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Upgrading Passwd


1   General instructions

These are instructions to upgrade from earlier Passwd versions.

Upgrading Passwd is as easy as running:

pear upgrade -a -B horde/passwd

If you want to upgrade Passwd with all binary dependencies, you need to remove the -B flag. Please note that this might also try to install PHP extensions through PECL that might need further configuration or activation in your PHP configuration:

pear upgrade -a horde/passwd

If you want to upgrade to an alpha or beta version of Passwd, you need to tell the PEAR installer to prefer non-stable package versions. Please note that this might also install pre-release 3rd-party PEAR packages:

pear -d preferred_state=alpha upgrade -a horde/passwd

If you want to upgrade from a Passwd version prior to 4.0, please follow the instructions in INSTALL to install the most recent Passwd version using the PEAR installer.

After updating to a newer Passwd version, you always need to update configurations. Log in as an administrator, go to Administration => Configuration and update anything that's highlighted as outdated.

3   Upgrading to Passwd 5.0

NOTE: If changing a password that is currently being used to authenticate to Horde, you CANNOT continue to use Horde after changing the authentication password. Instead, you MUST configure backends.local.php to logout of Horde after a successful password change (see the logout parameter in config/backends.php). The old authentication credentials may be cached in various Horde applications, and there is no way to clear this cache unless the session is destroyed.

3.1   Backend Configuration (backends.php)

The following options have been added:


The following options have been removed:


3.2   Hooks Configuration (hooks.php)

The 'default_username' hook no longer receives a $user parameter.

The 'userdn' hook has been removed. It can now be configured using the 'userdn' parameter in the LDAP driver configuration.

4   Upgrading to Passwd 4.0

4.1   Backend Configuration (backends.php)

The 'password policy' setting in backends.php has been renamed to 'policy'.

5   Upgrading to Passwd 3.1

5.1   Application Hooks

All hooks that are specific to Passwd have been moved from the horde/config/hooks.php file. Move your existing Passwd Hooks from there to passwd/config/hooks.php.

5.2   New Hook Parameters

The _passwd_hook_username hook is now passed an additional parameter, the Passwd_Driver_* object for the backend that you are changing the password on. This allows Passwd to support users being able to change passwords on multiple backends even when the different backends may have different requirements for the username (such as one requiring'' while another only requiring 'user'). Additionally, the Passwd_Driver_composite driver also supports this functionality by checking for the existence of a parameter called 'be_username' in each of it's sub-drivers. If this parameter is present, its value overrides any other value of $userid it is passed. If you wish to use this functionality of the composite driver, look at the example _passwd_hook_username function in horde/config/hooks.php.dist.