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Changes by Release



[jan] SECURITY: Fix unauthorized access to files from backends that don't
      require authentication (Reported by Tim O'Driscoll
[jan] Officially support PHP 7.


[jan] Fix redirection after logins with Horde 5.2.16 and later.


[jan] Update German translation.


[jan] Update Portuguese translation.
[jan] Update Basque translation.


[jan] Add Greek translation (Limperis Antonis <>).


[jan] Use access rules compatible with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4.
[jan] Fix fatal error when cutting and pasting files on the same backend.


[jan] Update Italian translation.


[mjr] SECURITY: Fix XSS vulnerability when viewing directory contents
      (Discovered by


[jan] Update Italian translation.
[jan] Update Catalan translation.
[jan] Update Czech translation (Michael Grafnetter
[jan] Update German translation.
[jan] Update Hungarian translation.


[jan] Update Polish translation (Maciej Uhlig <>).
[jan] Make shares table compatible with Oracle.


[jan] Update Danish translation (Erling Preben Hansen <>).


[jan] Fix saving columns preference if only one backend exists (Bug #12003).


[jan] Update French translation (Paul De Vlieger


[jan] Pass custom login parameters to VFS backend (Bug #11771).
[jan] Fix selecting display columns in preferences (Bug #11851).
[jan] Fix automatic login to other than the first backend.
[jan] Fix downloading if backend key doesn't match driver name (Bug #11746).
[jan] Update Basque translation (Ibon Igartua <>).
[jan] Change recursive deletion preference to ask by default.
[jan] Fix share_id column if using old share backend (Bug #11833).
[jan] Show loading layer when changing backends on login form.


[jan] Don't show permissions link if permissions are disabled (Bug #11705).
[jan] Use short date format in file listing (Request #11722).
[jan] Update Dutch translation (Arjen de Korte <>).


[jan] Convert templates to Horde_View.
[jan] Fix sorting if using a pager.
[jan] Use standard Horde dialogs.


[jan] Fix setting quota parameters to the VFS backend (Bug #11455).
[jan] Fix getViewLink() API method (Bug #11226).
[jan] Update Turkish translation (İstanbul Technical University).


[jan] Don't show user name and password fields on login page if not required.
[jan] Display 'loginparams' on login screen (Bug #11088).
[jan] Fix removing filter (Bug #11043).
[jan] Update Japanese translation (Hiromi Kimura <>).


[mms] Fix selectlist widget when initial cacheID was not given (Bug #10781).
[mms] Fix icon display of files in selectlist widget.
[jan] Fix downloading of file types without a MIME viewer (Bug #10709).
[jan] Fix autocreating of home folders (Bug #10690).
[jan] Fix JavaScript for Actions drop down list (Bug #10695).


[jan] Fix corruption of downloaded files (Bug #8481).
[jan] Catch if VFS backend doesn't support size() (Bug #10637).
[mms] Fix editing text files.


[jan] Fix usage of createhome parameter (Bug #10592).
[mms] Fix display of 'columnselect' preference (Bug #10628).
[jan] Don't require login for login-less VFS backends.


[jan] Fix file viewing.
[jan] Add missing backends configuration.
[jan] Add missing sort icons.
[jan] Fix broken dependency.


[jan] Convert authentication infrastructure to H4.
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.
[mms] Convert to use H4.


[mms] SECURITY: Fix CSS vulnerability when viewing file data (found by
[jan] Add Japanese translation (Hiromi Kimura <>).


[jan] Add Croatian translation (Valentin Vidic <>).
[mms] Upgrade prototype.js to v1.6.1.
[mms] Fix create folder dialog in IE (Bug #8216).
[jan] Don't redirect to browse view if viewing a file fails.


[jan] Fix attachment dialog with only a single autologin backend (Bug #7096).
[jan] Start with first page again when filter string is changed (Bug #7935).
[mms] Navigation link now uses description from backends.php (Request #8037,
      Thomas Reifferscheid <>).
[mjr] Fix issue that was causing the wrong backend to be selected when being
      redirected to login.php.
[mms] Fix autologin when switching backends on login page (Bug #7892,


[mms] Add folder caching.
[mms] Add pager navigation and filtering (Request #7160,
[jan] Add Estonian translation (Alar Sing <>).
[jan] Add Basque translation (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea EHU/UPV
[cjh] Use the Horde date_format preference (Bug #6683).
[cjh] Apply fix for to prototype.js
      (Request #6590).
[jan] Add Turkish translation (METU <>).
[cjh] If the VFS backend supports streams, use them to avoid reading entire
      files into memory when downloading (Request #5913).
[mms] Compress download data.
[jan] Add Ukrainian translation (Andriy Kopystyansky <>).
[bak] Add browse API to allow browsing backends through WebDAV (Request #5337).
[cjh] Inline PHP-generated javascript to avoid cross-domain leaking
      (Bug #5307).
[mms] Preserve URL anchor information when performing login.
[mms] All javascript now contained in static, cacheable files.
[cjh] Add javascript sortable tables to Gollem.
[cjh] Use optimized Horde_Template code as Gollem_Template.
[cjh] Fix javascript errors when filenames contain quotes (Bug #3824),
      and make several links work without JavaScript.
[jan] Add editing of text files.
[mms] Add examples/checks for SSH2 VFS driver.


