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Changes by Release



[jan] Officially support PHP 7.


[jan] SECURITY: Fix open redirects.
[jan] Fix decoding serialized attributes loaded from the backend.
[jan] Don't allow to add unsported image attributes (Bug #14659).
[jan] Fix deleting attributes from ticket types (Bug 14111).


[jan] SECURITY: Fix permission check when downloading reports.


[jan] Update German translation.


[jan] Update Portuguese translation.
[mjr] Fix decoding custom attributes for display (Bug #14326).


[jan] Fix displaying ticket creators with names when creating tickets from
[jan] If set, use Reply-To: address for the ticket creator when creating
      tickets from emails.


[jan] Use access rules compatible with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4.
[jan] Fix updating tickets with owners via the API (Neal Thomas Oakey
[mjr] Fix incorrect casting of numeric strings to integers (Bug #14146).
[mjr] Allow due date to be changed via the API (Neal Thomas Oakey


[mjr] Fix some issues with adding tickets via the API.
[jan] Update Italian translation.


[jan] Update Italian translation.
[jan] Update Czech translation.
[mjr] Fix validation of email field failing for valide RFC822 email lists (Bug


[mjr] Fix error reporting if listing of users failed (Bug #13944).
[jan] Don't make attribute description a required field.
[jan] Fix fatal error when assigning a ticket in certain use cases (Bug


[jan] Fix uploading attachments when assigning in step 4 (Bug #13621).
[jan] Fix sending reminders (Bug #12867).


[jan] Fix CSS styling of comment text.
[jan] Prefix ticket number exported via tasks API.
[mms] Fix whups-mail-filter binary.


[jan] Fix updateTicket() API method (Bug #13011).
[jan] Add Swedish translation (Arne Nordmark <>).
[jan] Make shares table compatible with Oracle.
[jan] Add "show" API link.


[jan] Fix empty notifications for assignees on ticket creation (Bug #12683).
[jan] Fix displaying of ticket tabs (Bug #12744).
[mjr] Fix sourceselect preference handling (Bug #12718).
[jan] Hide citings in comments by default.
[jan] Move attachments list to separate ticket tab.


[jan] Fix sorting tickets by date.
[jan] Fix setting ticket sort order.
[jan] Fix autocompletion for requester field.
[jan] Fix table header of query results.


[jan] Set assign and update dates when creating new tickets (Bug #12414).
[jan] Fix counting of responsible users (Bug #12406).
[jan] Never send empty messages.
[jan] Don't send reply messages to guests if disabled in preferences.
[jan] Fix downloading of attachments.
[jan] Add more tests to filter out bounces and auto-replies in the mail parser.
[jan] Hide topbar and sidebar when displaying attachments.
[jan] Fix displaying of multiple owners (Bug #12051).


[jan] Fix deleting attributes.
[jan] Add configuration option to include raw processed message.
[jan] Add due date to ticket columns (Request #10986).
[jan] Make columns of portal block configurable (Request #10986).


[jan] Fix converting searches in individual queues to queries (Bug #11819).
[jan] Fix editing single attribute and text criteria in query editor.
[jan] Fix setting active tabs in query editor.
[jan] Group active and inactive versions in queue adminstration.
[jan] Fix auto-submitting of tickets if using groups (Bug #10654).
[jan] Improve error reporting in whups-mail-filter.


[jan] Fix saving portal blocks.
[jan] Fix deleting queries (Bug #10985).
[jan] Fix encoding of auto-completion results (Bug #10945).


[jan] Fix some CLI scripts if run from a PEAR installation (Bug #10839).
[jan] Automatically create parent permissions when adding the first restricted
[jan] Ignore messages from postmaster too when processing mails.
[jan] Add setting to use different addresses for Return-Path: and From:
[jan] Fix whups-reminders script (Bug #10783).
[jan] Add Latvian translation (Jānis Eisaks).


[jan] Fix rendering of attributes if a ticket's type has changed.


[jan] Support more complex attributes types (Bug #9947).
[jan] Fix displaying form errors from updating tickets.
[jan] Allow to create private comments during ticket creation (Request #8312).
[jan] Fix addTicket API method.
[jan] Add missing default value for whups_priorities.priority_default column
      (Bug #10631).


