through the api (Bug #3787).
[mms] Added preference to toggle display of Virtual Inbox.
[mms] Fix display of Virtual Trash (Bug #3665).


[mms] Silence some undefined warnings if folders are off (Bug #3755).
[cjh] Escape X-color data (Bug #3751).
[mms] Never open connection to specific mailbox unless we need it.
[mms] Don't allow IMP preference access unless authenticated.
[mms] Fix moving message to trash folder when over quota (Bug #3687).
[mms] Add preference for default charset to be used for messages with improper
      charset information (requires Horde 3.1.1) (Request #2702).
[mms] Fix stripping attachments (Bug #3510).
[mms] Fix creation of duplicate Virtual INBOXes.
[mms] Fix displaying Show/Hide/Purge links for deleted messages in certain
[jan] Fix downloading of all attachments from certain messages in a ZIP file
      with Internet Explorer.
[mms] Use other login methods in IMP_IMAPClient:: if the first method is
      unsuccessful, to make Exchange working again.
[mms] If an IMP maintenance task is activated, make sure the Horde preference
      controlling maintenance is also activated (Bug #2987).
[mms] Fix spellcheck on send (Bug #3589).
[mms] Allow user to select sent-mail folder in public namespace if public
      namespace is blank (Bug #3603).
[mms] Add preference to define how we want to expand folder list in sidebar.


[mms] Correctly expunge current mailbox when deleting messages on a POP3
      server (Bug #3156).


[mas] Add Hebrew translation.
[mms] Attempt to login to mail server multiple times on non-auth failure to
      eliminate some "random" session timeouts (, Bug #3404).
[mms] Allow configuration of server timeouts in servers.php.
[jan] Less intrusive notification when expanding of addresses in the compose
      view fails (Dmitriy MiksIr <>).
[mms] IMP_IMAPClient:: now uses the Auth_SASL PEAR module during CRAM-MD5 and
      DIGEST-MD5 authentication.


[jan] Add Khmer translation (Leang Chumsoben <>).
[mms] Make Linked attachments work in multipart/alternative messages
      (Bug #3335).
[mms] Allow selection of Virtual Folder for login mailbox (Bug #3315).
[mms] Prompt user before sending messages with empty subjects (Bug #3333).
[mms] Add ability to edit search queries.
[jan] Log correct address in login success message if connecting through a
      proxy (Bug #3289).
[jan] Fix forwarding of multiple messages.
[jan] Fix confirmations after successfully sending messages (Bug #3233).
[jan] Apply _imp_hook_mbox_icons hook to the sidebar folder tree (Bug #3132).
[mms] Re-add option to rebuild folder tree from IMAP server.
[mms] Fix sent-mail folder selection in compose view (Bug #2802).
[cjh] Fix redirection to initial_application preference after running
      Maintenance tasks.


[mms] Removed 'dotfiles' server parameter.
[mms] Allow PHP expressions to be executed for user-defined headers (Bug
[mms] Support 'DelSp' parameter in flowed text messages (requires Horde 3.1).
[mms] Remove outdated, non-standards request for delivery confirmation.
[mms] Hide lengthy address lists by default in message view and allow the user
      to toggle viewing (, Bug #3028).
[cjh] Account for changes to strtotime() in PHP 5.1.
[mms] It is not possible to hide deleted messages when using thread sort.
[mms] Option to send notification that linked attachment has been downloaded,
      and link to delete the attachment (Bug #696).
[mms] After fetching mail, return to the local mailbox where mail is
      downloaded to (Bug #2211).
[mms] Check the IMAP server to see if it supports searches in the current
[mms] Do not require users to click on 'Attach' button when attaching files
      in the compose screen (Bug #2848).
[mms] Don't display unsubscribed folders in sidebar (Bug #2869).
[mms] Rename folders from top of tree to bottom to prevent errors on IMAP
      servers that automatically rename all child folders (Bug #2882).
[mms] Fix opening compose popups when the mailbox contains urlencoded
      characters (Bug #2872).
[mms] Fix refresh of folders when not using IMAP subscriptions (Bug #2878).
[cjh] Skip results with empty email addresses when expanding names
      (Bug #2757).
[cjh] Replace %u with the current username in spam reporting shell calls
      (Dmitriy MiksIr <>).
[mms] Don't ask for password for decryption when the user does not have a
      personal private key (Bug #2771).
[mms] Add API method to return logged in server hostname.
[mms] PGP encrypted messages now encrypted to all recipients in the same
      message (Bug #2670) (requires Horde 3.1).
[mms] Added preference to define the default search field (Bug #2650).
[jan] Add ability to create notes from email messages.
[jmf] Add support for changing SMTP server/port on login (Bug #327).
[mms] Removed 'folders', 'namespace, and 'hierarchies' server parameters.
[mms] Add auto-detection of namespace information from IMAP server.
[cjh] Support configuring where the "Report as" spam/innocent links appear
      (, Bug #1096).
[mms] Add preference to move spam/innocent messages to appropriate mailbox
      after reporting.
[mms] Add multiple message view page (Bug #481).
[jan] Add stationery and form responses.
[cjh] Differentiate between signed and encrypted attachments (Bug #1712).
[jmf] Ability to play sound on new mail.
[jan] Add permissions to restrict creation of folders.
[mms] Add configuration option to allow message bodies to be cached across
      page loads.
[ben] Honor horde's alternate_login and redirect_on_logout settings.
[jan] Add "Empty Spam" menu item (Bug #1765,
[mms] Add Virtual INBOX to Virtual Folders.
[mms] Make sure special Virtual Folders can never be edited.
[mms] Allow import of photo attachments into a gallery application.
[mms] Fix IMAP thread display when the base level contains more than one
[mms] Better/more complete preview message generation.
[mms] Graphical representation of thread on thread view screen.
[mms] Virtual Trash folder support (Todd Merritt <>).
[mms] All composed messages are now sent in "flowed" format. The "wrap_width"
      preference has been eliminated.
[mms] Success messages are not shown when adding a blacklist/whitelist address
      if an error in adding the address(es) occurred.
[mms] No need to show a "Hide HTML images" link if the images have already
      been displayed.
[mms] Include Cc: header information in the header text we display for forward
      and reply messages (Bug #1079).
[jan] Show ZIP icon with "Download all attachments" link.
[mms] S/MIME parts should always attempt to be viewed inline, notwithstanding
      the Content-Disposition for the part (requires Horde 3.1).


[cjh] Correctly escape all folder names.
[jan] Fix French translation.


[mms] Add warning that PGP key generation may take awhile (Bug #2672).
[mas] Add confirmation when reporting spam/innocent from message view.
      (, Bug #2285)
[cjh] Fix check for duplicate addresses when automatically saving
      recipients (Bug #2663).


[mms] Fix additional newlines being added to forwarded messages when using
      sendmail on *NIX (Bug #2449,
[mms] Fix BCC addressess disappearing when resuming a message (Bug #2558).
[mas] Fix reporting multiple messages as spam at once.
      (, Bug #2549)
[mms] Add entire message search to search page.
[jan] Fix warnings if expanding names with spaces (Bug #2334).
[mms] Don't display body text in thread view if inline viewing of the content
      is disabled.
[jwm] Renamed Accounts menu item to Fetch Mail for more consistency.


[jan] Decode folder name when importing messages (, Bug #2479).
[jan] Send iTip replies with the correct identity (Bug #1507).
[jan] Name downloaded ZIP file with all attachments after the message subject.
[jan] Allow to accept invitations and add them to the calendar at once.
[jan] Show iTip attachments (event invitations) inline (Request #2032).
[mms] Fix display of localized INBOX name in folder list/sidebar (Bug #2368).
[mms] Fix display of linked attachments when the attachment filename contains
      characters that need to be escaped.
[mms] Fix OR searches when user is hiding deleted messages.
[mms] Save drafts so any images added via the HTML editor will correctly
      reappear when the message is resumed (Bug #1977).
[mms] Allow HTML formatting to be retained when resuming a draft (Bug #2328).
[mms] Work around broken c-client sort by arrival. Turns out to be more
      efficient anyway (Bug #2139).
[jan] Add Bosnian translation (Vedran Ljubovic <>).
[mms] If user selects a non-default sentmail folder on the compose screen, make
      sure this is saved through any intervening spelling check (Bug #2093).
[mms] Ensure that no maintenance tasks may be skipped (Bug #1926).
[mas] Protect against special characters at the beginning of a line when using
      aspell. (Bug #2060)
[cjh] Generate only one Select All checkbox on search results listings
      spanning multiple mailboxes (Bug #1991).
[jan] Block embedded images if viewing HTML messages in a popup.
[cjh] Don't lose incomplete addresses after expansion is attempted.
      (Bug #1900).
[jan] Fix background expansion of non-ascii names in compose view (Bug #1575).
[jan] Allow non-ascii searches (requires Horde 3.0.5).
[mms] Don't pass server information via login page if not being altered by
      the user. (Bug #1883)
[mms] Add separate confirmation page when deleting/emptying folders (Bug #783).
[cjh] Allow sending blank searches to Turba even if the display_contact
      preference is false (Bug #1854).
[mms] Encode attachment parameters with the same character set used in the
      base message (Bug #1591).
[mms] Don't allow user to unsubscribe from INBOX.
[mms] Don't alter header encodings when redirecting messages (Bug #1823).
[mms] Fix charset issues with strip attachment message (Bug #1861).
[cjh] Add missing binary.png for the TNEF MIME Viewer (Bug #1873).
[jan] Localize all remaining INBOX strings in the interface.
[mms] Fix drop down lists in folder preferences (Bug #1794).
[jan] Fix compose links with non-ascii characters in email header links on
      Internet Explorer (Bug #1726).
[mms] Ignore empty lines in config/header.txt (Bug #1770).
[cjh] Don't trigger the left/right key message navigation if the user is
      holding down any modifier keys - let those bubble up to the browser
      (Bug #1763).
[cjh] Only use a Refresh: header if we need to, and if the URL is under 160
      characters, to prevent triggering browser bugs that cause hangs
      (Bug #1728).
[cjh] Prevent IE from clearing compose window fields if the user presses
      ESC (Bug #1686).


[jan] Ignore quoted text if spellchecking with aspell (Bug #1673,
[cjh] Fix typo in attachment.php that caused a PHP warning
      (Xavier Montagutelli <>).
[mms] Correctly store all data from the compose screen when spell checking a
      message (Bug #1425).


