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Chora Development Team

Based on an perl script written by Bill Fenner <>, and Human-Readable diff code by H. Zeller <>

Charles Hagenbuch <> then did the initial port from perl to PHP.

Anil Madhavapeddy <> cleaned it up, added template support, figured it needed a rewrite. And thus came along the CVSLib library and the current incarnation of the viewer.

Inspiration for the annotation portions came from examining Bill Fenner's original cvsweb script again, and looking at the 'cvs server' implementation.

Initial Subversion support was written by "Jay Freeman (saurik)" <>.

Continuing development has mainly been performed by Chuck Hagenbuch and Jan Schneider <>. Michael Slusarz has chipped in here and there and has helped to reorganize the code to allow Git to be added to the list of available VCS drivers.


Brazilian Portuguese Antonio Dias <>
Chinese (Simplified) Liaobin <>
Chinese (Traditional) Lin Zhemin <>
Czech Pavel Chytil <>
Danish Brian Truelsen <>
Dutch Jan Kuipers <>
Finnish Tero Matinlassi <> Leena Heino <>
French Mathieu Arnold <>
German Jan Schneider <>
Italian Fabio Pedretti <>
Latvian Jānis Eisaks <>
Norwegian Bokmaal Oystein Steimler <>
Polish Piotr Roszatycki <>
Romanian Eugen Hoanca <> Marius Dragulescu <>
Russian Illya Belov <>
Slovak Ivan Noris <>
Spanish Julian Jares <> Manuel Perez Ayala <>
Swedish Andreas Dahlén <>