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Passwd Development TODO List

  • Various drivers need testing and possibly are broken.
  • There should be more error checking for various things, in particular sanity checking of the form variables passed in.
  • Document issues of poppassd/ldap/smbpasswd perhaps allowing weak passwords or otherwise getting around passwd restrictions. Document the password length and strength tests, and how bad they really are. We could investigate using cracklib calls, since it is supported by php, but that would require cracklib to be installed on the system and in PHP.
  • Need to clean up the ldapd code still. A work in progress. Maybe pass the password field "userPassword" as a config item so people can name it differently if needed?
  • The exim sql driver defines a lot of stuff in conf.php that should already be defined in Horde/IMP's configs. We should probably reuse the Horde/IMP stuff rather than duplicating the configuration???
  • Display the password policy to the user that he knows how the password should look like (Request #2304).