[jan] Add Estonian translation (Alar Sing <>).
[jan] Add Basque translation (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea EHU/UPV
[jan] Add Slovak translation (Martin Matuška <>).
[cjh] Fix uploading files to non-empty directories when deletion is disabled
      (Bug #5349).


[jan] Add Catalan translation (Jordi Giralt <>).
[jan] Add Slovenian translation (Duck <>).
[jan] Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Fábio Gomes <>).
[mms] Don't show quota link in menu if quota support for current backend is


[jan] Add Danish translation (Brian Truelsen <>).
[mms] Allow admin to disable clipboard support in backends.php.
[mms] Allow direct autologin from login page if there are no additional login
      parameters available (Bug #3299,
[mms] Fix displaying/loading wrong backend when changing backends via the
      dropdown on login page (Bug #3298,


[mms] Convert all page templates to Horde_Template.
[mms] Add row highlighting to manager page (Bug #2977).
[mms] Fix configtabs in configuration file (Bug #3119).


[mms] Don't try to login using Horde auth credentials if hordeauth is off
      (Bug #3078).
[mms] Can select default permissions for newly created files and directories
      per backend.


[mms] Indicate if no backends are available to a user.
[mms] Add quota status page (Bug #2685).
[mms] Add interface to facilitate admins in editing permissions on a
      per-backend basis (Bug #2255,
[mms] Add support for VFS quota checking (Bug #162).
[mms] Fix autocreation of home directories when home is also the root
      directory (Bug #2603).
[mms] Add language selection to login screen if using gollem as the
      authentication driver.
[mms] Add 'redirect_on_logout' and 'alternate_login' config parameters.
[mms] Work around bug in VFS's autocreatePath() occuring in Horde <= 3.0.4.
[jan] Add Polish translation (Krzysztof Kozlowski <>).


[mms] Move filter parameter in backends.php from the VFS 'params' array to
      the driver's base level.
[mms] Home should default to root, not the base directory, if it is undefined.
[mms] Pass configuration error messages to the login screen on aborted login.


[mms] Allow home directory to be autocreated on login if it doesn't exist.
[mms] Added ability to copy/cut between VFS backends.
[mms] Added clipboard screen.
[jan] Add Hungarian translation (Laszlo L. Tornoci <>).


[mms] Exit back to login screen if autologin attempt fails.
[mms] Fix logins when either 'home' or 'root' is a relative path.
[mms] Skip login screen if there are no loginparams required.
[mms] Add 'driver' and 'dir' parameters to download/view links so that these
      links are not tied to the current session.
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).


[mms] Consolidated template code to reduce the number of included files needed
      per page load.
[mms] Added realPath() function to Gollem:: to lower minimum Horde requirement
      from 3.0.5 to 3.0.


