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Changes by Release


[jan] Fix portal block.
[jan] Don't try to load non-existant screen.css (Bug #9157).


[jan] Fix Postfix Admin driver (Bug #8730).


[jan] Enable output compression.
[jan] Add placeholder for bare user name to customsql driver (Request #7916).
[jan] Add Postfix Admin driver (Michael Brennen <>).
[jan] Fix portal block (Bug #8180).
[jan] Add TLS support to LDAP driver (Request #7958).


[jan] Add Plesk driver.
[bak] Rewrite LDAP driver to support qmail-ldap, SunONE and Exim.
[jan] Add SSL option to ftp and qmail drivers (Request #5511).
[jan] Add Turkish translation (METU <>).


[jan] Switch to BSD-like license (Gregory Colpart <>).
[jan] Add Russian translation (Dmitriy MiksIr <>).


[ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
[cjh] Fix keeplocal with the custom SQL driver (Bug #3089).
[cjh] Add forwards driver isKeepLocal() implementation (Benoit Branciard
[cjh] Fix $conf['enabled']['authenticate'] = false (Benoit Branciard
[cjh] Add passive mode to FTP driver configuration options (Bug #1782).
[cjh] Use bind variables in the SQL driver (, Bug #1679).
[jan] Add Czech translation (Pavel Chytil <>).
[cjh] New SOAP driver (Marc Jauvin <>).
[cjh] Config option for whether or not to require authenticating to update
      forwards settings.
[jan] Add Persian (Western) translation (Vahid Ghafarpour
[jan] Add custom SQL driver and option to disable the keep local checkbox
      (Kendrick Vargas <>).
[ejr] Set permissions in forwards FTP driver if possible.
[ejr] Remove my ftp/tmpfile code and use VFS:: class for all FTP stuff.


[jan] Close XSS when setting the parent frame's page title by javascript (cjh).
[jan] Add Polish translation (Piotr Kuczynski <>).


[jan] Add Galician translation (Rafael Varela Pet <>, Guillermo
      Mendez <>).
[jan] Add Romanian translation (Eugen Hoanca <>, Marius
      Dragulescu <>).


[ejr] Add address checking/parsing
[ejr] Add qmail driver
[ejr] Add javascript to check for important form fields being filled in
[ejr] Add api support
[cjh] Close several small XSS vulnerabilities
      (Mitja Kolsek <>).


[ejr] Move to driver based system.
[ejr] Recode HTML to be more HTML/XHTML compliant (still bad though).
[ejr] Add more usernames to the list of default excludes in conf.php.dist.
[jan] Add Portuguese translations (João César Marigonda <>).
[jan] Add Italian translation (Alessio Ciregia <>).
[ejr] Add exim sql backend (Ilya Krel <>).
[ejr] Add Driver class/subclasses (Mathieu Clabaut).
[jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (David Chang <>).
[jan] Add Norwegian Nynorsk translation (Per-Stian Vatne <>).
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Tero Matinlassi
[ejr] Updated templates/ (refered by Joel Vandal).
[ejr] Implemented new CVS HEAD themes.
[ejr] Updated to new CVS HEAD notification system.
[ejr] Changed ftp_put() parameter from string to integer for php 4.2.x. Thanks
      to Pradit Wattanasuwan who found this (I'm still on 4.1.x).


[ejr] Released this version as V 2.0 (previous was V1.0a).
[ejr] Added Danish translations by Espen Juergensen.
[ejr] Added real realm support.
[ejr] Small change to lib/base.php login checking (newline, selfUrl() call).
[ejr] Removed admin user checks since horde doesn't support admin array any
[ejr] Added new refused user code due to issues with old code matching too
[ejr] Added remove_realm config and code.
[ejr] Fixed bug in config/conf.php.dist.
[ejr] New fr_FR translation by D. Huhardeaux.
[ejr] More locale work.
[ejr] Added title code to templates/
[ejr] Started gettext language support.
[ejr] Fixed Location redirect in index.php thanks to John Wedoff.
[ejr] Added help menu item (English only, and needs work).
[ejr] Fixed require statement above -- thanks to Serge Grondin.
[ejr] Fixed require statement in main.php (syntax, path).
[ejr] Added support for my Accounts module.
[ejr] Updated documentation.
[ejr] Added menu bar support.
[ejr] Removed all tabs from php code.
[ejr] Added refused user list to config/conf.php.
[ejr] Fixed path error in and index.php.
[ejr] Made userid field only show if the person is in the admin group.
[ejr] Add graphic arrow.gif (Thanks to Eric Keto for help with graphic).
[ejr] Rewrite Passwd module into a forwards module (see Passwd docs for info).