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Release notes for the latest release

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the first beta release of the Hermes Time
Tracking Application version H5 (2.0).

Hermes is a time tracking and reporting application written for the Horde
Framework. Taking advantage of the Framework for authentication and
presentation, it integrates seamlessly with other Horde applications allowing
users to track time against to do items (from Nag), tickets (from Whups), or
pre-configured projects within Hermes itself. The list of billable clients is
taken from the address book (Turba).

IMPORTANT! This is a preview version that should not be used on production
systems. This version is not feature complete yet and there are likely to be
bugs. You should not use this preview version with existing production data.

We encourage widespread testing and feedback via the mailing lists or our bug
tracking system. Updated translations are very welcome, though some strings
might still change before the release candidates are prepared.

Major changes compared to the Hermes H3 (1.0.1) version are:
* Redesigned UI.
* Added Ajax view.
* Added improved support for timers.