[jan] Don't create stray update and assign permission (Bug #10624).
[jan] Add script to convert backends to UTF-8.
[jan] Fix executing queries on non-UTF-8 backends.
[jan] Add index to whups_attributes table.
[jan] Fix using custom SQL configurations.
[jan] Fix fatal error when updating address book preferences (Bug #10567).
[jan] Don't access protected properties in the addTicket/updateTicket API
      methods (Bug #10566).
[jan] Fix adding comments as a guest (Bug #10559).


[jan] Fix automatic linking of bug numbers inside URLs (Bug #7081).
[jan] Don't search for all states if no states have been selected.
[jan] Add templates for delete and reminder notifications.
[jan] Add message template variable for recipient role.
[jan] Convert notification message templates to Horde_View.
[jan] Send notification when deleting tickets.
[jan] Fix determining whether to send updates without comments.
[jan] Send uploaded attachments with notification messages (Request #7615).
[mjr] Correctly set ticket version when changing queues (Bug #9645).
[jan] Add listSlugs API method.
[jan] Convert HTML messages to plain text when processing mail messages.
[jan] Fix creating temporary files with open_basedir restrictions.
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.


[jan] Fix Oracle SQL scripts.
[jan] Render private comments for everyone, but hide the comment text.
[jan] Add flag to disable old versions.
[jan] Apply simple markup highlighting on comments.
[jan] Save queue email addresses when editing queues (,
      Bug #7905).
[jan] Fix charset conversion of comments added with mail-filter.php
      (, Bug #7730).
[cjh] Show version changes in the ticket history.
[jan] Use all credentials and mailer settings when sending mails.
[cjh] Allow changing the queue version from the Update screen.
[cjh] Add more date formats to the report_time_format preference
      (, Request #7793).
[jan] Escape SQL wildcards in string queries.
[cjh] Enforce queue permissions in ticket-listing blocks (Bug #7614).
[cjh] Ensure the DB library is explicitly loaded (Bug #7647).
[jan] Add Turkish translation (Akif Dinc <>).
[jan] Fix linking to queries if URL rewriting is turned off.


[jan] Change group field in shares table to work with LDAP groups (Bug #6883).
[jan] Fix rendering attribute criteria in the query tree.
[jan] Generate a valid Message-ID.
[mjr] Fix an issue with searching on installations with a single queue that
      was causing all existing tickets in the queue to be displayed on entering
      the search page.


[jan] Add date search criteria (Duck <>, Request #7274).
[cjh] Add an RSS feed of search results (Duck <>, Request #7259).
[jan] Group statistics by ticket type.
[jan] Add Precedence and Auto-Submitted headers to notification messages
      (Request #7082).
[jan] Add In-Reply-To header to notification messages (Request #7103).
[jan] Add button to save searches as queries (Request #5921).
[jan] Add query slugs and RSS feeds (Request #5924).
[jan] Implement editing of query elements.
[mjr] Fix saving of queries.