[cjh] Validate outgoing email addresses before sending mail (Bug #1543).
[mms] Added automatic detection of some mail server parameters to the test
[mms] Fix Show/Hide Deleted links on search results screen (Bug #1587).
[mms] Correctly process 'Report and Spam' and Blacklist/Whitelist additions
      from a search results mailbox view.
[mms] Correctly sort the contents of the Virtual Folder.
[mms] Fix viewing mailboxes in shared hierarchies in subscribe mode in the
      IMAP_Tree lists (Bug #1550).
[jan] Return to current folder after emptying the trash folder (Bug #1563).
[mms] Display the attachment expiration date when sending linked attachments.
[mms] Fix editing virtual folders from the mailbox screen (Bug #1490).
[cjh] Log logouts at the same level Horde does (Bug #1499).
[jan] Don't lose session if clicking on link after blacklisting or
      whitelisting addresses (Bug #1417).
[mms] Fix refresh of folder screen when viewing unsubscribed folders.
[mms] Added optional 'delimiter' parameter to servers.php to aid login times
      for certain IMAP servers (, Bug #1485).
[mms] Don't link emails in HTML message compositions (Bug #1472).
[mms] Make sure we can create thumbnails/convert images before prompting user.
[mms] Ensure multipart/related and multipart/alternative messages can be viewed
      if not viewable inline or if they contain only one part;
      multipart/related parts are now viewed with their correct charset
      (Bug #1433).
[mms] Fix display of IMAP hierarchies in the folder view (Bug #1403).
[jan] Fix viewing of multipart S/MIME or PGP signed messages (Bug #1393).
[jan] Mark sent-mail checkbox when changing the sent-mail folder in the
      compose screen.
[mms] Be smarter about we we consider to be downloadable/forwardable.
      Make sure text isn't both forwarded and attached in a forward message.
[jan] Fix success screen after redirecting a message (Bug #1374).
[jan] Fix "undefined index" warning (Bug #1367).


[mms] Don't wrap flowed text in print view (Bug #1318).
[jan] Don't append trailer text twice if sending a message resumed from a
      draft (Bug #1306).
[mms] Fix display of attachment names when forwarding messages (Bug #1300).


[mms] Decode the contents of preview messages.
[mms] Fix reload of underlying window after entering PGP or S/MIME passphrase
      (Bug #1145).
[cjh] Fix recompose recovery of messages written before a session timeout
      (Bug #1209).
[mms] Don't escape 'From' at the beginning of the line in text messages.
[mms] Fix 'smtphost' and 'smtpport' configuration parameters.
[jan] Add batchCompose API method.
[mms] Fix a (very rare) situation where a base64 encoded message is not decoded
      correctly in forwards/replies (Bug #1077).
[mms] Fix forwarding as a digest from search folders (Bug #1263).
[cjh] Fix PHP notice after forwarding a message (Bug #1283).
[mms] Show, but don't activate current folder in "Move/Copy To" folder list
      (Bug #1240).
[mms] Make sure we show container folders in the search screen folder list.
[mms] Don't show address book save link for PGP and S/MIME keys if no default
      address book is configured (Bug #1144).
[mms] Require virtual folders to have a label (Bug #1160).
[jan] Speed up mailbox loading by caching processed email addresses.
[jan] Fix new mail notification popups in mailbox views (Bug #876).
[jan] Fix custom_login.php example script.
[cjh] Don't insert entries for emails that already exist when gathering
      addresses from outgoing emails (Bug #1054).
[jan] Fix wrapping of header in mailbox view with IE (Bug #1110).


[cjh] Fix columns running in to each other with Safari/KHTML in the mailbox
      view (requires Horde 3.0.1) (Bug #1026).
[mms] Allow signed messages sent via multipart/encrypted to be displayed on non
      S/MIME enabled installations (Bug #1037).
[cjh] Fix for login_compose when IMP does not provide authentication
      (Bug #892).


[mms] Messages sent in HTML format no longer link email addresses to
      non-existant javascript calls.
[jan] Use short, indented folder names in search form.
[jan] Return to correct mailbox page when clicking "Back to" link in threaded
[jan] Fix sorting of folder names in summary block (Bug #987).
[mms] Determine the default IMAP delimiter according to RFC 3501.
[mms] Added 'smtpport' parameter to server configuration (
[jan] Correctly wrap quoted headers in message replies (Bug #962).
[jan] Show buttons on "message sent" screen as menu again.


[jan] Fix link generation in HTML composer (Bug #941).
[cjh] Always honor the login_compose action (Bug #892).
[cjh] Save messages with a "message/rfc822" mime type (Bug #922).
[mms] Don't require to configure an e-mail address if using a spam hook.
[mms] Fix expansion of e-mail addresses (Bug #889).
[mms] Fix display of user-defined headers if the message contains more than
      one of those headers (Bug #912).
[jan] Set one global date format in Horde's preferences (Bug #788).
[jan] Fix some javascript errors with IE 5.0.


[mms] Allow more than one recipient for encrypted messages; store encrypted
      messages locally using the local user's encryption (Bug #865).
[mms] Fix various S/MIME issues and update the code to more closely match the
      look and feel of the PGP code.
[jan] Fix automatic spell checking on send, cutting off parts of the message
      (Bugs #227, #259).


[jan] Fix HTML message editor in IE (Bugs #692, #793).
[cjh] Search only the preferred address books for senders allowed to send HTML
      messages with images.
[jan] Disable Kolab servers if Kolab has been disabled globally.
[mms] Allow all subscribed folders to be viewed in the IMP menu tree interface.
[mms] Only scan for emoticons in the body of text MIME parts.
[mms] Fix message saving and attachment ZIP file generation.
[mms] Allow the spam reporting system to bounce a message to an email address.
[mms] Move spam handling to a separate class.


[mms] Added virtual folder support.
[mms] Allow all messages in an entire folder to be marked as seen or unseen.
[mms] Allow attaching files from local VFS filesystems.
[mms] Allow quick and easy access to unsubscribed folders on the search
[jan] Add quota driver for Mercury/32 servers (Frank Lupo
[mms] Add support for Message Disposition Notifications (RFC 2298).
[jan] Dynamically add new attachment fields if all are used.
[jan] Add special black-on-white styles for message printing.
[mms] Added preference that allows user to strip attachment information for
      messages saved in the sent-mail folder after composing a message.
[mms] Improve message threading display in the mailbox screen.
[jan] Add Persian (Western) translation (Vahid Ghafarpour
[cjh] Allow quoted parts of messages to get hidden.
[mms] Add messages thread view.
[jan] Allow navigation through mailbox pages with left and right keys.
[jan] Allow purging of multiple folders in the folders view (Todd Merritt
[jan] Allow turning off of the links to alternative parts in
      multipart/alternative messages.
[cjh] Hide unnecessary UI elements when there's only one address book
      (Francois Marier <>).
[cjh] Trap adding the same address multiple times in the Contacts window
      (Francois Marier <>).
[cjh] Make the header checkbox on the folders page toggle selection of
      all folders (Francois Marier <>).
[cjh] Add the basis for sending attachments as links to hosted files
      (Andrew Coleman <>).
[cjh] INBOX is now localized for display.
[jan] Show warning when compose or passphrase popups are blocked by the
[mms] Allow which headers to view by default to be defined for each identity
      (Vijay Mahrra <>).
[jan] Add mailbox management for supported servers like Cyrus.
[cjh] Add option for reporting email as not spam (Liam Hoekenga
[jon] Added a new preference that will cause a message to be spell checked
      before it is sent.
[max] Add 'mail_domain' pref which overrides the server's maildomain setting.
[mms] Added hooks for dynamic mailbox redirection and custom mailbox/folder
      icons on the folder page (Stuart Binge <>).
[mms] Use the MIME_Viewer system to generate 'previews' for composition


