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Sesha is mostly complete, especially for just keeping track of inventory.

Here is an incomplete list of features that would be cool to have.

  • Remember previous category after editing a stock item
  • Search by Property Names, not just values
  • Implement API for adding, updating & getting properties for items in inventory
  • Add a few new Horde_Form_Types like IP address and Turba contact so that all i of the previous functionality from Sesha is present in this version.
  • More help(?)
  • Maybe a better summary that will include a set of user-defined properties to show (probably will lag too much to implement)
  • Add another data field to allow an item to be purchased or not (or another table all together)
  • Add a field allowing user to indicate how many of an item are in stock.
  • Consider crossover of this app with Merk (shopping cart)

These are not set in stone, but if Sesha is going to be used to keep up with a store's inventory, these features would be nice to have. If it is nothing more than to keep track of a few things that are lying around, Sesha is already set to rock and roll.


Coleman mercury [at] appisolutions [dot] net

  • Horde 5 Ajax view
  • Utilisation of the Rdo driver's enhanced search capabilities

Ralf Lang