[jan] Remove attributes hooks.
[jan] Add form replies.
[jan] Add support for queue-specific notification messages.
[jan] Add email address per queue for ticket notifications.
[jan] Use highlightquotes filter for quoted comments.
[jan] Send notification messages in flowed text format (requires Horde 3.2.1).
[jan] Allow to specify field types and parameters for attributes.
[jan] Add a hook that is called if a ticket is being updated, for automatic
      ticket changes.
[jan] Add auto-completion to retrieve requesters from the address book.
[jan] Add per-queue permission to manually set the ticket requester.
[jan] Deal with queue vs. admin permissions more consistently.
[jan] Add configuration option whether to include email headers in comments.
[cjh] Improve resource usage in datatree_to_sql share migration script
      (Bug #6740).
[cjh] Add an upgrade script for the new SQL share driver (Request #6109).
[jan] Add preference to only receive notifications if a comment has been added.
[jan] Send personalized ticket notification messages.
[jan] Add addAttachment API method.
[jan] Add message templates for email notifications.
[jan] Sequentially number comments (Request #4895).
[jan] Unset resolved date when un-resolving tickets (Bug #6310).
[jan] Add mail sender as requester when using the --default-auth argument with
[jan] Notify watchers that have just been added by email.
[jan] Add attributes search to query builder.
[jan] Rename API methods get_assigned_ticket_ids, get_requested_ticket_ids,
      get_schema, add_tickets, and set_ticket_attributes.
[jan] Add --guess-queue argument to mail-filter.php.
[cjh] Use pretty URLs if Horde is configured for them (Request #5922).
[jan] Add configuration for default types, states, and priorities.
[mjr] Attribute values now show correctly in initial ticket notifications.
[jan] Add a hook to customize field grouping in the ticket views.
[cjh] Combine Type and Category selects in search form (,
      Request #4928).
[jan] Show attribute changes in ticket history.
[jan] Allow scripts/mail-filter.php to process attachments.
[jan] Add ability to read messages from a mailbox to scripts/mail-filter.php.
[cjh] Don't re-use old attachment names even if the attachment has since been
      deleted (Bug #4472).
[cjh] Store the guest user associated with transactions that only add an
      attachment, with no comment text (Bug #2890).
[cjh] Include attribute values in ticket emails, including "diffs" for changes
      (Bug #1083).
[cjh] When creating a ticket, preserve attachments uploaded in step 3 when
      step 4 is used to assign the ticket (Bug #2514).
[cjh] When replying to a restricted comment, default to the same restriction
      (Request #4902).
[cjh] Support split read and write databases (<>, Request #5926).
[jan] Add Lithuanian translation (Vilius Sumskas <>).
[cjh] Add an addComment API method.
[jan] Add OpenSearch interface for direct ticket access through browser bars.
[jan] Move all Whups-specific hook examples from Horde's config/ directory.
[cjh] Rename whups_tickets_listeners to whups_ticket_listeners for consistency.
[cjh] Add a tree menu block (Jakob Schroeter <>).
[cjh] On the search screen, only show types that are associated with queues
      that are available/active (, Request #4107).
[jan] Add Polish translation (Tadeusz Lesiecki <>, Piotr
      Tarnowski <>).
[jan] Add Ukrainian translation (Andriy Kopystyansky <>).
[cjh] Ensure that a due date in a prior year doesn't make the EditTicketForm
      invalid (Bug #4763).
[cjh] Remove saved searches (Request #4897).
[cjh] Calculate ticket date attributes when they change instead of on every
      access (, Request #4893).
[cjh] Queries are now managed as shares, but the serialized bits are stored
      and managed by Whups in their own dedicated table.
[jan] Allow guest access to query page.
[cjh] Smarter word wrapping in string representations of tickets
      (Request #4510).
[cjh] Add a Queue Summary block showing queues with the number of open
      tickets in each (Request #4628).
[cjh] Combine the People tab with the Update tab.
[cjh] Allow changing ticket queues as long as the user has DELETE permissions
      on the current queue and EDIT permissions on the new queue
      (, Request #4268).
[cjh] Add hours and minutes to due dates.
[cjh] Always use Summary for the ticket summary field label.
[jan] Add Slovenian translation (Duck <>).
[cjh] Show the requester in search results (rodion (at) nezna (dot) com,
      Bug #2820).
[cjh] Show either the Comment or Update tabs depending on permissions,
      but not both.
[cjh] Report the last-updated date for tickets (Bug #2396).
[cjh] Tickets now have an optional due date field.
[cjh] New updateTicket API call (Ben Klang <>, Bug #4101).
[cjh] Check permissions when setting ticket attributes through an API call
      (Ben Klang <>, Bug #4098).
[cjh] If guests can add tickets but not view them, don't tell them adding
      failed (Bug #3630).
[cjh] Add Unassigned Tickets Horde_Block (Request #766).
[mas] Fix sorting in summary page to better handle dates. (Bug #2930)
[cjh] Add CAPTCHA support to the Add Comment and Create Ticket forms.
[cjh] Deliver RSS feeds in a way that supports USM
      (, Request #2593).
