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Horde Release Process Notes


The steps to use when cutting a new release

  1. Examine */docs/CHANGES files:

    • Add the word SECURITY in front of any security-related changes, and move them to the top, to draw attention to them.
    • Cull out the most important ones, and prepare the text of an announcement.
    • Write the release announcements into the docs/RELEASE_NOTES file and check if it parses with php -l docs/RELEASE_NOTES.

    As an extra effort to ensure completeness, you could also check the changelogs for any changes that may not have been inserted in the */docs/CHANGES file and integrate them into the above points.

  2. Examine docs/* files, and update the version if this is a major release. Minor releases should not change the versions in these files.

    Add -alpha or -beta sentinels to the pear install instructions if switching from stable release to pre-release, and vice versa.

  3. Update the .pot file: horde-translation extract --module foo and commit it.

  4. Make sure your settings in components/config/conf.php are correct.

  5. Make a "dry run" of the horde-components script by adding --pretend to the command line parameters.

  6. Create the PEAR package releases using horde-components ./foo release:

    - For usage, use the ``--help`` flag.
  7. Commit the web site (horde-web Git repository):

    • Push changes to config/versions.sqlite to update the version information.
  8. Add new version to if not added automatically by the release script.

    If releasing the first stable version after a release cycle, mark all pre-release versions as inactive.

  9. Bump version numbers of showstopper tickets that didn't go into the release, then bump version number in the showstopper query on

  10. Update

Guidelines for release cycles

  • When switching between stable and unstable releases, make sure the release state and release version in package.xml are correct.
  • During unstable releases the release version must be checked for every release, because the components scripts does automatically bump versions, but doesn't switch versions when changing from alpha to beta to RC.
  • During unstable releases check carefully the dependency versions. It may be necessary to set an alpha/beta/RC version as the minimum version of a dependency.

Example format for announcement messages

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the (first release candidate|official
release) of the [MODULE NAME] [MODULE DESCRIPTION] version [VERSION].


[Barring any problems, this code will be released as [MODULE] [VERSION].
Testing is requested and comments are encouraged.
Updated translations would also be great.]

[[MODULE] version H3 ([VERSION]) is a major upgrade in the a.x release series,
including these enhancements:]
[The major changes compared to the [MODULE] version H3 (a.b) are:]
  * [CHANGE 1]
  * [CHANGE 2]
  * ...