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Changes by Release



[jan] SECURITY: Fix open redirects.
[jan] Officially support PHP 7.


[jan] Update German translation.


[jan] Update German translation.
[jan] Update Portuguese translation.
[jan] Fix changing passwords with the SOAP driver.
[jan] Use access rules compatible with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4.


[mjr] Fix changing password using Kolab driver (Mike Gabriel


[jan] Update Italian translation.
[jan] Update Galician translation.
[jan] Update Catalan translation.
[jan] Update German translation.
[jan] Update Czech translation.
[jan] Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luis Felipe Marzagao


[jan] Fix syntax error in HTTP driver (Bug #13464).
[mms] Re-add 'userdn' hook.
[jan] Update Danish translation (Erling Preben Hansen <>).
[mms] Fix usage of 'query_lookup' and 'query_modify' backend parameters
      (Michael Cramer <>).


[jan] Don't overwrite parameters for composite sub-drivers (Bug #12284).
[jan] Don't install expect scripts as executables.
[jan] Fix fatal error in Samba/LDAP driver (Bug #12319).
[jan] Fix user name parameter in LDAP driver (Bug #12331).


[jan] Add policy for minimum number of non-alphanumeric characters (Friedrich
      Haubensak <>, Request #12243).
[jan] Add parameter for sudo program name to expect script (Friedrich Haubensak
      <>, Request #12243).


[mms] Add option to destroy Horde session after changing password (Bug #11766).
[mms] Http driver now uses Horde_Http_Client.
[jan] Update French translation (Paul De Vlieger
[jan] Update Polish translation (Krzysztof Kozera <>).
[jan] Update Italian translation (Massimo Malabotta <>).
[jan] Fix preparing multiple backends (Bug #11023).


[rla] Don't pass too many parameters from backends.php to Horde_Db (Bug
[jan] Make expect driver locale independent (Bug #9166).
[jan] Update Japanese translation (Hiromi Kimura <>).


[bak] Fix lookup of user entry in LDAP driver.


[jan] Add Latvian translation (Jānis Eisaks <>).
[rla] Add new driver 'horde' which uses the update() function of horde's
      authentication driver.
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.
[jan] Fix creating temporary files with open_basedir restrictions.


[jan] Fix examples using 'minSymbols' instead of 'minSymbol' (Bug #8854).
[jan] Fix PHP error when changing passwords with LDAP driver (Bug #8686).


[jan] Enable output compression (, Bug #8649).
[jan] Add Croatian translation (Valentin Vidic <>).
[jan] Add option to configure referrals for LDAP driver (,
      Request #8582).
[jan] Simplify and fix smbldap driver (Bug #8192).


[cjh] SECURITY: Fix XSS when specifying an invalid backend key
      (, #8398).
[jan] Add hook that's called after successfully changing the password.
[jan] Add SOAP driver.
[jan] Add example configuration for Postfix Admin (Michael Brennen
[jan] Fix binding to LDAP server if using the userdn hook.


[cjh] Fix bad mode for STDERR in the procopen driver
      (, Bug #8022).


[cjh] Don't include the old password in LDAP driver error messages
      (Joffrey van Wageningen <>).


[cjh] Add missing enforcement of minSymbol password policy
      (, Bug #7260).
[cjh] Only update smbldap attributes for Samba users, and update all attributes
      at once instead of one at a time (, Request #5977).
[cjh] Don't set smbldap attributes that are commented out in the config
      (, Request #5937).
[jan] Move all Passwd-specific hook examples from Horde's config/ directory.
[cjh] Add support for switching between encryption schemes
      (, Request #2865).
[jan] Add support for sudo to the example expect script (Dennis Voetelink
      <>, Request #5300).
[mas] Conform to WCAG 1.0 Priority 2/Section 508 accessibility guidelines.
      (Request #4080)
[jan] Add new expect driver that uses the expect PECL PHP extension (Duck
[mjr] Add new http driver for changing passwords via an existing web form.
[mjr] Pass reference to driver to the _passwd_hook_username call.
[jan] Add Turkish translation (METU <>).


[jan] Add placeholders for domain and username parts to SQL driver queries
      (Vilius Sumskas <>, Request #4985).
[jan] Improve error checking in poppassd driver (Bug #4505,
[jan] Add Slovenian translation (Duck <>).
[jan] Compare hashing algorithms in passwords case insensitively
      (, Bug #2708).
[jan] Allow password changing for special Kolab users (,
      Request #4128).
[jan] Add Japanese translation (Hiromi Kimura <>).
[ben] Better support for MS-SQL
[cjh] Add support in the expect driver for rssh, scponly, and other programs
      that can execute certain commands over ssh without providing a prompt
      (Request #2887).


[jan] Add configuration option to switch between using user names with and
      without realms.
[jan] Add Slovak translation (Ivan Noris <>).


[jan] Extend the expect script to allow setups with passwd as the login shell
      (Request #2550, Lionel Elie Mamane <>).
[jan] Don't bind to LDAP anonymously if binding with userdn fails (Bug #2502).
[cjh] Fix updating shadowlastchange attribute in ldap driver (Roel Gloudemans
[jan] Extend the smbldap driver from the ldap driver to support all parameters
      of the ldap driver (Request #2499).


