One-day Application Building With The Horde Framework

This is the talk presented by Chuck Hagenbuch at NYPHPCon 2006. It is a tutorial on how to build a real-estate tracking application using Horde (RDO, Horde_Form, and a few more), Prototype, Scriptaculous, and several mapping/geocoding web services. Because of the code-heavy nature of the tutorial and the number of examples, the slides are available only as a tarball. This includes complete source code for 8 versions of the example application as it progresses from a simple auto-generated table to the final application.


  1. Download and decompress (bz2) the slides: nyphpcon-2006-06_v20070201.tar.bz2 (292 KB)
  2. Put the expanded nyphpcon-2006-06/ directory into a subdir (such as horde/samples/nyphpcon) in your Horde HEAD installation (you can also check Horde out of CVS and then check out the presentations/ CVS module under your horde/ directory). Your Horde version must be after June 27th for the most recent version of the slides (and vice versa), because of RDO being renamed to Horde_RDO.
  3. If you do not follow this layout, you will need to change the definition of the HORDE_BASE constants in the example code.
  4. Create the database. There are example files for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  5. Set your database configuration, Yahoo! API key, and Google API key in conf.php (copied from conf.php.dist).
  6. Load index.html in a browser and follow along!

For help using Horde CVS, see


The code archive now has a date appended to it to indicate when it was last changed. The code is being kept up to date with Horde API changes for the time being, so the date indicates when it was last modified. Changes are listed below according to the version they were introduced in.