[cjh] processMail() now ignores emails that were generated by Whups
      (Bug #3398).
[ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
[jan] Add Norwegian (Bokmal) translation (Torbjorn Grindhaug
[cjh] "My Bugs" page is now a Horde_Block layout (Request #3202).
[cjh] Fix permissions checking for ticket comments when an admin user is the
      one making the comment (Bug #2673).
[cjh] Delete searches by getvars string, not by name (Bug #3197).
[jan] Allow to assign tickets to foreign groups
      (, Request #2477).
[cjh] Add support for dynamic re-sorting of search results, including saving
      the sort preferences on any changes.
[mas] Protect against HTML tags in the search results summary.
[jan] Allow other applications to provide versions.
[jan] Simplify UI for query editor and allow to search for versions.
[jan] Allow to send notification mails to queue-specific addresses (Marcus
      Boerger <>).
[jan] Allow other applications to provide queues.
[cjh] Add *-id arguments for type, priority, state, and queue to
      mail-filter.php (Bug #2347).
[cjh] Add a link to return to the list of search results, along with the
      previous/next links (Bug #1751).
[cjh] Fix the Quicksearch links.
[cjh] mail-filter.php now handles replies as well (Bug #280).
[cjh] Use the date_format preference for displaying TicketDetailsForm
      as well (Bug #2151).
[jan] Add Russian translation (Illya Belov <>).
[mas] Add ability to search by ticket requester.
[mas] Change any output of <b> and <i> tags to <strong> and <em> for better
      accessibility support.
[cjh] Add links to Update/Comment from individual transactions, which quote
      that transaction's comment text (Bug #823).
[cjh] Add explicit permissions for assigning and updating tickets
      (, Bug #1955).
[jan] Strike-through links to resolved tickets.
[jan] Make server name and port in mail-filter.php configurable (Bug #2004).
[cjh] Honor creator permissions on tickets (,
      Bug #1945).
[cjh] Implement ticket watchers (, Bug #867).
[cjh] Enforce permissions on queues in reports, let guests see reports
      if they have permissions (Bug #1812).
[cjh] Allow export templates to define a callback function for filtering
      data. Includes an example for properly quoting CSV data (Bug #1774).
[jan] Use bind variables in the SQL driver (Bug #1701).
[cjh] Queries are stored as Horde_Share objects with full permissions.
      (Bug #1481).
[cjh] Delete queue permissions when deleting a queue (Bug #1462).
[jan] Add MIME viewer for ZIP files.
[cjh] Queries can now be deleted (Bug #1193).
[cjh] Preserve the current search criteria when re-sorting results (Bug #1024).
[cjh] Link to ticket RSS feeds on all ticket display pages.
[cjh] Allow administrators to delete attachments (Bug #1252).
[cjh] Allow uploading an attachment when initially creating a ticket.
[cjh] Fix group-restricted comments (Bug #1225).
[jan] Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Daniel V. Hoisel
[cjh] Whups_Mail::processMail needs to use Whups_Ticket for ticket creation
      to trigger email notifications, etc (Bug #1134).
[cjh] Allow inserting explicit Type filters into Query Builder queries
      (Bug #434).
[cjh] Force users to choose a queue when creating tickets with the goal
      of cutting down on misfiled tickets (Bug #588).
[cjh] Remove the Attachment tab, as it currently serves no purpose beyond
      the Comment tab (Bug #868).
[cjh] Add a numeric log_value_num field for faster logs table comparisons
      and for compatibility with databases that can't cast strings into
      integer comparisons (Oracle, etc) (rvs (at) angara (dot) ru).
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).
[jan] Add Spanish translation (Manuel Perez Ayala <>).
[cjh] The way ticket histories are stored and retrieved has been completely
      revamped to be quicker, more robust, and more complete.
[cjh] Add a 'summary' search option in the basic search form (Bug #269).
[cjh] Queue is now a valid query builder criterion.
[cjh] Add previous/next navigation when there's a current list of search
      results to navigate through.
[cjh] Changing a ticket's queue now also allows setting a queue version.
[cjh] Group ticket histories by transaction, not by individual change.
[cjh] Show users their saved queries as well as saved searches.
[jan] Add Simplified Chinese translation (Liaobin <>).
[cjh] Add a basic "Update" screen for changing summary, state, priority,
      and adding attachments/comments, all at once.
[cjh] Finish renaming "module" to "queue" throughout the data and SQL.
[cjh] Add $conf['mail']['always_copy'] to allow Whups to always copy
      a specific email address on ticket mail.
[cjh] Mail can be configured to come from a single email address now,
      making it easier to allow Whups to post ticket email to a
      mailing list, etc.
[cjh] Add a "DO NOT REPLY" note to generated emails if Whups isn't
      configured to handle replies to ticket mail.
[cjh] Advertise permissions through the API.
[jan] Add Dutch translation (Stefan de Konink <>).
[cjh] Make ticket owners available in search results again.
[jan] Allow uploading of attachments.
[cjh] Allow assigning tickets to groups.
[cjh] Add Set Type action to the details page (Bo Daley <>).