[mas] Change any output of <b> and <i> tags to <strong> and <em> for better
      accessibility support.
[mms] Remove 'change_server' and 'change_port' configuration parameters and
      instead allow admin to choose which VFS parameters can be overriden
      by the user at login time via the backend configuration.
[mms] Honor the Horde-wide 'redirect_on_logout' and 'alternate_login'
      configuration parameters.
[jan] Add Latvian translation (Janis Eisaks <>).
[mms] Tweaks to make sure 'root' isn't a required parameter (Bug #1663).
[mms] Allow changing folders using relative paths (Bug #1585).
[mms] Automatically generate new upload fields on demand.
[mms] Allow user to switch between multiple backends during a single session.
[mms] Add backend selection to the left tree sidebar.
[jan] Allow to switch backends in select file popup window.
[cjh] Consistently use Folder, not Directory
      (Benoit St-Andre <>).
[cjh] Fix loading of an extra frameset on login screen reloads.
[mms] Add API for other Horde applications to show a file dialog to select
      and return files.
[jan] Add regular expression filters for directory listings (Peter Arien
[cjh] Add recursive deletion of directories (Jeff Graves <>).
[mms] Only support viewing one backend at a time now.
[mms] Encrypt passwords in session.
[mms] Moved all session creation code to Gollem_Session::.
[cjh] Enforce all permissions for backends if they are set
      (Amith Varghese <>).
[mms] Added test script.
[mms] Allow up to three files to be uploaded at once.
[cjh] View files in a new window, allowing viewing of types that we don't
      allow inline display of.
[cjh] Copy/Paste files functionality (Michael Varghese
[max] Fix 'hordeauth' is set to true, but the realm not getting
      stripped from the username.
[cjh] Add preferences for which columns to display
      (Liam Hoekenga <>).
[jan] Add Romanian translation (Eugen Hoanca <>).
[cjh] Display the total size of files in a directory
      (Tero Matinlassi <>).
[cjh] Add move/copy between different backends (
[cjh] Add ability to view different backends side-by-side
[cjh] Add Move/Copy functionality
      (Michael Varghese <>).
[cjh] Preference for showing/hiding .dotfiles
      (Liam Hoekenga <>).
[cjh] Put download links in a separate column. Having the filename sometimes
      mean view and sometimes mean download was very confusing.
[cjh] Add support for 'home' parameter in backend configuration
      (Liam Hoekenga <>).
[cjh] Add Change Directory menu item (Liam Hoekenga <>).
[jan] Add Bulgarian translation (Miroslav Pendev <>).
[cjh] If 'hordeauth' is set to 'full', usernames will not be stripped
      of anything after the first @ when doing Horde authentication.
[mac] Use MIME_Viewers to display filetypes we recognize.
[cjh] Make the server list more dynamic; automatically log users in when
      they select a server that doesn't require any more credentials, and
      reload the form when they change servers to make sure the fields are
[mac] Allow users to select an FTP server (if the admin allows) and add a
      server list again.
[mac] Add conf.xml.
[cjh] Gollem is now completely based on the VFS backend system. Thanks
      to Michael Varghese <>.
[jan] Add Norwegian Nynorsk translation (Per-Stian Vatne <>).
[cjh] Close a potential problem with register_globals On and $js_onLoad.
[cjh] Respect show_dotfiles settings in servers.php
      (Marcus I. Ryan <>).
[cjh] Use the new PrefsUI class.
[jon] Adapt to the new Horde::img() syntax.
[cjh] Use passive mode.
[cjh] Switch output compression to ob_gzhandler().
[cjh] Prefix all application constants with GOLLEM_.
[cjh] Use the new Notification system.
[cjh] Use GOLLEM_TEMPLATES constant for all template paths.
[cjh] Use $registry->get() for all Registry information.
[jan] Add Swedish translation (Andreas Dahlén <>).
[jan] Remove the standard value for the language preference. The language to
      fall back to should be set Horde wide in lang.php instead.
[jan] Add Korean translation (J.I Kim <>).
[cjh] Nuke forwards/vacation/password stuff; Gollem is a file manager.
[cjh] Remove server/port preferences.
[bjn] Change 'en' and 'en_EN' locales to 'en_US' (default).
[cjh] Add French translation (
[cjh] Take framework updates into account.
[jan] Add Russian translation (Anton Nekhoroshih <>).
[jan] Add German translation.
[jan] Add Italian translation (Giovanni Meneghetti <>).
[cjh] Chmod now works (Anton Nekhoroshih <>).
[cjh] Add Traditional Chinese translation (David Chang <>).
[cjh] Add Czech translation (
[avsm] Replace $conf['paths'] with the $registry equivalents.
[cjh] Add $conf['menu']['apps'] support.
[cjh] Add translation framework.
[cjh] Start to handle symlinks correctly.
[cjh] Fix problem going up to home directory.
[cjh] Use prefs.gif and generic prefs templates from Horde.
[jon] Merge into
[jon] Allow the registry to handle Gollem's configuration values.
[jon] HORDE_BASE is now defined in lib/base.php instead of config/conf.php.
[max] Rename MOTD.html to motd.php, and move to a .dist file.
[max] Add the realm field to make logins unique on multi-server configurations
      for preferences and authentication.
[max] Allow Gollem to be an authentication handler for Horde.
[cjh] Define the HORDE_BASE constant in config/conf.php, and use it when
      referring to any of Horde's files.
[max] Remove connection tracking, made obsolete by redirect.php.
[jon] Retired config/menu.txt in favor of config/menu.php.  This file follows
      a new format based on native PHP data structures.
[jon] Use the Horde temporary file routines.
[cjh] Added a few new icons and tweaked some minor layout stuff.
[cjh] Moved IMP's poppassd script into lib/Password/poppassd.php. Doesn't work
      yet, but this is where it belongs.
[max] Moved the status.php require from the menu to the individual pages.
[max] Finished updating preferences to the current Horde API.
[jon] Updated preferences functions to match the new Horde preferences API.
[max] Update to new Horde prefs system.
[max] Update to new Horde registry system.
[max] Fix file renaming.
[max] Make forwards, vacation, and password options server settings.
[max] Fix 1-off year error in file dates.
[max] Add file date format config entry.
[max] Move authentication and session creation from manager to redirect.
[max] Add Gollem::setLabel() to set the label for printing current directory.
[max] Dump the Gollem_util class in favor of Gollem.
[max] Add directory icons.
[max] Add file downloading by clicking on the file name.
[max] Allow creation of folders in empty directories.
[max] Add a GOLLEM_BASE constant to make Gollem location-independant.
[max] Login now submits to redirect.php.
[cjh] Add Gollem::subdirectory() for making subdirectory links correctly.
[cjh] In Gollem::getFileList(), default the dir to '' instead of '.'.
[max] Add Gollem::getFileList() to parse the ftp raw directory list
[max] Added preferences tracking (modified from IMP).
[max] Move directory tracking to Gollem:: and use session vars if not set in
      POST or GET.
[max] Create folder, delete items, rename items, upload file on file manager.
[max] Added file manager actions.
[max] Added ftp file manager.
[max] Planning, beginning, modernizing.