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Upgrading Horde_ActiveSync


This lists the API changes between releases of the package.

1   Upgrading to 2.0.2

The field cache_data field size has been increased. You MUST run the new 12_horde_activesync_longtextcachefield migration.

2   Upgrading to 2.0

Horde_ActiveSync_State_File was removed.

  • Horde_ActiveSync_Driver

    • __construct()

      No longer plan on accepting multiple state objects. Rename the 'state_basic' parameter to 'state'. This should still contain a Horde_ActiveSync_State_* object.

    • getMessageList()

      This deprecated method has been removed, getServerChanges() should be used instead.

    • getServerChanges()

      Now requires a Horde_ActiveSync_Folder_Base object as the first parameter.

    • alterPingChanges()

      This deprecated method has been removed.

    • truncate()

      This method has been removed.

    • getSyncObject()

      This method has been removed. The Sync object is now built by the request object itself. See Horde_ActiveSync_Request_Base#_getSyncObject.

  • Horde_ActiveSync_State_History

    • Renamed to Horde_ActiveSync_State_Sql
    • SQL table names are no longer configurable.
    • Internal state data is now stored as serialized Horde_ActiveSync_Folder_* objects.
    • All code related to PING state has been removed. PING state is combined with the new syncCache.