Application Building With Horde

Jan Schneider

The Horde Project

I thought Horde was just ...

Different kinds of Horde Applications

"What is Horde?"

Why: Libraries

Why: Standards

Why: Backend Independence

Why: Applications

Why: Internationalization

Why: The Project

Application Building

All of these applications, APIs, libraries, etc. are why you can build any kind of application or site with Horde.

What makes a Horde application?

Typically Horde applications share a common structure and code organization. The skeleton application provides this for you.

What makes..., cont.

But all you really need is:

That's all?

Technically, yes. But to take full advantage of Horde, you'll also want:


Here's an application's registry.php entry:

Building CRUD applications

Introduction to Rdo

Rdo Example Usage

Rdo: Creating & Editing

Rdo: More Find & Delete

Form Generation

Introduction to Horde_Form

More coming with Horde 4