[mms] Added addressbook lookup and expand names feature to the redirect screen.
[jon] Added the ability to create new tasks from received email messages.
[mms] Rewrote fetchmail to use subclasses/drivers to do all the work - this
      allows support for accessing more mail server types in the future.
[mms] When renaming folders, all subfolders below the folder being rennamed
      are now renamed also.
[mms] Handle creation/display of RFC 2646 format text messages (flowed text).
[mms] Rewrite of IMP_Tree code - now uses cache results for all folder and
      mailbox updates instead of requerying the server for the folder tree.
[jan] Add Indonesian language (Slamin <>).
[jan] Add check if the user has selected but not yet uploaded attachments.
[mms] Configuration option to disable Mail logging.
[jan] Add preference to automatically save all recipients in the default
      address book.
[mms] Use NLS:: hostname->country lookup to show country-of-origin for e-mail
      messages on the message screen.
[mms] Support for auto-BCC addresses during compose for each identity
      (Nicholas Sushkin <>).
[mms] Support multiple file uploads on an individual compose page.
[mms] HTML composed messages with image links now have the images downloaded
      and sent inline with the message in a multipart/related part.
[jan] Show graphical emoticons.
[mms] For images that cannot be viewed directly by the browser, IMP can
      automatically convert to a format that can be viewed.
[cjh] Log reply/forward/redirect actions and display these logs when viewing
      the messages.
[cjh] IMP now supports a hordeauth setting in servers.php, a la Gollem and
      other applications (Vijay Mahrra <>).
[mms] Add on-demand generation of thumbnails for image attachments.
[mms] Added 'Download All Attachments' link on message page to allow all
      attachments to be downloaded in a single zip file.
[mms] Improved HTML to text conversion when replying/forwarding to a HTML
[mms] Add 'tie to' ability to allow a specific identity to be explicitly tied
      to a message sent from a certain address.
[mms] Maximum subject/from lengths, From: field link options, and mailbox
      time display formats are now user configurable preferences
      (Robert Ribnitz <>).
[jan] Add aliases to the user's identities to find messages sent to one of
      his identities but not directly to one of his email addresses.
[mms] Preference to allow spam messages to be automatically deleted after
      reporting (Rudi Heitbaum <>).
[mms] Moved IMP authentication code to Auth_imp::.
[mms] Added configuration options allowing admin to limit (per message) both
      the total size of attachments and the number of attachments.
[mms] Added preference allowing user to choose where to start browsing in a
      mailbox when first opening the mailbox.
[mms] The guts of the IMP filtering code has been removed and ported to
      'ingo'. Thus, filtering is now handled via Horde API calls instead
      of internally.
[mms] The IMP search page now handles NOT searches, as well as basic AND/OR
      searches via the IMAP_Search:: library.
[cjh] Add shift-click selection/deselection of ranges of messages
      (Andrew Johnson <>).
[mms] Allow caching of folder list generation.
[mms] Added IMP_IMAP:: class to handle IMAP/POP3 connections.
[jan] Allow spam reporting from the mailbox view (Ahmed <>).
[jan] Add preference to store drafts marked unseen
      (Ahmed <>).
[cjh] The last_login preference is now entirely handled by Horde.
[jan] Let the users select the message's charset while they are composing a
[cjh] When a user's session times out while they are composing a message,
      give them a special login screen which displays the message and
      allows them to log in again to resume their message with all data
[cjh] Remove javascript refresh popups in the compose window.
[mms] Allow display of uuencoded attachments.
[cjh] Add flag-setting options on the message view
      (Dan Wilson <>).
[mms] Allow blocking of images in HTML messages by default (Amith Varghese
[mms] Support for showing mail previews in javascript 'tooltips'.
[mms] Added message/partial MIME_Viewer.
[cjh] Add whitelist links to the mailbox view
      (Amith Varghese <>).
[jan] Make fetchmail on login a maintenance task (Nuno Loureiro
[mms] Add VFS garbage collection for temporary attachment data.
[mms] Add a default encryption preference for sending messages.
[mms] Add 'Nuke Message' action to filters.
[mms] Add quick search links to search the current mailbox.
[mms] Scan messages for X-Priority and display results in the mailbox
      view (Florent AIDE <>).
[mms] Allow quicker access to large mailboxes on slower IMAP systems.
[mms] Added multipart/appledouble MIME_Viewer.
[jan] Add preference that lets users change the access control lists of
      their imap folders (Chris Hastie <>).
[mms] Split return receipt requests into 'delivered' and 'read' options
      (Ryan Malloy <>).
[mms] Implement fetchmail on login and fetchmail coloring to distinguish
      between remote servers (Nuno Loureiro <>).
[mms] User configurable attribution text for replies
      (Chris Hastie <>).
[mms] Added support for message/disposition-notification messages.
[jan] Folder names in any encoding can now be created/read through PHP's
      multibyte support.
[mms] The "Reply" link for list messages will always send a message to the
      original poster, never the list (Chris Hastie <>).
[mms] Don't show "Reply All" link if user is the only recipient.
[mms] Added a multipart/report MIME_Viewer to make undelivered mail reports
      easier to read.
[jan] Add Turkish translation (Genco Yilmaz <>).
[mms] Convert IMP_Folder:: into an OO-interface.
[mms] Allow attachment descriptions to be altered
      (Cliff Green <green@UMDNJ.EDU>).
[mms] Set the local character set for all text/* composed messages.
[mms] The full MIME_Contents:: object is now cached when viewing a message
      rather than the individual MIME_Parts.
[jan] Add UTF-8 support. Any content with any charset can now be displayed with
      any translation.
[cjh] The mail/compose method is now a full call, not a link. This means,
      aside from a bit less code duplication, that we now honor the
      compose_popup preference in $registry calls.
[mms] Added hostname to information saved about user's last login.
[mms] Added support for stripping attachments from messages.
[mms] Better determination of MIME content-type for attachments when browser
      does not send good information (using MIME_Magic::).
[mms] PGP messages are now rendered via the MIME embedded in the message.
[mms] Move composition related functions to IMP_Compose::.
[mms] Now, when reaching the end of the mailbox in the message screen,
      directly load the mailbox script instead of redirecting via a URL.
[mms] Allow user to change disposition type of all attachments.
[jan] Add a preference to display message previews in the mailbox view
      (Stephen Sherlock <>).
[cjh] Add a preference for whether or not to display the entire addressbook
      when first loading the contacts screen
      (Etienne Goyer <>).
[ejr] Add command line driver for quotas.
[mms] Allow multiple messages to be forwarded as rfc822 parts from the
      mailbox screen.
[jan] Add logfile driver for quotas (Tim Gorter <>).
[cjh] Add searching by Bcc header.
[mir] Add hook option to filter mail fetched by the Accounts (lib/Fetchmail)
      feature.  Example added in horde/config/hooks.php.dist
[cjh] Migrate to the new hooks API, removing the last need for
      conf.php.dist (instead of conf.xml).
[mac] Add S/MIME support.
[avsm] Folders action bar only shows up at bottom if more than ten folders
      are displayed on the screen.
[cjh] All hook functions that set preferences are now handled by the generic
      preferences hook system; see horde/config/hooks.php.dist.
[mac] Don't modify the actual field name on auto-expand.
[mms] Created an IMP_Mailbox:: class to deal with building mailbox information
      and, eventually, all message indexing.
[mac] Quota display now handled by the IMP_Quota API.
[mms] Can now filter by any header.
[cjh] Clean up the filter_on_login code, so that it is _always_ run on login.
[mac] Added an IMP specific ZIP MIME_Viewer.
[cjh] Use new &Identity::singleton() method and application-specific
      driver implementations to load IMP's Identity_imp:: class.
[mms] Moved IMP session creation functions to IMP_Session::.
[mms] Added an IMP_Search:: class to handle mailbox searching.
[mms] Message sending now handled by IMP::sendMessage().
[mms] Move text filtering to IMP:: class.
[mms] Added an IMP_Filter:: class to handle all filtering activity.
[mms] Spam reporting sends a message in message/rfc822 format.
[mms] Allow the users PGP public key to be uploaded to a keyserver.
[mms] The compose script makes sure to clean up all attachment files that
      are generated during a message composition. even if cancelled.
[mms] Attachment disposition can now be set to either inline or attachment.
[mms] Improved handling of attachment data.
[mms] Added the multipart/related viewer.
[mms] Moved the message index tracking mechanism in the message.php script to
[cjh] Add an option (preference controlled) to use IE's designmode
      and send multipart/alternative messages.
[jan] Use a seperate textarea field for blacklisted email addresses in the
      filters preference.
[mms] Add an option to allow for header summaries to be inserted when replying
      to a message (Quinn Wilson <>).
[mms] Created an IMP_Headers:: class to deal with all header manipulation
      required in IMP.
[mms] Added a generic multipart/* MIME_Viewer.
[mms] Added a multipart/alternative MIME_Viewer.
[mms] Moved all common functions dealing with displaying the content of
      mail messages to lib/Contents.php.
[cjh] Add an option to see a confirmation that messages were succesfully sent.
[cjh] Add option to delete fetched messages when using the fetchmail code.
[mms] Added application/ms-tnef MIME_Viewer.
[mms] Search for PGP public keys on a public keyserver for signed messages
      if no key found locally.
[mms] Can now send messages with "X-Priority" set.
[mms] Add option to search for PGP data in 'text/plain' messages.
[mms] Add "Show All/Limited Headers" to message view.
[jan] Add fetchmail feature (Nuno Loureiro <>).
[mms] Added MIME_Viewer to allow attached images to be viewed inline.
[mms] Add link for "Reply to List" for mailing lists.
[mms] Now recognize RFC 2369 headers (messages from mailing lists) and output
      the relevant information.
[mms] Add message/rfc822 MIME_Viewer.
[jon] Set the username and password parameters when SMTP authentication is
[mms] Handle the new behavior of MIME_Structure::parse().
[mms] Add OpenPGP functionality.
[ejr] Add text/enriched MIME_Viewer.
[cjh] If the server list is being used, users shouldn't be changing
      the folder prefix.
[max] Add Brown IMP theme (Marco Obaid <>)
[cjh] Make it possible to call IMP::authenticate() with arguments coming from
      somewhere other than GET or POST vars.
[jan] Re-enable to select no sent mail folder for an identity.
[jan] Add method IMP::stripPreambleString().
[jan] Fix problems with sent mail folder maintenance not being executed.
[cjh] Fix problems with the mailbox displayed after login if there is a
      folders prefix set.
[cjh] Use the new PrefsUI class.
[cjh] Revert to not storing the folder prefix as part of user preferences.
[cjh] Fix problems with double Last Login: message and maintenance.
[jon] Adapt to the new Horde::img() syntax.
[cjh] Use the new Notification system.
[jan] Remove the standard value for the language preference. The language to
      fall back to should be set Horde wide in lang.php instead.
[jon] Honor the "save sent mail" checkbox on the compose screen.
[jon] Print the language type in the <html> entity.
[jon] Add <link> entity support.
[jon] Add <link> support to the mailbox and message views.
[mms] Move the quote prefix character from conf.php to the preferences.
[mms] Move the maintenace framework to Horde.


[jan] Close XSS when setting the parent frame's page title by javascript (cjh).
[mms] Fix display of MIME parts less than 1K when local number format uses
      ',' as the decimal separator.
[jan] Don't use trash folder on POP3 servers under certain circumstances
      (Bug #1373).
[jan] Fix "Save as" link to save message sources (Bug #1233).


[mms] Determine the default IMAP delimiter according to RFC 3501.
[mms] Fix the folders screen hanging if there was only one folder (Bug #504).
[jan] Correctly cancel messages composition in all cases (Rich Bartell
[mms] Don't convert colons in user-defined headers to underscores (Bug #676).
[jan] Don't blacklist already blacklisted addresses again (Bug #530).


[jan] SECURITY: Remove tags with -moz-binding: styles in the HTML MIME viewer.
[cjh] SECURITY: Remove scripts from <base> tags in the HTML MIME viewer.
[jan] SECURITY: Remove scripts from obfuscated "on..." attributes in the HTML
      MIME viewer.


[jan] SECURITY: Close an XSS hole in the HTML viewer, a variation to the one
      reported in
[cjh] Fix escaped double quotes on some broken mail servers (Bug #292).
[jan] Comment complete <style> tags out in the HTML viewer to avoid CSS code
      appearing in the message.


[cjh] SECURITY: Close an XSS hole exploited via the Content-type header
      of malicious emails.
[jan] Fix conversion of folder names in some non-ascii charsets with buggy
      iconv implementations (Wenzhuo Zhang <>).
[jan] Filter out <base> tags when viewing HTML messages (Bug #10).
[mms] Encode subject when saving as draft (Tero Matinlassi


[jan] Fix the 'undefined index direct_access' error still occuring in obscure
[jan] Add Indonesian language (Slamin <>).
[jan] <style> and <link> tags get commented out in HTML messages to not
      allow them breaking the page layout.
[jan] Add Galician translation (Rafael Varela Pet <>, Guillermo
      Mendez <>).
[jan] Remove HTML tags showing up in some error messages.
[mms] The spell check feature now keeps lines wrapped and correctly handles
      apostrophes in words on all architectures.


[mms] XSS vulnerabilities in the HTML viewer fixed (Ulf Harnhammar
[jan] Add Arabic (Syria) translation (Platinum Development Team
[jan] Add Arabic (Oman) translation (Said Al-Hosni <>).
[jan] Add Macedonian translation (Stojan Pesov <>).
[jon] Allow the spam reporting system to also use an external program.
[jan] Add IMP::rfc822WriteAddress() as a replacement for the buggy
      imap_rfc822_write_address() function.
[jan] Add Thai translation (Surasak Srisawan <>).
[jan] Add Icelandic translation (Bjorn Davidsson <>).
[mms] Correct display of filter rules with "special" HTML characters.


[mms] Search results page fixed to correctly link to message compose if
      from_link set to 'compose'.
[mms] Cancel now works correctly on the redirect screen when not composing
      in a new window.
[jan] Fix an 'undefined index direct_access' error for first time users in
      conjunction with Horde 2.1.
[mms] Don't show popup new mail windows on login.
[jan] Fix bug causing some MIME parts to not be displayed correctly.


[jan] Add Catalan translation (Angels Guimerà <>).
[mms] Check for invalid 8bit characters in email addresses.
[mms] Improved download links that handles various browser quirks much
      better than before.
[mms] Workaround for multipart/form-data and IE 6+ browsers on the compose
[mms] Do not allow the '\' character in full names (see RFC 2822 [3.2.5]).
[jan] Add IMP::utf7[En|De]code() methods that allow not only iso-8859-1 encoded
      folder names but every name in the charset of the current language.
[mms] Check for invalid character sets when parsing text/plain messages.
[mms] Allow filter on refresh from IMP summary view.
[jan] Fix attachment downloads with Opera.
[jan] Add Latvian translation (Kaspars Kapenieks <>).
[mms] Don't show addressbook icon for e-mail addresses on print screen.
[jan] Add Romanian translation (Corneliu MUSAT <>).
[cjh] Close several small XSS vulnerabilities
      (Mitja Kolsek <>).
[jan] Fix attachment downloads with IE over https
      (Leena Heino <>).
[cjh] Add an option to use a VFS for attachment storage if an appropriate
      Horde version (2.2 or later) is installed.
[cjh] Add an option to display a confirmation of sending messages, if you are
      not using a pop-up compose window.
[jon] The spam reporting link now sends the complete message body, not just
      the first 10k.
[mac] Add the ability to move/copy messages to a new folder.
[jan] Show timeout warning if session is about to expire.
[jan] Add IMP::addParameter().
[jan] Add Lithuanian translation (Darius Matuliauskas <>).
[jan] Add Bulgarian translation (Miroslav Pendev <>).
[mms] Received header generation now compliant to the pseudo-standard defined
      in RFC 2181.
[cjh] User preferences, unless locked, override the from and fullname hooks.
[mms] Added images MIME_Viewer.
[mms] Invalid addresses identified by the c-client library are now handled
      more cleanly.
[mms] Search results were not always working with all features - this has been
      fixed (Geoff Hort <>).


