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Changes by Release



[jan] SECURITY: Fix unauthorized access to page attachments.


[jan] Officially support PHP 7.
[jan] Bundle Text_Wiki and fix it to run on PHP 7.
[mjr] Minor PHP 7 compatibility improvements.


[jan] Update German translation.


[jan] Update Portuguese translation.


[jan] Use access rules compatible with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4.


[jan] Update Italian translation.
[jan] Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luis Felipe Marzagao
[mjr] Fix fatal error in API due to incorrect access of protected member.
[mjr] Fix fatal error in Whups_Api::getMultiplePageInfo due to erroneous


[jan] Fix updating annotated links when renaming pages.
[jan] Add ReST rendering rule for horizontal rulers.


[jan] Add Swedish translation (Arne Nordmark <>).
[jan] Add Danish translation (Erling Preben Hansen <>).


[jan] Fix rendering of full text search results.
[jan] Fix rendering pages in portal blocks.
[jan] Improve finding like pages if name contains digits.


[jan] Fix generating the most recent changes.
[jan] Request CAPTCHA when creating pages too.


[jan] Add table layout (Bug #12402).
[jan] Fix DB column width for page contents (Bug #12407).
[mjr] Fix creating a new page from search results (Bug #12381).
[jan] Fix syntax error in wicked CLI script (Bug #12378).


[jan] Fix parsing of headings in other than the default rule (Bug #12211).
[jan] Remove synchronization code.
[jan] Convert all templates to Horde_View.
[jan] Add Most Popular and Least Popular pages to sidebar selection.
[jan] Show at least 10 revisions on the RecentChanges page.
[jan] Fix sorting page lists by date.


[jan] Fix accidental deletion of all attachments (Bug #10875).
[jan] Fix permission check when merging and renaming pages (Bug #11332).


[gwr] Corrected teletype format for the reST renderer.
[gwr] Support rendering lists in the reST renderer.
[jan] Add Slovak translation (Martin Matuška <>).


[jan] Fix links to existing pages with non-ascii or special characters (Bug


[jan] Fix rendering attached images with Mediawiki syntax (Bug #10570).
[jan] Fix links to add new pages on pages with non-ascii names (Bug #10612).
[gwr] Support rendering bold text and code section in the rst renderer.


