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Horde/Db Test Suite

Last update:2009-01-04
Authors: Chuck Hagenbuch

1   Defining adapters

As long as PHP has the PDO SQLite driver (which is enabled by default), the SQLite tests will always be run. This is possible using the sqlite:memory database; no file access or permissions are required.

For the other adapters, the Horde_Db test suite looks for environment variables named DB_ADAPTER_$driverName_TEST_CONFIG. For the MySQLi driver, that would be DB_ADAPTER_MYSQLI_TEST_CONFIG. For the PDO PostgreSQL driver, that would be DB_ADAPTER_PDO_PGSQL_TEST_CONFIG, and so on. The value of the environment variable is a JSON string with the configuration array for the adapter. Here is an example for setting up a test DSN for the MySQL test database on localhost, connecting as the user horde_db with no password:


When running the test suite, any adapter for which a DSN is not found, or for which connecting to the defined DSN fails, a single instance of Horde_Db_Adapter_MissingTest will be included in the test suite run, with details on why the adapter was skipped.