[jan] Add Hungarian translation (Laszlo L. Tornoci <>).
[cjh] Clean up the Empty Trash action, and return you to the screen you were on
      when you clicked the menu item.
[jan] Use SMTP authentication if $conf['mailer']['params']['auth'] in
      horde/config/horde.php is set.
[jan] Add IMP::prepareMailerHeaders().
[jan] Add Norwegian Nynorsk translation (Per-Stian Vatne <>).
[jan] Add Slovenian translation (Jure Krasovic <>).
[cjh] Add an option for allowing resuming of all messages in the Drafts folder
      (Liam Hoekenga <>).
[cjh] Fix problems with javascript, IE, and # in folder names.
[mir] Add Empty Trash menu item.
[mir] Add option to empty a mailbox on the folders screen.
[jan] Add Japanese translation (B.J. Black <>).
[cjh] Protect against modified login forms.
[mir] Add preferences to control quote and signature highlighting.
[cjh] Don't make the user select an addressbook if there's just one in
      the contacts interface.
[cjh] Close a potential problem with register_globals On and $js_onLoad.
[cjh] Add do_maintenance preference (Julian Jares <>).
[cjh] Fix errors when there are no subscribed folders.
[cjh] Fix a problem with sorting by thread, POP3, and deleting messages.
[cjh] Fix IMP summary with POP3 if the user polls folders other than INBOX.
[cjh] Change to lib/Tree.php that fixes folder problems for some Cyrus users
      (David Kerry <>).
[cjh] Add constants.php so that the SORTTHREAD constant can be used in
[jon] Make displaying the mailbox legend a personal preference.
[cjh] Add compose link to the summary (Quinn Wilson <>).
[cjh] Improve the LOGIN_COMPOSE functionality to pass along To:, Cc:, etc.
[mir] Add addressbook interface popup to the compose window.
[mac] Add sort-by-thread.
[jon] Add <link> entity support.
[cjh] Simplify a lot of the spelling logic and fix problems with the Change
      All option.
[cjh] Use Horde::getFormData() in folders.php and fix problems with folder
      names involving quotes.
[cjh] Fix IMP_Folder::exists() for names with wildcards in them.
[cjh] Fix a problem with passwords that end or begin with spaces.
[cjh] Prefix lines passed to ispell with a '^'.
[jan] Add preference that selects the view or mailbox to display after login.
[cjh] Don't imap_utf7_decode() folders until they are displayed to the user;
      always pass around and store encoded values.
[cjh] Don't call session_start() again in login.php.
[cjh] Get rid of the server_list_hidden option and change the server_list
      option to be either 'shown', 'hidden', or 'none'.
[cjh] Set the align To:, Cc:, and Bcc: label cells to top.
[jan] Remove the 'folders' preference in favour of a new 'change_folder'
      configuration that sets if a folders field is displayed on login.
[cjh] Remove the "or: " from box in the compose screen if identities are
      being used.
[cjh] Fix a problem with folder prefixes beginning with a '.' and
      show_dotfiles set to false.
[jan] Add preference: include message in reply (Ramon Kagan <>).
[cjh] Fix the printing javascript.
[jan] Add Estonian translation (Toomas Aas <>).
[cjh] Trim long subjects in the message screen header so that navigation
      elements remain in a consistent place from message to message.
[jan] Add Slovak translation (Leo Mrafko <>).
[jan] Fix shifting of selected checkboxes if cookies are disabled.
[cjh] Fix lots of folder issues and get rid of unnecessary urlencoding().
[cjh] Make the folder navigator work with additional folder hierarchies
      (such as UW's #shared/).
[jan] Include print functions and error handling only in the print window
      to prevent "Your browser does not support this print option" messages.
[cjh] Add rfc822_explode() to handle exploding of addresses ignoring quoted
      or escaped commas - e.g., "Lastname, Firstname" <>.
[cjh] Folder names need to be urlencoded in compose links so that folder
      names with '#' and other characters in them - like UW's #shared/
      hierarchy - work correctly.
[cjh] Make sure $conf['server']['show_dotfiles'] is honored by the folders
      screen as well as by the drop-down lists.
[cjh] Switch output compression to ob_gzhandler().
[cjh] Use IMP_TEMPLATES constant for all template paths.
[cjh] Use $registry->get() for all Registry information.
[cjh] Get rid of unnecessary IMP_NAME constant.
[jan] Add Portugues translation (Nuno Loureiro <>).
[jan] Fix bug with maintenance and login to the framework.
[jan] Fix problems with folder names that contain special characters.
[jan] Fix spell checking to work with the changed str_tok() behaviour.
[jan] Add mailbox action "Empty Trash folder".
[jan] Add Date: header when saving a draft.
[jan] Move the form variable handling from the libraries to the pages.
[jan] Show a more detailed error message if sending a message fails. (Michael
      Redinger <>)
[jan] Escape login data correctly.
[jan] Preselect correct identity when resuming drafts.
[jan] Fix bug if IMP doesn't "remember" the trash folder in the preferences.
[jan] Preferences are now consistently called options in the whole ui.
[jan] Add comments for search_sources and search_fields preferences.
[jan] Fix bug in the maintenance section if IMP is not in the default directory.
[jan] Add Danish translation (Martin List-Petersen <>).
[jan] Keep the state of all form elements in the compose window during page
      reloads (expanding name, spell checking).


[jan] Use the 'use_trash' preference instead of the 'expunge_on_move'
      configuration to decide if we have to expunge the folders.
[avsm] Add .htaccess files to deny access to data directories.
[jan] Add Swedish translation (Andreas Dahlén <>).
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).
[cjh] Re-add Save As feature.
[jan] Add Swedish translation (Andreas Dahlén <>).
[cjh] Fix problems when $prefix or $namespace is also a substring within
      folder names.


[rich] Include rewritten and reorganized documentation.
[jan] Add preferences: close window after saving draft, quote prefix.
[jan] Add comments on how to use the quota hook with Courier (Joshua E Warchol
[avsm] Disable monthly maintainance operations by default.
[bjn] Change 'en' and 'en_EN' locales to 'en_US' (default).
[cjh] Fix first page calculation.


[cjh] Remove onclick events in the mailbox view for consistency and
[cjh] Better error reporting when an attachment upload fails.
[cjh] If a text part is in a different character set, try displaying it
      inline, but give the user a link to open it in a new window.
[cjh] Filter out iframes and meta tags in HTML attachments.
[cjh] Check to see if sent-mail-mth-year already exists, and give a warning,
      instead of failing the rename, if it does.
[mms] Add new preference to display if any filters have been applied to
      any message.


[jan] Add Greek translation (Stefanos I. Dimitriou <>).
[jan] Add Korean translation (J.I Kim <>).


