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Kronolith Development TODO List

  • Drop down list to select from local users or calendars in the attendees view.
  • The option to not have any personal calendars displayed, now with remote calendars this would be a desirable option.
  • Remove the assumption that each calendar is using the same backend. Ideally it should be possible to have a local calendar using sql or kolab and a remote calendar using another driver (eg wcap or whatever mozilla uses).
  • Drivers should handle the permissions checks instead of accessing shares directly (outside drivers) to get the permissions for an event or calendar. One day we might have a calendar backend that knows about permissions.
  • Allow publishing calendars to a remote site as iCalendar files.
  • Saving of individual events as .ics files.
  • Support for searching a local file system for freebusy info.
  • Support for searching for freebusy info.
  • Automatically locate a meeting time.
  • Add a quick tool for planning meeting agendas.
  • Handle resource scheduling/management somehow, either per-calendar or by kinds of calendars, including rules for when overlapping appointments are allowed, etc.
  • lib/Driver/ical.php should be the central location for remote calendar support. Needs to be finished.
  • RSS or Atom feed for upcoming events.
  • Natural language quick event creation? (ex: 3/26 2am Raid on Ironforge [WoW] +thrall +gromhellscream)