[jan] Move all default pages into the Wiki/ namespace (Request #7021).
[jan] Support Unicode wiki page names.
[gwr] Added support for reStructuredText export.
[jan] Add embedding of Horde blocks.
[jan] Log attachment downloads.
[jan] Replace major and minor versions with single versions (Request #7210).
[jan] Add Latvian translation (Jānis Eisaks <>).
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.
[jan] Require delete permissions for merging/renaming pages.
[jan] Don't use WikiWords in menus (Request #7021).
[jan] Drop support for coWiki markup.
[jan] Fix Oracle SQL scripts.
[jan] Implement pessimistic locking based on Horde_Lock.
[mjr] Add default lighttpd-style rewrite rules.
[jan] Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luis Felipe Marzagao
[cjh] Support arbitrary charsets for page names (Bug #7805).
[cjh] Fix saveTemplate API call (Duck <>, Bug #7620).
[jan] Add Italian translation (Fabio Pedretti <>).
[jan] Add Precedence and Auto-Submitted headers to notification messages.
[cjh] Add an API method for fetching recent changes, and allow specifying
      the number of days to look back in the RecentChanges page
      (Duck <>, Request #7230).
[jan] Add script to convert data to UTF-8 in the backend.
[cjh] Allow downloading from/uploading to a remote wiki server
      (Duck <>, Request #7191).
[cjh] Add getMultiplePageInfo() and getPageHistory() API calls, along with
      page checksums (Duck <>, Request #7189).
[cjh] Add Download this page as... link (Duck <>, Request #7168).
[cjh] Add renderPage() API call (
[cjh] Add list(), getPageInfo(), show(), and pageExists() API calls
      (Duck <>, Request #7149).
[jan] Add display and edit API methods (Duck <>, Request #6130).
[jan] Add Japanese translation (Takeshi Taguchi <>).
[cjh] Fix permission checks for non-admins when deleting and reverting
      (Bug #5806).
[cjh] Fix removing the most recent revision with some databases (Bug #5807).
[jan] Work around problems with Text_Wiki and PHP 5.2.5+ (Bug #5951).
[mms] Compress download data.
[jan] Add OpenSearch interface for page search through browser bars.
[jan] Add Ukrainian translation (Andriy Kopystyansky <>).
[cjh] Support mod_rewrite style URLs with Text_Wiki 1.2 (Bug #4740).
[jan] Allow to add images from other pages (Request #5448).
[cjh] Enforce READ permissions for all page modes (Bug #5328).
[jan] Add Slovenian translation (Duck <>).
[jan] Fix searching for non-ascii strings (Bug #4644).
[mms] Add initial CAPTCHA support.
[cjh] Fix deletion of the most recent revision.
[cjh] Table of Contents is now floated to the right and collapses/expands on
[jan] Show similar pages before creating a new one.
[cjh] Ensure external links attached to images go through Horde::externalUrl()
      (, Bug #3151).
[cjh] Include matching context in PageSearch results (Request #2485).
[cjh] Encode notification emails correctly (, Bug #3153).
[cjh] Don't create pages until they have content (Bug #2534).
[cjh] Run all revert actions through a non-JavaScript, POST
      confirmation page.
[cjh] Run all page/version deletion through a non-JavaScript, POST
      confirmation page.
[ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
[cjh] Add [[link ...]] syntax for calling $registry->link() in pages
      (Bug #1474).
[cjh] Fix Wiki Page Block when the page being displayed has attachments
      (Bug #2258).
[cjh] Only list standard pages in Wicked's "Back to" history (Bug #2252).
[cjh] Delete all attachments to a page when that page is deleted.
[cjh] Attachments can now be deleted (Bug #2246).
[cjh] Send notification emails when files are attached (Bug #2248).
[mas] Include changelogs in emails, if available. (Bug #2068)
[cjh] If there is only one search result, go directly to it.
[jan] Support type="htmlphp" attribute for code blocks.
[cjh] Show a summary of any attachments on a page (Bug #1473).
[cjh] Fix updating of attachments (Bug #1579).
[cjh] Add a config option to toggle use of pretty URLS with mod_rewrite
      (Bug #1878).
[jan] Support arbitrary charsets for page contents (with Text_Wiki > 1.0.0).
[cjh] Require PERMS_EDIT to attach files to a page (, Bug #1880).
[cjh] Send email on MergeOrRename (Bug #916).
[cjh] Go to the newly merged or renamed page after MergeOrRename (Bug #916).
[cjh] Display the page that was edited after editing instead of going to
      WikiHome (Bug #1478).
[cjh] Require PERMS_EDIT to MergeOrRename a page (Bug #915).
[cjh] Use bind variables in SQL driver (, #1746).
[cjh] Multiple-definition guard for separator() (Bug #1710).
[jmf] References to special pages in wiki text no longer look deleted.
[jmf] Ability to set permissions on special pages.
[jmf] Prevent loosing attachments when renaming pages.
[jan] Add test page.
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).
[jmf] Add command-line script to manipulate wiki pages (Vijay Mahrra
[jmf] Add "Create" buttons on TitleSearch and PageSearch pages (Vijay Mahrra
[jmf] Add quick diff link (show changes from last version) when viewing page.
[jmf] Add configuration option to require change descriptions.
[jan] Notify about page deletions.
[jmf] Add support for displaying attached images.
[jmf] Add the ability to attach files to pages.
[jmf] Add the ability to merge and rename pages.
[jan] Add Spanish translation (Manuel Perez Ayala <>).
[jmf] Implement templates (templates are pages which begin or end with
[jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (David Chang <>).
[jan] Add history drop down list to jump to the last visited pages.
[cjh] Add MostPopular and LeastPopular wiki pages.
[cjh] Log page views.
[cjh] A parameter of autocreate=1 must now be passed to display.php for pages
      that don't exist to be created automatically. This is done by default
      for "?" links, but for external incoming links and results of the top
      left jump box, users will get a form that allows them to confirm
      creation of the new page.
[cjh] Add AllPages Page and Block implementations.
[cjh] Wicked now provides Horde_Blocks for doing TitleSearches and viewing
[cjh] TitleSearch now works and is available as a global menu option.
[cjh] Add a Preview button in the EditPage screen.
[cjh] Move BackLinks and LikePages to the toolbar.
[cjh] Store and display changelogs for page revisions.
[cjh] In the history view, diffs between page versions work now.
[jmf] Add jump box.
[jan] Update to work with Text_Wiki 0.8.
[cjh] Use Text_Diff for diff generation.
[jan] Add Page::allows().
[jan] Add Wicked::mail().
[jan] Add diff and notification support.
[jan] Add German translation.
[jan] Allow keeping guests from editing and creating pages.
[tjc] Initial version.