[cjh] Use Crypt_CHAP to generate smbldap passwords (Bug #1223).
[stb] Add Kolab driver.
[cjh] Allow using admin credentials in the LDAP driver (Bug #1409).
[cjh] Use bind variables in SQL drivers (, Bug #1718).
[cjh] Allow the list of refused usernames to be empty (Bug #1544).
[cjh] If $conf['user']['change'] is false, don't trust form input for
      the userid.
[jan] Add Catalan translation (Joan Jorba Calsina <>).
[cjh] Add ADSI and PSPASSWD windows password drivers (LRM
[jan] Add Persian (Western) translation (Vahid Ghafarpour
[jan] Add shadowLastChange and shadowMin configuration items to LDAP driver
      (Roel Gloudemans <>).
[cjh] Add proc_open() driver (Samuel Nicolary <>).
[cjh] Add an SMB LDAP driver (Shane Boulter <>).
[cjh] Add SSL support to the LDAP driver (LRM <>).
[max] Add minSymbols and minClasses password policies.  See comments in
      config/backends.php.dist for more information.
[max] Add optional 'required' parameters to composite driver's subdriver
[max] Add optional parameter 'no_reset' to the backend configs which prevents
      reseting the authenticated user's credentials on password changes.
[max] Properly reset authenticated user's credentials.
[cjh] Use password encryption that's now implemented in the Auth:: package.
[max] Add pine driver which changes a pine-encoded file using FTP.
[max] Fix password checking when encryption requires a random salt.
[max] Add composite driver which will replace all the groups stuff.
[max] Add support for backend groups to allow syncing of multiple backends.
[max] Add query_lookup and query_modify parameters to the sql driver.
[ejr] Add tls support for ldap driver.
[ejr] Fix error reporting in poppassd driver.
[ejr] Add binddn hook submitted by Amith Varghese <>.
[ejr] make sure oldpassword == horde_login_password before changing horde
      cached password.
[ejr] Fix md5 (md5-hex and md5-base64) encryption for ldap/sql (Amith Varghese
[mc]  Move templates to horde style directory layout, getName() -> getParam().
[ejr] Implemented new CVS HEAD themes.
[ejr] Updated to new CVS HEAD notification system.


[jan] Close XSS when setting the parent frame's page title by javascript (cjh).
[ejr] Configuration item for showing/changing username in the form.
[jan] Allow to set the protocol version in the LDAP driver (
[cjh] Add crypt-blowfish and crypt-md5 encryption types. Also add crypt-des
      for completion which is just an alias for crypt (max).
[jan] Add Estonian translation (Toomas Aas <>).

[jan] Bug #40: Fix smbpasswd driver with non-bash shells (Christopher Huyler
[jan] Add Simplified Chinese translation (Zhang Bo <>).

[jan] Add Indonesian language (Slamin <>).
[jan] Add Galician translation (Rafael Varela Pet <>, Guillermo
      Mendez <>).
[jan] Add Danish translation (Anders Bruun Olsen <>).
[jan] Add Arabic (Syria) translation (Platinum Development Team
[jan] Add Hungarian translation (Szabo Gyula <>).
[jan] Add Romanian translation (Eugen Hoanca <>,
      Marius Dragulescu <>).
[jan] Add Lithuanian translation (Vilius Sumskas <>).
[ejr] Fix BC breaks in vpopmail and sql drivers.


[ejr] Allow bc for php versions that don't have the ctype extension.


[ejr] Fix missing path for expect binary.
[ejr] Add missing scripts/ directory and missing expect script.
[ejr] Fix error reporting in expect driver (
[ejr] Remove old realm code that was previously missed.
[ejr] Port servuftp driver to new backends.conf format.
[ejr] Return actual error message text in poppassd driver (submitted by
      Leena Heino <>).
[ejr] Change is_a(*, 'PEAR_Error') calls to PEAR::isError() calls for php bc.


[ejr] Add vpopmail driver (Anton Nekhoroshikh <>).
[mac] Add vmailmgr driver (Marco Kaiser <>).
[ejr] Add expect script (Gaudenz Steinlin).
[ejr] Change ldap code to do self-password changes, add phpdoc.
[ejr] Update ldap driver (Tjeerd van der Zee).
[ejr] Reset Horde/IMP cached credentials when changing password.
[ejr] Add username hooks (mac).
[ejr] Rewrite driver system, add backends.conf system (mc).
[jan] Add Italian translation (Fichera Gianrico <>).
[cjh] Close several small XSS vulnerabilities (Mitja Kolsek


[ejr] Add servuftp interface.
[ejr] Add exim sql backend.
[ejr] Add smbpasswd support.
[ejr] Move to driver driven system.
[mc]  Add javascript checks for form input.
[jan] Add Bulgarian translation (Miroslav Pendev <>).


[ejr] Added optional checks for password lengths and strength testing.
[ejr] Remove check for prefs.php in
[ejr] Change from short-tag <?= to long format <?php echo.
[ejr] Fix spacing and look of Submit button.
[ejr] Update contact info in docs/INSTALL for mailing list.
[ejr] Added Norwegian (nn_NO) translation.
[ejr] Added Swedish (sv_SE) translation.