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Whups Development TODO List

  • Ability to take/steal tickets from other users in the list UI.

  • Ability to merge a ticket with another ticket (instead of marking as duplicate). Histories of two tickets should be merged.

  • Better permissions integration.

  • Possible integration with other Horde queues (nag/turba/hermes), including api support between them.

  • docs and help files...

  • Additional "work flow" support.

  • Handle attachments in Whups_Mail

  • States/Priorities (or whole types?) cloning:

    > What if we had a "clone" feature? When editing states/priorities, just
    > being able to clone the states/priorities from another type into this
    > type?

    I now think that this would be a good idea. It's almost the same as
    Gary's template patch, but it should work in a slightly different way
    to better fit the workflow direction.

    When we have state transitions, it's more important that a type
    doesn't change as tickets flow through it because that could cause
    tickets to become inconsistent. However, it's very likely that as the
    type is being used, people see some way of making it fit the model
    more accurately. In that case, probably the best way to fix it is to
    copy the existing type into a new one. You can then modify the new
    type however you see fit then 'publish' the type and start creating
    tickets in it. Published types can't be altered.

    With the type templates, you could only copy particular types into new
    ones, instead of any type that you need to.

    However, with the templates, type were created as 'just a template',
    ie. one that shouldn't have tickets created. This can be quite
    useful, but instead of using an underscore prefix to identify it, I'd
    prefer to have a 'published' field in the table to represent types
    that can have tickets in it. A template could then be a normal,
    unpublished, type.
  • For project scheduling: