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Changes by Release


[jan] Officially support PHP 7.
[jan] Fix proxy/browser caching of commit, checkout, and diff pages.
[jan] Add Latvian translation (Jānis Eisaks <>).
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.
[jan] Rename sourceroots.php to backends.php.
[mms] Patchset page supports viewing a single patchset.
[mms] Add configuration option to disable caching.
[mms] Move log entries in annotate screen to an AJAX request.
[mms] Add support for git repositories.



[jan] Fix method name when displaying patchsets (Bug #8714).
[mms] Upgrade prototype.js to v1.6.1.


[jan] Add Italian translation (Fabio Pedretti <>).
[cjh] Allow configuring which views the file name and latest revision number
      link to (, Request #6690).
[mms] Add log entries to diff screen (Request #6193).
[cjh] Apply fix for to prototype.js
      (Request #6590).
[cjh] With Horde 3.2+, a username and password can be supplied for
      authenticating to Subversion repositories (,
      Request #5958).
[cjh] Use a dropdown list to show alternate code repositories
      (, Request #5600).
[cjh] Add the ability to walk backwards to the next oldest revision when
      diffing on a VC system where the revision numbers of a single file
      are not always consecutive (, Request #5350).
[jan] Add configuration to specify temporary directory for SVN (requires Horde
      3.2,, Request #5051).
[cjh] Include a link to the previous revision in annotation views
      (Request #197).
[cjh] Make the revision log searchable and sortable.
[cjh] Only show the 100 latest revisions by default (Bug #2584).
[cjh] Show commit logs when hovering on the revision number in the
      annotate view (, Bug #3076).
[cjh] Simplify codepaths by supporting only GET or mod_rewrite URLs.
[jan] Add permissions per repository (, Request #3186).
[cjh] Add support for dynamic re-sorting of file lists.
[mas] Change any output of <b> and <i> tags to <strong> and <em> for better
      accessibility support.


[jan] Add Danish translation (Brian Truelsen <>).
[cjh] Sort patchsets in reverse order to match commit logs (Bug #2778).


[jan] Add Russian translation (Illya Belov <>).
[jan] Add shortcut icon (favicon.ico).
[cjh] Use strpos() for Content-Type checks to avoid problems matching due to
      the charset being included (Bug #1273).


[jan] Add Slovak translation (Ivan Noris <>).


[jan] Updated installation instructions.


[cjh] Fix links back to the original (default) repository.


[cjh] Remove unecessary dependency on PEAR.php.


[cjh] Close a potential hole in diffs that would allow malicious input.
[cjh] We now support mod_rewrite style URLs in addition to GET and PATH_INFO.
[jan] Add access keys.


[cjh] CVSLib and SVNLib are no longer part of Chora; they are part of the
      new Horde VC:: package.
[cjh] Subversion repositories can now be specified as URLs, meaning non-local
      repositories should work transparently
      ("Jay Freeman (saurik)" <>).
[cjh] Chora isn't just CVS now. Initial commit of Subversion support
      ("Jay Freeman (saurik)" <>).
[jan] Line numbers in the annotate view are linked now. Example:
[cjh] Add admin-defined regular expression/replacement patterns for linking
      to bug-tracking or other systems.
[cjh] Add support for cvsgraph - generates graphical representations of
      file histories with links to each revision and diffs between
      adjacent revisions.
[cjh] Add support for cvsps - viewing of changes as whole commits,
      instead of discrete changes to files.
[cjh] Finally get most setup code into functions in the Chora:: class.
[avsm] Add in a basic statistics graph for a single RCS file.
[cjh] Moved the text MIME_Viewer to Horde, since it doesn't provide anything
      local to Chora. Remove related settings from mime_drivers.php.dist.
[cjh] Use Horde::compressOutput() for output compression.
[jon] Adapt to the new Horde::img() syntax.
[cjh] Use $registry->get() for all Registry information.


[jan] Close XSS when setting the parent frame's page title by javascript (cjh).
[jan] Fix wrong escaped slashes when creating diffs on Windows systems


[cjh] Close a potential hole in diffs that would allow malicious input.
[jan] Fix annotating on systems that allow whitespace in user names (Gordon
      P. Hemsley <>).


[jan] Fix sorting by date on systems that allow whitespace in user names
      (Gordon P. Hemsley <>).


[jan] Add Simplified Chinese translation (liaobin <>).
[jan] Add Romanian translation (Eugen Hoanca <>,
      Marius Dragulescu <>).
[jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (Lin Zhemin <>).


[jan] Add Finnish translation (Tero Matinlassi <>).
[cjh] Add an option to hide restricted files (John Morrissey <>).
[cjh] Close several small XSS vulnerabilities
      (Mitja Kolsek <>).
[jan] Several speedup optimizations (
[jan] Have a prettier error page using the Notification class (avsm).
[jan] Don't store bad filenames and CVSROOTs in the user preferences (avsm).
[jan] More flexible date parsing from <> (avsm).
[jan] Fix annotation parsing with recent versions of CVS (avsm).
[jon] Lots more, and smarter, caching - should help speed (cjh).
[jan] Add routine to display images side-by-side in a more or less human
      readable fashion (ejr).
[jan] Display the author and commit date as part of the checkout header (jon).
[jan] Add Chora::toHTML().
[jan] Add menu system and prefs file as per other horde apps, add help file (ejr).
[jan] Replace <?= with <?php echo to remove the short_open_tags requirement (cjh).
[jan] Show links to view, annotate and download files in the annotate and view
[jan] Show line numbers in the annotate view.
[jan] Fix double-login bug (cjh).
[jan] Fix file listing bug (Ahmed <>).
[jan] Use 'rb' with filesystem calls in case of windows.


[cjh] Add preference for remembering the last cvsroot and last file
      visited (Mathieu CLABAUT <>).
[cjh] Fix GMT date issues.
[jon] Closed some cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (
[cjh] Switch output compression to ob_gzhandler().
[cjh] Use CHORA_TEMPLATES constant for all template paths.
[cjh] Use $registry->get() for all Registry information.
[max] Add support to not display restricted files.
[cjh] Close a potential problem with register_globals On and $js_onLoad.
[avsm] Avoid a cross-site scripting vulnerability.
[jan] Add Polish translation (Piotr Roszatycki <>).
[jan] Add Norwegian Bookmal translation (Oystein Steimler <>).
[avsm] Add .htaccess files to deny access to data directories.
[jan] Add Brazilian Portugues translation (Antonio Dias <>).
[jan] Add Swedish translation (Andreas Dahlén <>).


[avsm] Diff selection from the log view.
       (Mathieu Arnold <>)
[avsm] Improve cvsusers parsing for varied email addresses.
[avsm] Use the Horde Cache in the file log view to speed
       things up.


[avsm] Fold the global url() function into Chora::url().
[avsm] Move lots of global functions into the Chora class.
[avsm] New 'use_path_info' option to toggle PATH_INFO use.
[avsm] New URL syntax that sends the path via a GET var.
[avsm] No longer depend on having PATH_INFO available.
[cjh] Add Czech translation (
[avsm] Increase speed by making CVSLib use references.
[avsm] Add a Vary header to indicate language negotiation.
[avsm] Replace Chora::img() with Horde::img().
[avsm] Colour-code blocks of changes in the annotate view.
[cjh]  Default to the HEAD revision in co.php (Cynic <>).
[avsm] Complete i8nl support by using the Horde framework.
[avsm] Add Cache-Control headers for diff/checkout output.
[avsm] Begin internationalising Chora using gettext wrappers.
[avsm] Show the log message in checkouts and human-readable diffs.
[avsm] XHTML fixes (remote repeated border attributes)
[avsm] Replace $conf['paths'] with the $registry equivalents.
[avsm] Remove the global graphic() function and use Chora::img()
[avsm] Convert to the new MIME_Viewer API which allows Chora to
       have a local MIME driver for text/plain.  Currently, it
       does URL syntax-highlighting.


[avsm] Cache the checkout of a file for a month.
[avsm] Rename checkout.php to co.php for shorter URLs.
[avsm] Fix the branch code up significantly, and show in the log view.
[avsm] Log view UI tweaks, and allow downloading as well as viewing.
[avsm] Support multiple branchpoints in CVSLib, and rearrange a
       function from CVSLib_Log to CVSLib_Rev.
[avsm] Get rid of config/mime.php in favour of the Horde MIME stuff.
[avsm] Use the Horde MIME_Viewer icon support.
[avsm] Add a getExtension() utility function to CVSLib_File.
[avsm] Fix directory sorting when deleted files are displayed.
[avsm] Work better with register_globals = off now.
[avsm] Output compression option, using PEAR's HTTP_Compress.
[avsm] Use the MIME_Viewer framework to pretty-print files.
[avsm] Move template files into their own sub-directories.
[cjh]  Start using the Horde framework and complying more with
[cjh]  A number of fixes for files and directories with spaces in their
       names (Mathieu Arnold <>).
[cjh]  Add long unified diff option (Mathieu Arnold
[cjh]  Add default sort direction configuration option (Mathieu Arnold
[cjh]  Fix bug with Chora in the webroot (
[avsm] Overhaul CVSLib_Checkout interface to be in line with
       the rest of the CVSLib_* API (and much simpler).


[avsm] No longer depend on having Apache icons in /icons.
[avsm] Switch over diff logic to the new CVSLib_Diff API.
[avsm] Start to comply with Horde standards,and add lib/Chora.php.
[avsm] Start the human-readable API change in CVSLib_Diff.
[cjh]  Capitalize classes according to standards.
[avsm] CVS Annotate support, to view which authors modified
       which sections of a file.
[avsm] Added queryModulePath() to CVSLib_file.


[avsm] Multiple repository support, in the form of cvsroots.php.
[avsm] New config variable $conf['paths']['cvsusers'] to control
       the location of the cvsusers file if it isnt in CVSROOT.
[avsm] Add support for parsing the cvsusers file if present.
[avsm] Add a CHANGES and a GOALS file with the new version.