[cjh] Allow clearing of all or individual searches (Bo Daley <>).
[cjh] Start of a reminder-sending daemon.
[cjh] Allow assignment of a ticket to multiple users.
[cjh] Queue/Type matrix is now functional and allows very quick editing
      of which ticket types are associated with each module.
[jan] Add Romanian translation (Eugen Hoanca <>).
[cjh] Allow much more flexible configuration of who gets email on
      various actions (Bo Daley <>).
[cjh] Whups can now send out simple reminders.
[cjh] By giving users the 'whups:admin' permission, people can administer
      individual queues in Whups, or just Whups as opposed to all of Horde.
[cjh] Allow multiple levels of sorting (first by date, then type, etc).
[cjh] Phrases in ticket comments can now be linked to the ticket in question
      automatically (Mike Baptiste <>).
[cjh] Use Horde_Template to generate configurable reports from
      search result sets.
[cjh] Add a New Ticket link in the summary screen
      (Brian Keifer <>).
[cjh] Add a preference for not showing requested tickets in the summary
      screen (Brian Keifer <>).
[cjh] Prevent guest users from assigning tickets and make them enter
      the ticket password to change state/priority.
[cjh] Guest users can now add tickets and add comments to tickets when
      they have permissions to do so.
[cjh] We can now retrieve much more flexible datasets, such as the
      average time it takes to resolve a ticket by developer,
      requester, module, etc.
[cjh] Add a flexible set of stats, such as the average time a ticket
      is unresolved.
[cjh] Add a much more flexible set of graphs, and a "My Bugs"
      section for ticket summaries.
[cjh] Search results can now specify the results title header.
[cjh] Reports currently lacks pretty graphs, but now shows more useful
      information - all assigned and requested tickets.
[cjh] Fix usage of Variables:: class.
[jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (David Chang <>).
[jan] Add Bulgarian translation (Miroslav Pendev <>).
[cjh] Better enforcement of permissions on modules, especially
      during searches.
[cjh] Add options for how many comments are sent in bug emails,
      and in what order.
[cjh] Make sure that comments mailed to users don't include private
      comments they aren't authorized to see.
[cjh] Clean up the format of generated emails to be much clearer.
[cjh] All email notification triggers now work.
[cjh] Add a standard Horde menu.
[cjh] Add an Options screen.
[cjh] Fix the Query Builder.
[cjh] Whups now uses the Horde FormSprocket:: API for all form handling.
[cjh] Ticket search results are now fully sortable, and a user preference.
[jan] Add French translation (Thierry Thomas).
[cjh] Use users' identities for showing names of requester, owner, etc.
[cjh] Include assigned and resolved dates in the search results view.
[cjh] Include date created, assigned, and resolved in the details view.
[cjh] Don't show resolved tickets in the summary.
[cjh] Require permission (whups:hiddenComments, at level Edit) to make
      comments specific to a group.
[cjh] Display comments which are restricted differently.
[cjh] Add the ability to restrict viewing of a comment to a Group.
[cjh] Improve the reporting data that gets saved by a lot.
[jan] Add Czech translation.
[cjh] Fix some non-portable SQL.
[cjh] Add the option to keep track of different versions for a module.
[cjh] Fix problems when there are no types associated with a module.
[cjh] Default select lists which have only one value to that value. In
      some cases this allows for auto-filling of forms (creating tickets).
[cjh] Include session ID in forms/links.
[cjh] Only show users queues which they have permissions for.
[cjh] Add a link from the edit queue section to edit the permissions on
      that module.
[cjh] Add managing of which users can have tickets assigned to them, on a
      per-module basis.
[cjh] Remove the sample data, as it poses sequence problems and isn't needed
      now that the administration interface works.
[cjh] Don't create the sequence tables in whups.sql; PEAR needs to create
      them itself to get implementation-specific details right.
[cjh] Administration interface - adding, deleting, and editing of modules,
      types, states, and priorities all work now.
[jon] Adapt to the new Horde::img() syntax.
[cjh] Types can now map to multiple modules, instead of either one or global.
      This is a much more flexible setup, and actually allows re-use of types.
[cjh] Added a SetType for collections of on/off values (a checkbox set).
[cjh] Use $registry->get() in place of other $registry->get
[cjh] Use WHUPS_TEMPLATES for template paths.
[jon] Enable the "portability" option in the SQL driver.
[jan] Remove the standard value for the language preference. The language to
      fall back to should be set Horde wide in lang.php instead.
[cjh] Add API method and implementation for adding modules.
[rec] Add query builder, many UI improvements, more horde-style design.
[cjh] Apply patches from Alex L. for assignment, users, etc.
[avsm] Replace $conf['paths'] with the $registry equivalents.
[cjh] Convert short tags (<?) to <?php.
[cjh] Make all copyright notices refer to BSD license.
[cjh] Added initial CHANGES file.