[jon] Rename the 'append_header' configuration variable to 'prepend_header'.
[cjh] Use "redirect" instead of "bounce".
[cjh] Introduce an Identity_IMP subclass to hide all of the IMP-specific
      hooks and utility functions.
[cjh] Highlight messages in the mailbox view as they are moused over (Alex
      Leverington <>).
[cjh] Leave session_start() to the Registry.
[cjh] Let the Registry handle retrieving preferences.
[cjh] If using a language that needs it, allow selection of the charset to
      view messages in (<>).
[jan] Extend 'nav_expanded' preference: Expand folders like they were the
      last time.
[jan] Move all the identity stuff into a seperate class and add sent-mail
      options to the identities.
[cjh] Fix changing identities after using Expand Names.
[cjh] Make the textareas for signature and message body use the width set in
      the user's preferences.
[cjh] Fix Bounce, Move, and Copy from within a search results set.
[cjh] IMP now uses Horde::logMessage() for all logging activity.
[jan] Rename sent-mail folder based on the old name and recreate sent-mail
      folder after renaming during the maintenance tasks.
[jan] Add selection fields after expanding names on Cc: and Bcc:
[cjh] Remove the 'mailhost' and associated preferences, and add
      $conf['server']['change_<foo>'] switches so allow control of the login
[jan] Add Russian translation (Anton Nekhoroshih <>).
[jan] Add a new field after expending names to allow adding more addresses.
[max] Add several search criteria to and change the UI of the search screen.
[jan] Add Italian translation (Giovanni Meneghetti <>).
[mms] Add maintenance operations.
[cjh] Add French help file.
[jan] Add select field if "expand names" returns more than one matching
[jan] Choose correct identity if replying to, forwarding or resuming a
[jan] Add Polish translation.
[jan] Show personal flag for all identities.
[jan] Add support for identities to the compose window.
[cjh] Handle a couple of cases where the mailbox in the session has changed
      more gracefully.
[jan] Add French translation (Frederic Trudeau <ftrudeau@CAM.ORG>).
[cjh] Fix spam reports, and give the user an error message letting them know
      that the message was successfully reported.
[cjh] Add Czech translation (
[jan] Add new timezone handling with select box in prefs.
[cjh] Handle moving messages correctly when Hide Deleted is on.
[cjh] Add blacklisting capability (generates filters to block senders).
[avsm] The "not configured" page no longer depends on Horde.
[cjh] Tweak the message UI a bit.
[avsm] Replace $conf['paths'] with the $registry equivalents.
[avsm] Switch IMP over to the Horde MIME_Viewer framework.
[avsm] Identity editing now allows switching between create/edit mode.
[cjh] Add quota hook (Marc Jauvin <>).
[cjh] Use onclick="" for the javascript that opens attachment windows.
[cjh] Support printing in older browsers through VBScript.
[cjh] Add $HTTP_HOST based virtual hosting hooks (Marc Jauvin
[cjh] Catch a few more sneaky things in the html sanitizing regexps.
[cjh] Make sure to encode 8-bit recipients.
[cjh] Make the folder tree more robust in dealing with folder prefixes.
[cjh] Add a signature hook to dynamically set part or all of a user's
      signature (Marc Jauvin <>).
[jon] Changed $conf['hooks']['from_hook'] to $conf['hooks']['from'].  It now
      accepts a function name for a value.
[cjh] Clear the whole session when the user logs out and IMP is the Horde
      auth controlller.
[jon] Added support for an optional 'smtphost' $servers parameter.
[cjh] Use the *url() functions more consistently to make sure that
      cookie-less sessions work.
[cjh] Add Simplified Chinese translation (WangHengWen <
[jon] Renamed the 'delete_return' user preference to 'mailbox_return'.
[jon] Honor the 'delete_return' preference after moving and copying messages.
[cjh] Don't display the folder prefix in the folder tree (Egan
[cjh] Add $conf['menu']['apps'] to add links to other Horde applications in
      the menu bar.
[cjh] Allow for prompts in the server list (entries whose keys begin with
      '_') and clean up some of the server list/login logic.
[cjh] Fix the LOGIN_COMPOSE action.
[cjh] Use imap_fetch_overview() to build the mailbox index. Should be a lot
      nicer to the IMAP server.
[cjh] Sort the folder drop-down with a natural-order algorithm, case
      insensitive, to match the folders screen.
[cjh] Add UI for folder download.
[cjh] Use prefs.gif and generic prefs templates from Horde.
[cjh] Don't wrap forwarded messages; they should be already wrapped.
[cjh] Add actual Spanish translation (Raul Alvarez Venegas
[jan] Allow opening folders with new mail from the notification popup.
[jon] Merge into
[cjh] Use is_uploaded_file() and Horde temp file routines to make sure that
      uploaded files are valid and are stored in random temp file names.
[jon] Allow the registry to handle IMP's configuration values.
[jon] HORDE_BASE is now defined in lib/base.php instead of config/conf.php.
[max] Add search and add addressbook user preferences.
[jon] Add Dutch translation from Jan Kuipers <>.
[jon] Add a new user preference to determine whether a user is returned to
      the mailbox listing after a message is deleted.
[max] Add powerpoint-viewer.
[jon] Add a time zone user preference.  It is only used for outbound messages.
[jon] Make the text wrapping width configurable on a per-user basis.
[cjh] Add French translation (Christophe Ruelle <>).
[cjh] Clean up the spelling code, fixing some problems with form data,
      multiple htmlspecialchars() calls, and losing text when finishing the
      spell check.
[cjh] Make whether or not to use a trash folder a user preference.
[cjh] Check for undefined 'size' attribute of attachments; normally
      indicates that the file was too large to be uploaded sucessfully.
[cjh] Show KB for attachments in the compose window, instead of bytes.
[jon] Cleanup preferences upon logout.
[cjh] Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (
[cjh] Add new mail popup (if the pref is enabled) in the mailbox view (Nick
      Ustinov <>).
[max] Add the realm field to make logins unique on multi-server configurations
      for preferences and authentication.
[max] Allow IMP to be an authentication handler for Horde.
[cjh] Define the HORDE_BASE constant in config/conf.php, and use it when
      referring to any of Horde's files.
[max] Remove connection tracking, made obsolete by redirect.php.
[cjh] Handle multipart/alternative correctly.
[jon] Don't print the Bcc: list in the viewable message headers.
[jon] Retired config/menu.txt in favor of config/menu.php.  This file follows
      a new format based on native PHP data structures.
[jon] Changed compose.php's caching to 'private, must-revalidate' for Netscape.
[max] Use Horde's raiseMessage on compose screen.
[jon] Use Horde's temporary file routines.
[max] Use the new Registry:: framework to add addresses to Turba.
[cjh] Allow purging of deleted messages from search results.
[cjh] Use the new Registry:: framework to expand addresses from Turba
      addressbooks (or anything else that implements the contacts/expand API).
[cjh] Fix some problems with mailto: generated links, support
      mailto:address?subject=foo, etc., and make compose message mouseovers
      more consistent in all parts of the UI.
[cjh] Rename MOTD.html to motd.php, and move to a .dist file.
[cjh] Re-added onchange javascript for the menu select, but with a
      javascript guard to avoid repeated page loads when accidentally
      scrolling through with a wheel mouse.
[jon] Fixed In-reply-to: and References: headers.  Reply threading works again.
[cjh] Remove password changing code; it belongs in Gollem.
[cjh] Convert tabs in text parts to 8 spaces for proper display.
[cjh] Fix deletion/undeletion of messages in search results from message view.
[cjh] Fix first new message detection, hopefully for real this time.
[cjh] Visual tweaks to the folder tree to make things line up better.
[cjh] Sort search results according to preferences.
[cjh] Rename get_from() to getFromAddress(), and clean up the logic so that
      if users are allowed to change their addresses or fullnames, they can
      do them on a one-time basis by editing the From: line in the compose
[jon] Retired $conf['user']['allow_filters'].  Administratively locking the
      'filters' preference produces the same behavior.
[cjh] $conf['user']['allow_directory_search'] is gone; we now just check and
      see if a contact manager is registered with Horde, and link to it if
      it is.
[cjh] Nuke almost all <font> tags
[cjh] Fix all checks against the protocol to use strstr, so they work
      against either imap or imap/ssl and pop3 or pop3/ssl.
[cjh] Simplify a bit of the MIME stuff - go off of the Content-Disposition
      of parts most of the time, with just an option to never show parts
      inline in the conf file. Also, remove the override_text option, and a
      few other cleanups.
[cjh] A few changes so that we can properly support the newly-working
      imap/ssl and pop3/ssl support in php.
[jon] Updated preferences functions to match the new Horde preferences API.
[cjh] Trim some unused javascript from the compose screen, and fix the IE
      subject field keypress hack.
[cjh] Modify the default mime.php configuration so that things like icons
      are assigned to file types even if we don't have a viewer for that
      file type.
[cjh] Allow '+' to terminate URLs.
[cjh] The preferences GUI is now built almost entirely on the fly, with only
      a few bits that are specific to IMP.
[cjh] Fix an infinite loop with invalid folder prefixes in the folder view.
[cjh] Reorganize the preferences into multiple, small screens. Change
      password and Filters are both accessible through the options screen now.
[cjh] Close a hole in the html attachment cleaning code.
[cjh] Fix spam reporting to use the new MIME api.
[cjh] Use array_slice() instead of a for loop in IMP_Message::range().
[cjh] Use message lists and FT_UID when deleting/undeleting messages.
[cjh] Safeguards against errors if a message does not exist or is
      incorrectly requested.
[cjh] $conf['server']['to_domain'] is now gone, along with
      $servers['foo']['to_host'], $servers['foo']['from_host'], and
      the maildomain prefs value. These are all now represented by
      $servers['foo']['maildomain']. Update your configurations accordingly.
[cjh] $conf['server']['namespace'] is gone, in favor of the use of
[max] Allow selecting multiple fields in filters.
[cjh] When fetching a mime part from the ObjectStore fails, correctly fall
      back and parse the message to find it.
[cjh] When resuming or forwarding messages with attachments, don't duplicate
[cjh] Everything in lib/IMP.php now lives inside the IMP:: class, and the
      phpdoc documentation is up to spec.
[cjh] Define an IMP_BASE constant used wherever including files to make sure
      that files are included relative to where IMP is in the filesystem. This
      allows IMP scripts to be included from other scripts in completely
      different hierarchies and still work.
[jon] Make sure ./config/trailer.txt is readable before we try to use it.
[cjh] Fix a couple of problems with imap subscriptions and utf7-encoded
      mailbox names.
[cjh] Move IMP_Folder::displayName() to IMP_Util::displayFolder(), as it is
      used in places that don't use the rest of the folders code.
[cjh] The login form now posts to redirect.php (renamed from
      remote_login.php) so as to avoid posting directly to the mailbox page.
      This avoids some problems with "Page Expired" errors.


