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Changes by Release


[jan] Officially support PHP 7.
[jan] Don't use LIKE search on inventory ID field (Bug #12976).


[rla] QuickSearch now works by Name or Id (Request #11657).


[rla] Improved display of search results (Request #11656).
[rla] Search now allows to select partial or full value match (Request #11655).


[jan] Update to work with latest Horde 5 code.


[rla] Use Horde 5's CSS for sidebar icons.
[rla] Use Horde 5's New button for the Add Stock menu entry.


[rla] Use Horde_View in place of Horde_Template.
[rla] Change backend from Sql driver to Rdo driver with enhanced search
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).
[rla] Convert to Horde 5 Framework.
[jan] Add Latvian translation (Jānis Eisaks).
[cjh] Add sort priorities to categories.
[cjh] Add a preference for showing properties on the Stock List.
[jan] Add Spanish translation (Manuel Perez Ayala <>).
[cjh] Separate permission to add stock from general admin permissions
      (Manilal K M <>).
[jan] Add configuration for address book field used for the client listings.
      (Request #3816).
[jan] Remove default categories (, Request #3430).
[ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
[jan] Add support for dynamic re-sorting of the stock inventory, including
      saving the sort preferences on any changes.
[jan] Allow set local administrators through permission interface
      (, Request #2523).
[jan] Provide queues (categories) and versions (stock items) for Whups.
[jan] Add interface to set any additional parameters that some data types need.
[mas] Change any output of <b> and <i> tags to <strong> and <em> for better
      accessibility support.
[jan] Add Lithuanian translation (Vilius Sumskas <>).