[jon] Added $conf['compose']['allow_receipts'] to control whether a user can
      request a return receipt from the compose screen.
[cjh] Revamp the attachment downloading code. At the moment, it works with
      every browser I can test.
[max] Make IMP XHTML 1.0 compliant.
[cjh] Pass the results of get_barefrom() to the problem reporting page as
      the email address to use.
[cjh] Move navigator.php to folders.php.
[max] Add number of words per spelling screen user preference and bring
      spelling up to horde coding standard.
[cjh] Make IMP work with register_globals = Off and magic_quotes_gpc = On.
[avsm] Move navigator refreshing to a user-preference, and apply it to
       the mailbox view as well.
[cjh] Fix viewing HTML messages with inline images.
[cjh] Add IMP::partSummary() (formerly mime_summary()) since it is
[cjh] Add the ability to search by To: field.
[cjh] Add Horde::raiseMessage() error reporting to the IMP_message:: class.
[cjh] Allow creation of top-level folders in navigator.php.
[max] Move javascript functions on the filters screen to the beginning
      of the page.
[avsm] Allow a user-defined set of folders to be polled for new mail
      in the navigator
[jon] Make inline email addresses into compose links.
[jon] Added $conf['user']['allow_resume_all'].  Unless it's true, only
      messages marked as 'drafts' can be resumed.
[avsm] Add 'subscribe/unsubscribe' to the actions list in the navigator
[avsm] When using subscribe mode, show a toggle in the navigator to allow
      the user to view unsubscribed folders also.
[cjh] Remove NNTP support for now since it's not really functional, and we
      have Troll.
[cjh] Add imap/ssl as a protocol option.
[cjh] Add javascript to the preferences screen to let users create new
      folders for sent-mail and drafts.
[max] Javascript usability changes to the filters screen.
[max] Add mail filtering rules functionality and the associated preferences.
[cjh] Add IMP_Folder::displayName() and use it for any user messages.
[cjh] Handle more options on search sets (replying, etc.) more gracefully.
[cjh] Hide the folders prefix from the user in folder navigator javascript
[cjh] Remove the $preamble argument from IMP_Folder::rename().
[cjh] Clean up trash folder functionality; it _should_ work now.
[avsm] Add success messages for the create/rename/delete folder operations.
[avsm] Convert the navigator to checkboxes to allow multiple operations.
[cjh] Use the new Horde::raiseMessage() method in the IMP_Folder:: class, and
      display message and IMAP alerts right after the menu.
[cjh] Use select lists to pick the sent-mail and drafts folders.
[cjh] UI tweaks on the preferences screen, and use compression if it's enabled.
[cjh] UI tweaks to the folder navigator to include actions at the bottom of
      the page as well.
[cjh] Make use of new Registry:: features to not hardcode the path to
      compose.php in lib/js/open_compose_win.js.
[cjh] Heavily commented config/conf.php.dist.
[avsm] Make folder subscriptions a per-user preference, instead of global.
[cjh] Encrypt passwords in session data, using a key stored in a cookie or
      mildly obscured from the session id and sitename setting.
[cjh] Fix bouncing of messages.
[cjh] Make searching work under pop3.
[cjh] Attempt to provide better compose window tab behavior for MSIE (Max
[cjh] Use imap_utf7_encode|decode properly in the folder navigator.
[jon] Cleanly handle the 'undisclosed-recipients' case.
[jon] Consider a composed message valid if it has a To: field or a Cc: field
      or a Bcc: field defined.
[jon] Re-introduced the 'sig_dashes' preference.  If enabled, the user's
      signature will be preceded with the standard courtesy dashes ('-- ').
[jon] Added a 'sig_first' preference that will place the signature text above
      the message body in replies and forwards. (
[cjh] Make sure to imap_utf7_encode() the sent-mail and drafts folders.
[cjh] Fixed display of search results from multiple mailboxes.
[cjh] Started to comment our config files more thoroughly.
[cjh] Remove $conf['use_horde_auth'] from IMP 2.3.
[cjh] Adjust the conf files, message.php (spam reports) and compose.php to
      use the PEAR Mail:: interface.
[cjh] Fixed search.
[cjh] Fixed select all/select none for pop3.
[cjh] Cleaned up the paging logic a little bit and tweaked the descending
      sort code to hopefully fix a bug.
[jon] Automatically set the focus to the username field on the login screen.
[cjh] Use buttons for Next, Cancel, and Done in spellcheck, and change the
      name of the config option to $conf['utils']['spellchecker'].
[cjh] When we delete a folder in the navigator, just splice that folder out
      of the tree instead of reinitializing everything.
[cjh] Updates to the navigator to handle more situations - folder prefixes,
      etc. Seems to work well now with UW and Exchange, at least.
[cjh] Remove fetchmail functionality until a later release.
[cjh] Fix a bug when forwarding certain kinds of MIME messages.
[cjh] When composing in the same window, carry information about where we
      are in the mailbox around so that we can return to the same place.
[cjh] Fixed a silly bug in mime_view_text() that added ampersands to the
      beginning of some messages.
[avsm] Add an 'Undelete' option to the message view, for deleted messages.
[avsm] Shift Navigator UI around to bring it more in line with the rest of IMP.
[jon] Don't display the 'Spell Check' link if $conf['utils']['ispell'] is empty.
[cjh] Use the new optional argument to imap_sort (added to php4 2000-10-18)
      to implement the "Hide Deleted" functionality cleanly.
[cjh] If a user is behind a proxy that provides an HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR
      variable, log it in the case of failed logins.
[cjh] Allow selecting of personal/not personal messages, and define contants
      for all of the flags so that they're not hardcoded anywhere.
[cjh] Add functionality to remote_login.php and mailbox.php to allow a user
      to go right to the compose window (or to pop one up) on login.
[cjh] Forward-port the excel-viewing code from 2.2.
[cjh] Make the wordview utility $conf['utils']['wordviewer'] to make it more
      program agnostic.
[jon] Adding Help link to the menubar.
[cjh] Decode MIME attachment filenames.
[cjh] Tweak message saving to be more correct: Mathieu CLABAUT
[cjh] Moved the session and authentication functions inside IMP::.
[cjh] Started using HTTP_POST_VARS, HTTP_GET_VARS, etc.
[cjh] Added an option to use Max Kalika's Connection:: tracking class.
[jon] Added a simple spam reporting mechanism ($conf['spam']['reporting']).
[jon] Standardize on the rfcdate() function in lib/Horde.php.
[jon] Changed some of the wording in the "Change Flags:" dropdown list.
[cjh] Form-uniqifying javascript to prevent caching problems with spellcheck.
[cjh] Inherit options from Horde, merging $horde into $conf.
[cjh] Make use of the HTTP_Cache class, if $conf['compress_content'] is true.
[cjh] Replace $conf['localhost'] with $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SERVER_NAME'].
[cjh] Use buttons for send message, save draft, and cancel.
[jon] Message content filtering is now a user-specific preference.
[cjh] respect the value of the TMPDIR environment variable in tmpdir().
[cjh] view.php now checks for browsers which require downloads to be
      cacheable (like MSIE).
[jon] Remove our address from the Cc: list when "replying to all".
[jon] Move the filtering code around a bit and add a sample filter.txt.dist.
[jon] Added some simple message content filtering options.
[jon] Use the 'public' cache limiter for compose.php.
[cjh] Add a received header for the hop from the browser to the web server.
[cjh] Denote personal mail with an icon (what pine marks with '+') (Max
      Kalika <>).
[cjh] Protect us from possible file-reading exploits through file attachment.
[jon] Silence session_start warnings.
[avsm] Navigator control bar now has options to create/delete/rename folders
[jon] Control of the compose window is now determined by the 'compose_popup'
      user preference.
[jon] Replace buildURL() with Horde::url().
[jon] Restructured the SQL preferences schema.
[cjh] Use $horde['session_name'].
[cjh] Session:: doesn't really buy us anything, so we've moved the utility
      methods that do into Horde::, and are just using php4 session calls
[jon] Updated session functions to use Horde's new Session instances.
[cjh] Add a mime function for viewing php code.
[cjh] Added the beginnings of a fetch-mail-from-remote-server piece.
[jon] Removed the last few references to the newuser code.
[jon] Removed the MailServer class used in config/servers.php in favor of a
      hash-based system.  See config/servers.php.dist for examples.
[avsm] Added $conf['navigator']['alert'] to support javascript alert popups
[jon] Use the new Lang class to select the current language.
[avsm] Added $conf['navigator'] to control the auto-refreshing navigator
[cjh] Fixed spell checker javascript, and spell checking now only shows
      the spell checking form.
[cjh] Spell checking no longer loses attachments.
[cjh] Starting to remove all uses of call-time pass-by-reference.
[cjh] Include the actual mime type in the munged mime type when downloading
[jon] Turned the IMP version footer into a link to
[cjh] Tweak the wordwrapping in mime_view_text() a little bit.
[cjh] Remove all references to $doc and the HTMLDocument class.
[cjh] Use the new css.php Horde script to generate our stylesheets.
[jon] Specifying an absolute URL for $conf['user']['alternate_login'] will
      redirect a new user to that URL instead of the login screen.  This is
      useful in portal situations in combination with remote_login.php.
[cjh] Gracefully handle empty search results.
[cjh] Only show the personal information (if we have it) when we show To: in
      the From column.
[jon] Added $conf['user']['online_help'] toggle to disable the online help
[jon] Removed the $conf['user']['change_*'] settings in favor of the
      "changeable" bit in config/prefs.php.
[jon] Retired the newuser.php code.
[jon] Explicitly change the permissions on uploaded attachments to 0600.
[jon] New XML-based help subsystem.
[cjh] Renamed package.imp.php to IMP.php.
[cjh] Made folder navigator work with cookies disabled.
[avsm] New option to inline CSS; toggled by $conf['layout']['css_inline']
[jon] Add mouseover status text for the menu items.
[cjh] Center the IMP version footer and make it more readable in color.
[cjh] Work on the look and stylesheet conversion of the compose screen.
[jon] Updated the copyright information in the header comments.
[jon] Renamed config/{header,trailer}.txt to config/{header,trailer}.txt.dist
      in the distribution.
[jon] Force a leading plus sign on the GMT offset part of the rfcdate.
[jon] Enlarged the default size of the compose window.
[jon] Set the default cursor focus in the compose screen depending on the
[jon] Renamed $conf['msg']['append_footer'] to $conf['msg']['append_trailer'].
[jon] New configuration directive: $conf['sitename']
[jon] Renamed generic-{header,footer}.inc to common-{header,footer}.inc.
[jon] Preferences that aren't user-changeable are now disabled (only works
      under Internet Explorer).
[jon] Use Chris Russel's wordwrap function, if it exists.
[jon] Rewrote and cleaned-up a lot of the menu.php code.  Improved the
      usage comments in config/menu.txt.
[jon] If the user does not have Javascript capabilities, a submit button
      will be displayed next to the folder listing in the menu.
[jon] For improved code clarity, renamed $conf['server']['personal_folders']
      to $conf['server']['namespace'].
[avsm] Updated the navigator to fit into the new frameless layout
[jon] Display the IMP version string in the footer.
[jon] Converted all of the pages to the new frameless layout.
[jon] IMP now uses the gettext functions exclusively.
[cjh] Wrap long lines in messages using str_replace. Should be efficient.
[cjh] Changed view.php to use an array for the cached mime info instead of
      an object, to match Horde change.
[jon] Discontinued the use of the $_html['compose*'] sizing parameters.
[jon] Setting $conf['user']['select_sentmail_folder'] to true will allow the
      user to choose the folder into which they'd like to save a copy of their
      current message.
[jon] Renaming the "Expunge" action to "Purge Deleted".
[jon] Saving sent mail is settable on a per-composition basis.  The default
      setting is based on the user's current preference ('save_sent_mail').
[cjh] Fixed errors when postponing a message without attachments.
[jon] Upgraded the doctype to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
[jon] Renamed the IMAPServer class to MailServer.  Also renamed the
      $IMAPServers hash in config/servers.php to $servers.
[cjh] Lots of new icons!
[cjh] Fix the problem with mailboxes seeming to only have 1000 messages in
      the message view.
[cjh] Fix the preferences system to be a bit more consistent, and to still
      allow use of config/servers.php
[jon] A newer, better preference system implementation.  This uses
      the new Prefs classes from Horde 1.3.


[cjh] Pass attachment types that have been marked viewable on to the browser
      untouched if there isn't a custom view function defined.
[cjh] Fix bug deleting the most recently selected folder.
[cjh] Don't require a message body before sending a message.
[avsm] Added a simple text toolbar to the top of the navigator view.
[cjh] Use the &singleton() pattern to make sure we only create one $log
[jon] Make use of Horde's Log abstraction interface.
[cjh] handle "Lastname, Firstname" style addresses correctly when replying.
[cjh] Use in both login.php and remote_login.php
[jon] The compose window's date format is now configurable.
[jon] The text for intro.php is now inlined using gettext().
[cjh] Kludge to fix the deletion of messages over pop3.
[cjh] Use a different icon to denote multipart/alternative messages.
[cjh] Make the from_link to view messages consistent with the subject link
      to view messages.
[cjh] Don't enable the mswordview mimetype if $conf['utils']['mswordview']
      is empty, false, or unset.
[cjh] Add an option to log sending of mail, from
      Samuel D. Nicolary <>
[avsm] Added code to update message info in navigator.php.
[jon] The time and date formats for the mailbox listing are now configurable.
[cjh] Do some handling of badly-typed addresses (seperated by spaces, etc).
[jon] Removed the Contacts links from the compose window.
[jon] The configuration toggle $conf['user']['allow_ldap_search'] has been
      renamed $conf['user']['allow_directory_search'] to reflect the
      abstract nature of Turba's search capabilities.
[jon] Removed the folder-replying capabilities.
[jon] Removed IMP's contacts code. We'll use Turba's from now on.
[cjh] Use the new horde_cleanup() function to make sure that files generated
      by viewing mime parts will always be cleaned up at the end of the
      request, no matter how the request is terminated.
[cjh] Remove phplib dependancy in favor of php4 sessions/PEAR.
[jon] Added a "Print" action to the message view.
[cjh] Replace use with require_once since use isn't supported for php4.
[cjh] All $h->*address references are gone, and we have two new functions in
      package.imp.php - IMP::addrObject2String() and IMP::addrArray2String()
      - to make working with the $h->from[], etc arrays easier.
[cjh] Selecting a language on the login screen now actually has an effect
[jon] Setting $conf['user']['initial_subscribe'] will automatically
      subscribe all of the folders in the user's folder path at the end
      of the newuser welcome process. Note that this also requires
      $conf['user']['newuser_setup'] to be true.
[jon] Set the umask ($conf['umask']) globally in package.imp.php.
[jon] The "cancel message" confirmation now cancel's the message if the user
      chooses "Ok" instead of "cancel" in the alert box.


[cjh] The mailbox selects in the mailbox and message views now update in
      tandem (ie, if you change one, the other updates to the same selection).
[cjh] The login screen does not reload when you choose a new language, if a
      username or password has been entered.
[cjh] Changing the protocol selected changes the port to the default port
      for that protocol.
[jon] Got rid of those nasty '---------'s in the folder selects and replaced
      them with blank spaces instead.
[cjh] Message flags are now displayed in the message.php screen.
[cjh] There is now a menu to change the flags of messages.
[cjh] Signed/Encrypted messages are shown with a different icon than other
      messages with attachments.
[cjh] Mailbox sorting works again (impSetupSession wasn't calling _setPref).
[cjh] Folder subscriptions are correctly kept up to date on folder renaming.
[cjh] Once again you are asked to confirm before deleting folders
[cjh] The menu now properly refreshes on ALL folder changes. =)
[jon] The menu now properly refreshes on folder subscription changes.
[cjh] If an attachment is not set to disposition: inline, don't display it
      inline regardless of other settings. (text_parts_inline, type, etc).
[jon] The To: address is now listed in the window.status on mouse over.
[cjh] Addresses are now listed individually in the message screen, with a
      compose link and "add to contacts" link for each.
[cjh] Added $conf['hooks']['from_hook'] which implements building a from
      address based on a site-specific function. Yes, the implication is
      that there might be more "hooks" in the future.
[cjh] Added $conf['compose']['allow_(b)cc'] to control the availability of
      the cc: and bcc: fields.
[cjh] Added javascript to the message screen to make sure that a folder is
      selected before moving/copying a message
[jon] All generated URL's are now relative (URI's only), except for the
      Location: headers used for redirection.  They require fully-qualified
[cjh] If mailfrom() returns false, compose.php3 now at least tells the user
      there was an error instead of silently reloading.
[jon] Improved the entire newuser login procedure so that we correctly
      initialize their preferences with all of the default values.
[jon] Added checks for null preference results that would previously cause a
      a plethora of warnings and errors.
[cjh] Added a $conf['server']['show_shared_hierarchy'] option to display the
      UW-imapd #shared/ folder hierarchy.
[cjh] POP3 support should now be fully functional for 2.3.
[cjh] Added $conf['user']['redirect_on_logout'] as an option for sending
      users to an arbitrary page when they log out.
[cjh] Fixed a problem with IE caching the bounce form.
[cjh] The attachment icon for messages with attachments is back in the
      mailbox view (in it's own new column).
[cjh] Started weeding out unneccesary uses of imap_msgno() when the function
      in question takes the FT_UID flag.
[cjh] Vastly improved the MIME attachment code. IMP now passes the MIME
      torture test.
[cjh] Fixed a javascript problem in the compose window where the last
      character before a space would be deleted incorrectly.
[cjh] Doctored the clickable-url functions for performance, and to not
      butcher included html code.
[cjh] Replaced all calls to ereg* functions with preg* functions, for speed.
      Because of this we now require php 3.0.12 or later.


BUG: submitting a non-existant file as an attachment is now safely ignored (cjh)
BUG: the message select popup in the mailbox view works again now. IE doesn't let you use "type" as a form element name. (cjh)
BUG: encoding of 8-bit headers should now be _very_ close to following the RFC, if it doesn't completely. long headers are split up into atoms smaller than 76 chars (cjh)
CHANGE: using YYYY-MM-DD for dates in mailbox.php3 for days other than today (cjh)
CHANGE: multiple folders can now be deleted at once (jon)
CHANGE: cancelling a message now waits for the user to confirm (cjh)
CHANGE: new user preferences screen with more options (jon)
CHANGE: retired the $default object (in favor of $conf) from IMP (jon)
CHANGE: newuser.php3 has been renamed intro.php3 (jon)
CHANGE: improved the unsubscribed folder listing a bit (jon)
LANGUAGE: updated Italian translation from Federico Giannici <>
ENHANCEMENT: adding patches from Michael Smith <> to save some information on failed logins (username, etc)
ENHANCEMENT: IMP no longer requires cookies to be enabled on the client (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: added $conf['use_ssl'] to force 'https://' in generated URL's (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: if locale/local/intro.{begin,main,end}.txt exists, it will be
used in place of the locale/$language/ version (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: added the ability to hide the server list, providing nice transparency for virtual hosting.
ENHANCEMENT: added ability to generate From: addresses like <user+folder> (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: new user setup screen for initial prefs configuration (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: preferences support both ldap and sql storage sources (jon)


NEW: Debian Package mime viewing (iem)
NEW: x-tar mime viewing (iem)
NEW: GPG signature checking (iem)
FIXED: tgz mime viewing (iem)
UPDATE: new script from
CHANGE: Removed config/defaults.php3 and replaced it with config/conf.php (jon)
CHANGE: Reworked the way some of the contacts popup works (jon)
CHANGE: User-Agent: 'IMP PHP/IMAP webmail program' > 'IMP webmail program' (jon)
CHANGE: Added the "signature dashes" user preference (jon)
CHANGE: New preferences system implemented (jon)
CHANGE: Removed all help from the login screen (jon)
CHANGE: The "New User Introduction" link is no longer optional (jon)
CHANGE: $default->localhost is deprecated in favor of $SERVER_NAME
CHANGE: INBOX is no longer shown on the folders page
LANGUAGE: Czech updated
LANGUAGE: German updated
LANGUAGE: French updated
ENANCEMENT: Rebuilt the preferences sub-system (see config/prefs.php) (jon)


CHANGE: Changed all of the SQL scripts to use "horde" db instead of "imp" (jch)
CHANGE: Fixed German translation bugs in the newuser start file (jch)
CHANGE: All locale/ strings default to English ('en') now.  If another language is selected, it will be loaded on top of the English strings.  This should solve the problem of some localizations missing a string here and there. (jon)
CHANGE: The top and bottom mailbox listing navbars are now symmetrical (jon)
CHANGE: removed deprecated Errors-To: header (cjh)
CHANGE: Changed X-Mailer to User-Agent (ref: draft-ietf-usefor-article-02) (jon)
CHANGE: Removed some more unused files and cleaned up build scripts accordingly. (cjh)
CHANGE: Moved config/README to docs/CONFIGS
CHANGE: Removed old config/scripts/*.txt files in leiu of docs/DATABASE
CHANGE: Went back to $h->udate for message dates (cjh)
BUG: 8bit headers should now be properly encoded (Roy-Magne Mo & cjh)
BUG: Poppassd should work now ("Charles P. Wright" <>)
BUG: LDAP searches can now be against fields other than 'cn'
BUG: Fixed the folders screen and some mailbox listing code
BUG: Changing languages now refreshes login screen under Internet Explorer
BUG: Fixed small bug with $to_domain and empty address strings (jon)
BUG: Misinterpretted result from imp_get_lang() fixed <>
BUG: Mime-encoded headers are now handled much more consistently. There *shouldn't* be issues with these left. Please report any you find.
BUG: Quoted printable messages are now decoded when being forwarded and replied to.
BUG: Fixed French and Brazilian Portuguese language problems
BUG: Fixed a bug when forwarding without a from address <>
BUG: Fixed a bug opening contacts window on compose page
BUG: Fixed violation of the spec for URL when downloading files with name spaces
BUG: Fixed a misidentification of Microsoft web browsers
BUG: Fixed a missing </TABLE> tag breaking menu positioning
BUG: Bouncing a message doesn't ruin attachments anymore
BUG: Correctly handles missing subject when you forward mail
BUG: Fixed Nynorks-Norwegian language (Roy-Magne Mo<>)
BUG: Fixed cosmetic counting problem when deleting messages
ENHANCEMENT: now prints a messages when the mailbox is empty (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: sets the html charset according to the language selection (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: added support for cascading stylesheets (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: fix for extremely long folder names in select.php3 (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: added the option to hide deleted messages from mailbox listing (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: syslog stats courtesy of Michael Smith <>
ENHANCEMENT: Forwarding a message with attachments sends the attachments along, and you can also delete parts if you wish.
ENHANCEMENT: Unknown browsers are simply asked to send info; IMP assumes that they work
ENHANCEMENT: Multiple compose windows are now supported
ENHANCEMENT: Added a simple cron.daily file that will clean up stranded attachments
ENHANCEMENT: Changed setup's defaults to be more for internal-use sites
ENHANCEMENT: Sybase support has been added to IMP <>
ENHANCEMENT: new $default->to_domain tacked onto bare compose addresses
ENHANCEMENT: Login language pull-down can now be disabled (jon)
ENHANCEMENT: Debian package build scripts included
ENHANCEMENT: Sent-mail now marked as read (\\Seen)
ENHANCEMENT: New Danish locales
LANGUAGE: Norwegian language support - Hans Morten Kind <>
LANGUAGE: Estonian language support (Jaanus Toomsalu <>
LANGUAGE: Finnish language support (
LANGUAGE: Czech language support Peter Cech <>
LANGUAGE: Polish language support -_ sergio _- <>
LANGUAGE: Norwegian Bokmål language support - Terje Lunndal <>
LANGUAGE: Icelandic language support - Kristofer Arnar Einarsson <>
LANGUAGE: French updated - Jean Charles Delepine <>
SECURITY: We should now be immune to the {} and mocha javascript exploits recently described on Bugtraq - Charles Wright.


cjh: whomp. here we go.

Biggest change: session support through dbm files. YOU MUST touch the dbm
file (by default imp/lib/sessions) and give the webserver user read/write
permissions to it (actually, you don't have to create it if the webserver
has write access to the lib/ directory).

I've tested this will everything I can think of - server list, languages,
every page, etc. I think it works. I probably missed something. So please,
pound on it, fix it, make suggestions.

Also: I've taken a lot of cruft that wasn't being used out. imp.lib was
under 1000 lines for the first time in a while after this! I may prune more
v2 stuff if it's not used soon; that would trim us even more. I didn't trim
a whole lot from horde.

Cosmetic: the 'check inbox' option on the menu is gone (should probably
remove the lang strings - haven't done that) and it's replaced with a cute
little reload graphic at the top left of mailbox pages that lets you refresh
any mailbox that you're in. this is more consistent from a ui point of view.

Everything else: reformatting, minor changes/fixes/etc. Nothing noteworthy
enough to remember off of the top of my head.

To do: dump the mailbox_list functions into the new ImapSession object, or
*at least* rewrite them to take advantage of the new namespace objects that
are available. I haven't touched this one yet.



  * Imp now undestands French (thanks to Mathieu Clabaut <>)
  * Attachments are now indicated with a paperclip in the regular status column
  * New mail for each folder is listed in folder listing
  * You can configure the "from" server on a per-server basis w/servers.php3 now
  * Imp has help links in the contacts window

Bug Fixes:
  * Fixed a bug in the contacts that was causing Javascript errors
  * Fixed bug in forward mail case with mail that was missing headers
  * Fixed a bug where replying to mail caused errors and warnings


There were a bunch of changes, but nobody updated this file

New and notable in 2.0.1:

Several pieces of IMP have been moved into the Horde module.  They include the
signup feature, problem reporting, the help functions, and faq management.

A new motd feature has been added.  You can now use the file called MOTD.html
and put in information you want shown under the login screen.  This file sits
in the config directory.

Extendable menus.  You can now easily add menu items by adding items to the
menu.txt file which resides in the config directory.

You can now set your session language at login.

A "new-user information" piece has been added to the login screen.  This
function provides new users with some basic background on using IMP.

A function was added to the compose window which does not allow you to send
a piece of email if you have browsed a file attachment but haven't attached
it yet.

Help items were added to the compose window.

Fixed several issues with multiple read/write imap openings. Now only
calls that require read/write use read/write.

Fixed multiple append trailer/footer bugs.

Localized the setup.php3 process.

Updated lynx pages so lynx works again with IMP




[jan] Fix redirecting to login screen if session times out (Bug #9281).


[mms] SECURITY: XSS - Make sure mailbox name displayed on mailbox page is
      properly encoded (Bug #9240).
[jan] Fix notices with certain output buffer configurations
      (, Bug #7851).
[mms] Turn DNS prefetching off when displaying untrusted message content
      (Request #8836).


[jan] Add Basque translation (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea <>).
[jan] Add Croatian translation (Matej Vela <>).
[mms] Fix sizing fckeditor compose editor frame in IE (Bug #8616).


[mms] Fix deleting messages after undeleting (Bug #8298).
[mms] Fix renaming folders with non-7bit characters
      (, Bug #8286).


[mms] Make dimp work with IE 8 (uses IE 7 compatibility mode) (requires IMP
[mms] Add confirmation box if attempting to send message without subject
      (Request #8076).
[mms] Fix address autocomplete display on IE (Bug #7982).


[mms] Shift-Delete on multiple messages will move selection to next message
      (Request #7533).
[mms] Fix occasional buggy behavior with drag/drop folders (Bug #7414).
[mms] The UP key will start at the bottom of the mailbox, if no current
      message is selected (Request #7532).
[mms] Add 'undelete' to Other Actions menu (Bug #7496).
[mms] Display quota on startup (Bug #7718).
[jan] Fix portal link text in tab bar (Bug #7719).
[mms] Fix portal display in IE (Bug #7398).
[mms] Correctly show 'To' header when doing searches in sentmail and drafts
      mailboxes (Bug #7650).


[jan] Show spam and ham buttons according to IMP's configuration.


[mms] Allow DIMP to work without cookies.
[mms] Update quota at same time folders are polled (Request #7254).
[mms] Fix logout link when session has timed out.
[mms] Add caching of preview messages.
[mms] Catch unwanted keypress submits in the compose screen (Bug #7162).
[mms] UI enhancement to indicate that RTE component is loading.
[mms] Correctly close popup compose windows when opened from a page other than
      the base DIMP page.
[mms] Remove border from iframe on IE (Bug #7136,

v1.1-RC1 (released as v1.0.1-RC1)

[mms] Improved dynamic resizing of page elements on IE 6.
[mms] Add arrow buttons to message list scrollbar.
[jan] Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luis Felipe Marzagao
      <>, Eduardo de Carli <>).
[mms] Correctly apply filters to INBOX if 'filter_on_display' pref is true.
[mms] Update drafts folder in mailbox list if saving draft.
[mms] Fixes to allow Opera 9.5 to display correctly.
[mms] Fix mousewheel on Safari.
[mms] Use correctly formatted signature when replying from a popup message
      window (Bug #6932).
[mms] Allow multiple compose/message popup windows to be open (Request #6915).
[mms] Double clicking splitbar returns preview window to default size.
[mms] Highlight search matches if the search criteria is displayed in the
      mailbox screen.
[mms] Add ability to move folders to base level (Request #6881).
[mms] Add ability to move folders via drag/drop (Request #6347).
[mms] Use new drag/drop library to handle message and splitbar drags.
[mms] Only capture bare PGUP/PGDOWN keypresses in mailbox view (Bug #6854).
[mms] Honor Horde's 'sidebar_width' preference (Request #6793).
[mms] Fix right-click behavior on Firefox/Mac (Bug #6760).
[mms] Add hover effect to checkboxes in mailbox listing.
[jan] Improve design of message list scrollbar.
[mms] Fix error when purging deleted messages.
[mms] Fix issues with adding user-defined JS using the previewview hook
      (Carlos Pires <>).
[mms] Fix loading viewport slice in background when scrolling up.


[mms] Add checkboxes to message list.
[mms] Update poll count in destination folder when moving messages.
[jan] Add Silver Surfer theme.
[cjh] Update the dock badge with Inbox unread counts if using Fluid.
[jan] Add Slovak translation (Martin Matuška <>).


[mms] Use IMP's configuration for javascript editors and CSS/JS caching.
[mms] Make fckeditor add BR tag instead of P tag on enter keypress.
[mms] Make xinha add BR tag instead of P tag on enter keypress (Mozilla only).
[mms] Add Special Characters to compose screen, if configured.
[jan] Allow users to set the HTML editor toolbar buttons in their preferences.
[jan] Add Spanish translation (Manuel P. Ayala <>).
[mms] Add "Reply to List" option.
[jan] Add Russian translation (Alexey Zakharov <>).
[jan] Add Hungarian translation (Laszlo L. Tornoci <>).


[mms] Add preference to identify screen to load on login (Request #6028).
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).
[mms] Add configuration option to disallow searching all mailboxes.
[mms] Auto-resize address inputs in compose screen.
[mms] Add hook for adding formatting information to a message list row
      (Request #5234).


[mms] Add arrival sort option.
[jan] Add Lithuanian translation (Vilius Sumskas <>).
[jan] Add hook for e-mail address formatting.
[jan] Add option to load custom CSS files.
[jan] Load all applications' CSS files in the portal (Bug #5831).
[mms] Convert to a cross-browser compliant scrollbar in the message list.
[jan] Move all DIMP-specific hook examples from Horde's config/ directory.
[mms] Fix errors when assuming US-ASCII with broken messages.
[jan] Add French translation (Thierry Thomas <>).
[jan] Add Italian translation (Nethesis srl <>).
[jan] Add Japanese translation (Hiromi Kimura <>).
[mms] Add support for sending Message Disposition Notifications (RFC 2298).
[mms] Add ability to poll folders from context menus.
[mms] Add bcc addresses when tying to an identity.
[mms] On initial login, allow INBOX to load in background.
[mms] Honor IMP's 'compose_cursor' preference.
[mms] Add purge deleted button (Request #5561).
[mms] Only scroll folder list when dragged messages are directly above or
      below the list.
[mms] Fix nested folder positioning problems in IE.
[mms] Fix message list generation when using the Horde JSON encoder
      (Bug #5604,
[cjh] Fix switching signatures when using HTML composition (Bug #5594).


[jan] Add preferences interface.
[jan] Allow loading of any applications from the menu.
[jan] Add Polish translation (Tadeusz Lesiecki <>, Piotr
      Tarnowski <>).
[mms] Inline PHP-generated javascript to avoid cross-domain leaking
      (Bug #5307).
[jan] Add quota bar.
[jan] Allow to add custom menu items.
[jan] Add blacklist, whitelist, and ham buttons.
[mms] Add FCKeditor as a supported javascript HTML editor.
[mms] Add configuration file for portal blocks.
[mms] Implement full mailbox list caching on browser.
[mms] Mailbox changes on IMAP actions are now handled in a single call to the
[mms] Use a unique IMAP cache identifier to check for new messages in mailbox.
[mms] Add asynchronous upload of attachments.
[mms] Clicking Get Mail now does a Fetch Mail check also.
[mms] Added support for keyboard shortcuts (Request #5139).
[mms] No need for separate DraggableMail implementation - simply extend
      scriptaculous' dragdrop.js as needed.
[mms] No need for separate HTML load on IE for storing history (Request #4693).
[mms] Load folder list through an AJAX call.
[mms] Cache mailbox listings.
[jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (David Chang <>).
[mms] Add hook to allow manipulation of message text.
[jan] Add Dutch translation (Jan Kuipers <>).
[mms] All javascript now in static javascript files.
[mms] All folder tree generation done in javascript.
[mms] Use faster DOM ready technique for window.onload() (Request #4470).
[mms] Add undelete option to context menu (Request #3190).
[mms] DimpCore.js.php is now available to be cached on the browser side.
[mms] Allow user defined headers to be displayed in message view.
[mms] Allow shift-select through multiple views.
[jan] Add links to address book popup to compose view.
[mms] Removed tooltip previews.
[mms] Fix updating unseen message status in folder list.
[mms] Honor IMP's spam reporting configuration parameter (Bug #3971).
[cjh] Load IMP's preferences in the ContactAutoCompleter so all address
      books are searched (Bug #3810).
[mms] Fix spellcheck UI when in HTML composition mode.
[mms] DIMP now honors IMP's sortlimit configuration option and IMP's
      configurable sorting by folder.
[cjh] Implement persistent preference for the state of the
      preview pane.
[mms] Implement UI for resume from draft.
[mms] Organize code/layout to Horde application specifications.



[jan] Add Croatian translation (Matej Vela <>).


[mms] Ignore 'compose_html' preference in IMP (Bug #8415) (Requires IMP 4.3.5).
[mms] Fix showing Cc and Bcc fields (Bug #8167).
[cjh] Implement custom menu items (Bug #7630).


[mms] Added a MIME_Viewer to display mail system admin messages.
[jan] Add Basque translation (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea EHU/UPV
[jan] Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luis Felipe Marzagao
      <>, Eduardo de Carli <>).


[mms] Add sort change links to mailbox.
[mms] Cc/Bcc display now handled by IMP's pref.
[mms] Fix thread display.
[mms] Protect delete actions with CSRF tokens.
[jan] Add Slovak translation (Martin Matuška <>).


[mms] Honor nav_poll preference from IMP.
[jan] Add Russian translation (Alexey Zakharov <>).


[jan] Add Japanese translation (Hiromi Kimura <>).


[mms] MIMP now requires an IMP 4.2 installation - MIMP uses all of IMP's base
      libraries to provide its core functionality.


[jan] Add Catalan translation (Jordi Giralt <>).
[jan] Add Portuguese translation (Manuel Menezes de Sequeira
[jan] Add Dutch translation (Jan Kuipers <>).


[mms] Don't show prefs page unless authenticated to MIMP (Bug #3756).
[mms] Fix overriding smtphost/smtpport from servers.php (,
      Bug #3571).


[mms] More bugfix/performance merges from IMP HEAD.
[mms] MIMP does not support hordeauth/autologin.
[jan] Fix editing of identities (Bug #3345).


[mms] Many bugfix/performance merges from IMP HEAD.
[mms] Allow PHP expressions to be executed for user-defined headers.
[mms] Removed 'dotfiles' server config parameter.
[mms] Fix maildomain setting on login (Bug #3057).
[jan] Add Italian translation (Marco Pirovano <>).
[mms] Updated IMAP_Client from IMP with various bugfixes/cleanups.
[jan] Add Hungarian translation (Laszlo L. Tornoci <>).
[mms] Added test script.


[mms] Removed 'folders', 'namespace, and 'hierarchies' server config
[mms] Add auto-detection of namespace information from IMAP server.
[mms] Correctly convert message text from browser charset to sending charset
      (Bug #2357).
[cjh] Allow basic identity editing through MIMP's preferences when using
      a full web browser (Bug #1636).
[jan] Add French translation (David Hoffmann
[mms] Add preference to only download the first 250 characters of a message
      on the initial message view.
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).
[mms] Determine the default IMAP delimiter according to RFC 3501.
[jan] Add Lithuanian translation (Vilius Sumskas <>).
[jan] Add Spanish translation (Manuel Perez Ayala <>).
[mms] Use IMAP_Tree:: for IMAP Tree generation.
[cjh] Use a linkset for the menu.
[cjh] Add support for Reply, Reply List, Reply All, and Forward.
[cjh] Display status messages using Notification_Listener_mobile.
[cjh] Add redirect message functionality.
[cjh] Add support for Expand Names.
[cjh] Mailbox views now include paging.
[cjh] List all attachments that aren't displayed in the headers.
[cjh] Add an HTML viewer that strips tags and allows at least basic
      text viewing.
[jan] Add Romanian translation (Eugen Hoanca <>).
[jan] Add German translation.
[cjh] Add Compose menu item, and making sending mail work.
[cjh] Add more menu items - Expunge, Refresh
[cjh] The folder list is now functional.
[cjh] Seperate menu card now, and successful display of mailboxes, messages,
      and deletion of messages.
[cjh] Start pruning parts of IMP that don't belong in a mobile application.
[cjh] Start of work based on IMP.